Be Smart, Act Stupid

By Breech Loader

Me: Now, people I've been bitching at in reviews have said "You can't bitch at me! You don't even have any stories!" Which is a fair point, except that I have written lots of fanfics. It's just that they're mostly NC-17 and on a site that DOES accept NC-17 stories. And I wrote this one AGES ago, long before Shadow the Hedgehog came out. I figure it's kinda freaky and nothing like as good as I can write now.

Shadow: So, what's the big deal wih me?

Me: The deal with you is how you survived when you fell from the ARK. Now we know how you did that now. But when I actually wrote this, it was as good an explanation as any. Readers will be glad to know that the story itself is actually complete, and not a work in progress. But I don't put up all my chapters at once.

Shadow: All right! Time to be emotionally destroyed!

Me: And HOW! Now, people, I like constructive criticism. So if you don't like the fic, tell me why. And please don't make it anything to do with it being out of date. Oh, yes, and there's sex later. Just so that you know.

Prologue - The End

Me and Super Sonic watch as the gigantic Biolizard screams its last and is defeated. With a massive burst of Chaos Control, the ARK is sent back into orbit. Suddenly, still floating in the atmosphere, I feel weak, as if the effort has totally drained me.

I don't know whether I tried harder than Super Sonic, or whether I'm just using up my energy faster, but I can feel my Chaos Powers draining away rapidly. I need to get back on the ARK.

But before I can Chaos Control with the Emerald, the Biolizard swings its tail at me vengefully, one last time, as if it knows I'm responsible for its death. It hits me like a brick wall, knocking me back and knocking my green Chaos Emerald out of my hands. My power as Super Shadow vanishes in an instant, and I start to fall towards the Earth.

I can't see anything; the fall through the atmosphere is burning me... my gloves and shoes are charring... the Chaos Emerald is only a few feet away, plummeting with me. There's a bright aurora around it, and I manage to maneouver my way over to it; it's like swimming or something.

The Emerald is scalding hot to the touch, burning my gloves, but I grip it tightly. I have no idea where I want to go, or what I will do when I get there, but I have a very clear vision of myself standing on firm ground.

"CHAOS... CONTROL!" I manage. There's a bright green flash, and I'm suddenly only 50 feet or so from the ground. Only it's not ground. It's a lake, surrounded by what looks like a swamp; someone's in a boat, fishing. Funny how you notice little details when you're about to die. Great, not only have I just gotten some serious third-degree burns by falling through the atmosphere, I'm going to drown too.

I hit the water feet first at what feels like Mach One, and sink underwater.

Is this what you wanted, Maria? I think, For everyone to be happy?

I can see someone swimming through the water towards me.


I sink deeper into the water, and into unconciousness.

Chapter 1: Keep It Hurting...

"I don't know what it is, sir. There was this big flash, and it just plummeted into the water, a few meters away from my boat. I jumped in and pulled it out..."

The young man in the big coat looks at the fisherman, then at the creature, "Okay..."

"I thought sir... maybe an explosion in a plane? 'Cause it's got burns on it, see?"

The young man continues to look down at the creature, which is apparently unconcious. It looks almost hedgehog-like, only it is black, with red streaks in its quills, and also on its arms and legs. On its feet are a pair of badly charred... shoes? That can't be right. And there are some burnt scraps of material on its paws, possibly once gloves. And...

He prods the shining green jewel clutched in the creature's hand, "What's this?"

"Don't know sir. It was unconcious when I dragged it out, but it still wouldn't let go of it."

"Odd... well, did you tell anyone else about this?"

"No sir. Came straight to you, 'cause you told me, if I ever saw something... and this is something, isn't it?"

"It certainly is," the young man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a thick wad of green bills, "Let's keep this between us, shall we? But if anybody asks... well, you caught a really big pike okay?"

"Yes sir."

"What the hell do you think it is?" asks a woman in a white coat.

"I have no idea... it took about five shocks to make it let go of this though..." The young man holds out the jewel, "Looks a little like a hedgehog, don't you think?"

"Think it's even from Earth?"

"It seems to be based on Earth creatures... it's oxygen tolerant... though I don't believe it's a creation of nature."

"Nature can turn up some pretty crazy stuff. You can rig up a DNA test, and then we'll know for sure."

"The brain's about comparable with a human's... do you think it has the capacity for speech?"

"If someone made it... it would probably be as a weapon."

"Heals pretty quickly."

"Odd that it's wearing clothes."

"Analyse those shoes; they seem to contain some high technology."

"Okay, put the jewel in a safe place, and I'll run some tests on it later."

"What about the creature?"

The woman just smiles, "I'm sure we can find some use for it... don't you agree Professor?

The older man just nods.

"Finished analyzing that jewel we found with it?"

"It's an emerald by composition, and it seems to be some sort of energy source. The problem is, I'm pretty sure that it's part of a set. On its own it seems to store about enough energy to power this facility for an indefinite amount of time."

"And in a complete set?"

The young man shrugs, "I can't even begin to guess."

"What sort of energy is it emitting?"

"That's the point. The energy it gives out is... well, it's not like any energy source I've ever studied, and it doesn't emit any radiation, so it can't be nuclear. It's like some super-powerful battery, but for what, I just don't know. What about the creature?"

"Its brain size is comparable with a human's. It's definitely an artificial lifeform, but from the looks of it, one made with substances found on this planet. The main problem is that it can't have been made with technology from this planet. At least, not current technology. We certainly couldn't make a copy, even with the technology we've got here."

"Maybe someone's holding out on us."


"Has it come around yet?"


"Looks almost human... Think it can talk?"

"Can monkeys talk?"

Straps. Chains. Cold metal. Pain.

Word for that. Nightmare word. Remember it.


Gotta remember more...

"Has it done anything?"

"Snarled, mostly. It's more advanced than anything we've ever created, that's for sure."

"What next?"

"It keeps drifting in and out of consciousness."

"Are you sure we can't make a copy?"

"Fairly sure... but perhaps we can make something else. Take some sperm samples. Oh, and tell someone to go down to the animal shelter. Bring me the biggest female hedgehog they've got."

Pain... More pain... Too much pain... Needles against my skin...

It's over... for now…

My head... the fog's clearer, maybe it's a new drug.

Drug? Yeah, there's an IV in my arm. Wires all over my body… How long have I been here? Feels like forever... I gotta get back to the swamp... but that's not the only life I remember... there's something else, something older...

Think. Think about what I've heard and seen... Some woman holding me by a leash, a damn leash! Someone's got their foot on my neck... did that really happen? Some sort of cattle prod, shocking, burning... In and out of that tube like a damn yo-yo... feeding tubes down my throat, wires in my head, my body…

Think, damn you! Who am I? What am I? Gotta listen… Listen, damn you!

"How long do you think it'll take?"

"Don't know. I wish we'd found some way to..."

"Yeah, but after a while - I mean, we lost three females that way. They didn't last the first month."

"Hedgehogs are just too small."

I've got to listen… gotta find out who I am… Hedgehogs? Am I a hedgehog? Where am I? What do they want with me? Why is it so hard to think? Gotta get out… gotta go home… gotta find Maria…

Who is Maria?

End of Chapter 1!!!

Me: Finally I'm getting around to putting work up on Fanfiction. Let's see if it was worth it, eh?

Shadow: What the hell are you doing with me?

Me: It's my story. I'll do whatever I want with you!