"Kathryn, you've got to stop drinking this stuff!" said Chakotay as he took her coffe away from her and set it on the table next to them. "chakotay, you know I can't live without this, besides, it's perfectly healthy" she said picking her cup up again and takinga long sip from it. "Healthy? You are superhuman with this, staying up all the time finishing reports" he said. "Oh Chakotay" she chided. He smiled, a plan in his mind and went out.

Kathryn Janeway set a cup of coffee on a console next to her. "So B'Elanna, how are the repairs coming?" she asked. "Fine Captain" she said. They engaged in a conversation concerning the warp core, Tom, repairs. B'Elanna watched in the corner of her eye as Chakotay passed by with a cup in his hand. He switched it with Janeway's and quickly left. Janeway turned to her cup of coffee and drank out of it. She made a small gagging noise and almost spit the coffee out. "Ugh, decaf!" she said.