May the Power Protect …the Quaffle?

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They'd done it! The forces of the Master of Evil Magic were on their final plunge into the Eternal Void, and the Mystic Rangers had finally prevailed! Unfortunately, not without losses; Zander, who had come through the battle minus his left arm, spent great amounts of time in the medical library, researching limb regeneration; almost as much time as Vida, who wanted to find a cure for the final spells the Master had inflicted on her sister Maddie, now a lycanthrope. Now, for the others, all that was left was the inevitable cleanup to round up those members of the Dark Army who'd fled the battle early in fear or from injury, and convert or condemn them with their fellows.

Even as news of their great victory was being sent 'round the world's magical community, another uproar was raised in the British Isles. He-who-must-not-be-praised, the Dark Lord Voldemort, had finally been vanquished in a titanic battle with his greatest nemesis, Harry Potter, forever after known as the Boy Who Triumphed! Not alone, though; for Harry, too, had had his share of teammates, per se: including some of his former Hogwarts classmates, Gryffindor housemates, and especially Quidditch teammates, through to the bittersweet end. Poor Neville, who'd only wanted to grow up and be as brave a wizard as his parents, now joined them in their peaceful ward in St. Mungo's; driven insane by the Death Eater high enchantress, Bellatrix Lestrange. Former joke-product business tycoon George Weasley had hung up his fancy hat and dress robes and taken up his wand to help hunt her down along with any other remaining Death Eaters, to avenge his twin brother Fred's murder during the final battle.

Within a few weeks, everything was back to relatively normal on both sides of the pond', with the final arrest of Bella and the surrender of her Death Eater cronies, and Claire's timely discovery of a recent potion developed to help werewolves fight their bloodthirst at full moons. Suddenly, the Mystic Force had nothing but time on it's hands, waiting around Rootcore for the inevitable rise of the Next Great Threat to Earth that would prompt them back into action.

Claire took it upon herself to keep the Rangers busy with more than make-work and random spell-learning. Digging out her old, dog-eared and much-beloved copy of Quidditch Through the Ages, she started teaching the high-flying heroes some new tricks on their brooms. Before long, even the normally taciturn Lienbow was heard cheering on his son Bowen and their friends as they swooped and swerved about on their broomsticks, passing the Quaffle back and forth and dodging the Bludger (they only had one,) with increasing skill.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Magic, in an effort of goodwill, (and to get an increasingly restless Harry out of the vicinity,) had arranged a whirlwind world tour for the Heroes of Hogwarts, as the steadfast members of Harry's circle of friends and fellow students had become known. In short order Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, George, Katie, Angelina, & Luna had been the first Hogwarts students in several centuries to behold the gilt halls of Beauxbatons and the infamous crenellated towers of Durmstrang.

About two months after the great battle with Voldemort, Harry and company arrived in the Americas, their number now including Ron's older brothers Charlie and Bill, along with Bill's wife Fleur, now four months pregnant with their first child. The couple was on their much-belated honeymoon, and without definite plans for a vacation, was accompanying the others simply to 'see the world'. Charlie was on a fact-finding trip for his work in the Romanian dragon preserve; they had recently heard of a new dragon hatchling being found in California, and since his family was headed that way anyway, his bosses had sent him along to learn what he could about the young drake's situation. Thus it was inevitable that the two great teams of magical young heroes should meet, in the mystical forest bordering Briarwood.

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Post-postscript: Teasers & trailers have become popular so I figure I'd throw in a couple for you especially impatient readers:

To everyone's astonishment, Hermione tapped the lone Bludger twice and intoned "Addadenda." With a faint 'pop', a second Bludger made a sudden appearance in George's arms, and he staggered under the sudden additional weight. At the look of naked avarice gleaming in Ron's eyes, the bushy-haired young witch just shook her head and said, "Sorry, but it'll only last a few hours."

"If you two are going to snog after every goal we score, at least try to keep it under a minute at a time," Angelina groused acidly as she looped around them. She zoomed back towards their team's goal hoops, leaving Harry and Ginny to whirl and speed off in the other direction, each in a furious blush.