Olivia Sage:Age 15, 2017 A.D.

Jounal-Nov-5-2:15 AM, Bedroom.

Ok, so, here I am, sleeping like the demon granpa Bruce says I am, and all of a sudden, I wake up, to a skwiky(sp) type of noise, at first I thart it was the underground moles comeing to inslave the world and sell us off to Darkseid or something, then I here these words.

"O-god vic, harder, yes, yes, faster, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Can I just say, EWWWW!! Mama and Daddy where "Doing IT", and I dont mean the horror move/book by Stephon King(aka God) eather.

I just hope thay dont wake up bubby, hes only nine mounths old, and he dosent need to know about this yet.

Were going to Gothom for X-mes, which is gonig to be really cool, even if grandpa Bruce has to act like an asshole, get bitch slaped by one of "Bruce Waynes" exs, have REALY pricey wine thrown on his faverit tox, and have to mock fist fight with a "drunk" Daddy, which is ALWAYS funny.

Well thank god thare done. I sware the walls in this pint house are fucking THIN, now I know Ive been bitching about bubbys name, but I still think he should of been named Cillian Murphy Sage. Ok so Im absest with a sertin actor, so sue me, hes fuckin hot.

But still, I just dont like calling him Vincent Bruce Sage, its just weird.

Speak of the .M. spring water adickted(sp) baby, hes awake, well I geuse I should go and be a good big sis and see whats what, but, like I said, he probally just wunts some .M.

-Love ya,