Let Me Dream


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

A poem about how Kagome dreams of Inuyasha and how she loves him.

Let me indulge in my dreams,

Let me swim in the seas,

Let me hold your hand,

And take you to another land,

Even if this is a dream,

Don't let me wake,

For this is,

The icing on the cake,

Let me pretend,

That you're more than just a friend,

Let me sleep a little more,

So I can feel your face,

Hold you with such grace,

Let me say the words,

I long to hear,

I love you,

And always will my dear,

I know that this is a dream,

My imagination at its best,

My false illusion of hope,

My sanity to cope,

So now that I know,

Let me sleep a little more,

And pretend,

You're more than just a friend…

The End

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