Be Smart, Act Stupid

By Breech Loader

Me: Last Chapter. The whole fanfic hasn't been that interesting, has it? Oh, well, now it comes to its highly explosive conclusion - with explosions!

And now you know who the hell Mirage originally was and how much better she is now, if you're read my other stuff.

Chapter 5: Nightmares

Him again... with the cattle prod thing... attacking me, shouting, "Where are the aliens?!" Crazy bastard... wish I knew... I know it's a nightmare... sometimes I see Mirages' nightmares too... they're never anything like mine... she hasn't got experience of the world as I have.

Her nightmares are distorted; the second hand fear of my friends not accepting her... sometimes of being chased by dogs or drowning in water... she's much more animal than me. She doesn't understand about a lot of things...

Mirage is waking up, only she's not tied up any more. She's looking at me with a very familiar sneer, You're pathetic, she thinks at me, All tied up to the wall.

"Stop talking to me like that!" I shout at her, but she just laughs a cat's laugh; it's horrible.

You're pathetic! How could I ever be your daughter?!

"You are my daughter! You can't change your DNA!"

Am not! Am not! She starts running around the cell on all fours, then rises up and hisses at me.

"You're my damn daughter!"

You fucked me! Ha! What sort of father does that?!

"That doesn't count! I was drugged! So were you! And besides, you enjoyed it!"

You're not my father! she shouts inside my mind, He is! He is! He'll take me away from you forever! You're an alien but I'm not, I'm real! I was born here! You weren't! You're nothing! You're not even Mobian, you are an experiment and nobody wants you, they just want what you are and what you know!

And the big scientist walks in and cuddles her in a fatherly way, and I'm chained up to the wall, and they both start laughing a cat's laugh, and I'm pulling at the chains and screaming at them, "Don't talk to me like that! I'm your father!"

And then there's this horrible pain in my arms like they're being pulled out.

My eyes snap open. I was just dreaming, all that time? No, not all that time. I'm still chained up and facing Mirage. She's sleeping quietly.

No, I'm not chained up. One arm is hanging free from the leather straps. I must have pulled it free. Damn, damn, damn, I'm not ready, I haven't got a plan...

Wait, a little voice, neither mine or Mirage's, whispers inside my head, You can use this...

The scientist is coming into the room to see what all the fuss is about. He looks at me with my dislocated shoulder. I hold it out, whimpering slightly.

"Okay, that looks painful... let's have a look at it..."

There's a horrible cat's hiss behind him. He whips around and sees Mirage, raising herself up, making herself look big to intimidate him. He raises the cattle prod thing and pushes it into her... or through her. It's just her projected image making the only stance she can when she's chained to the wall.


I grab his neck with both hands and squeeze it. There's a crunch, and his neck snaps. Quickly, I rip Mirage's restraints free. The whole thing has taken about ten seconds.

Leaving the little cell and the corpse behind - Mirage taking the scientist's lab coat and dressing in it - I look around for more scientists. My rage over the last few years has been pent up and I just want to kill them all... I spot a group of them, four.

I'll distract them, thinks Mirage. She projects herself directly behind one and howls. He turns to stare, while I grab another by the neck.

"Where is the Chaos Emerald?" I snarl. Damn but it feels good to hear my voice again. I feel like I haven't heard myself talk in like, forever.

"Wha- you can talk?"

"I don't recall you guys ever asking," I answer, "The Chaos Emerald. It's the shiny green gem. And the shoes. And the gloves. Where are they?! Tell me now, or I'll snap this one's neck!"

"In the safe..." stammers one, "I don't know the combination..."

"Who knows?" I ask, watching Mirage climb up a vertical wall and onto the ceiling.

"None of us," says one.

"Then there's no point letting any of you live," I reply, and squeeze the scientist's neck.

Mirage drops into a scientist, snapping his back with her weight. She spins and disembowels another.

"I know! I know!" begs the one remaining.

"Take me to it," I order him, "And if you try any funny stuff... I'll kill you too."

The scientist takes us to the safe, opening it and pulling out the shoes and gloves, "We made copies... for the cat," he says, handing her a pair identical to mine, which she puts on eagerly. She tosses the gloves aside.

I breathe a sigh of relief as my hands close around the Chaos Emerald. For the first time in years I feel complete. Suddenly, the door slams shut on me and Mirage. She squeals in fear.

"Hold on, Mirage. We're getting out of here... CHAOS CONTROL!" I reappear with her outside the safe. The scientist opens his mouth to scream, but before he can even draw the breath, Mirage rips out his throat with her claws.

Sorry, should it have been you killing him? she asks.

Between us, we nail all the scientists and guards. Mirage helps me to pile the bodies in a heap in the middle of the main lab, and looks at me curiously.

"Can you talk?" I ask her.

She tries to make a noise with her throat. But her vocal chords are almost entirely feline. A strangled mewling with what might be words, if you'd never heard words before, is all she can make.

"Well, that's a problem we can get over."

Where shall we go now? Mirage asks.

I drag some explosive chemicals and pile them in a heap around the bodies. Mirage gets the idea and starts dragging anything vaguely flammable into the heap. I pick up a cattle prod and turn it on, wrapping one arm around Mirage tightly.

"We're going home," I answer, dropping the cattle prod. Just before it hits the floor, I scream out, "CHAOS CONTROL!!!" and we're flying, flying through time and space...


From a distance the facility exploded in one dreadful eruption. It was a terrible warning to the world, though of what, nobody from the compound was alive to say. Blazing like the wrath of God himself, the fumes from the chemicals spreading on the wind for hundreds of miles. Thousands of people and animals died.

The owners of the facility, based in New York, were at a loss to explain the explosion to the world media, which was very interested to know how any terrorists on Earth could infiltrate a top secret high security facility and yet leave no trail...

Me: Yay! It's over! Tell me what you think, bitches! I don't think there will be a sequel.