I touch the fire, and its cold as the night, but the fire is not real. It is of the mind, and nothing more, but it is what keeps me going, so I will keep it going.

I think of this, as I wartch her sleeping, her raven dark hair, and olive skin, reminding me of why I do this. As she sleeps I finger my "face", feeling the smoth, fake flesh, wishing it was my face, so I could be more then a "monster", for her.

But then, she yawns, streches, then settles back next to me, and I remember why Im doing this, so, I lift the small spray can to my face, and press down.

I can practaly "feel" it. My hair turning from black to a rust orange type color, and my "face", the one thing that realy makes me the Question, slide losely from my face.

I pell it of, and I settle back next to her, and I know, that when she wakes up in the morning, shell know how much I "like" her.

When she wakes up, shell wake up next to Vic Sage, and not The Question.