Title Blur
Author Uozumi
Genre General/Slash
Rating PG
Summary Every bit of his data on the subject was completely wrong. InuKai.
Note Written because the school wireless refuses to work, and I had nothing better to do. And the Tango Pair fic is making itself as difficult as it can right now.


Inui pulled back abruptly, Kaidoh hissing in pain. Taking his glasses off, Inui examined one of the ear pieces. Kaioh closed one eye and ran a finger down a long scratch on his face.

"That was…" Not how his data predicted at all. Inui played with the loose hinge. He knew that Kaidoh would make the first move was thirty-five percent, the probability that Kaidoh would be intense was sixty-four percent, and the possibility that the kiss would be successful was ninety percent. The data collector wasn't sure which was more disconcerting, the botched kiss or the fact his data had been wrong on all counts.

"Sorry, senpai," Kaidoh mumbled out. His cheek stung like hell. It had been an impulse. He should have thought about the fact Inui wore glasses at least. Kaidoh had grown taller over the past few months. It wouldn't have been too hard to just snatch them off his teammate quickly.

"It's okay…" Inui's brain was in motion. His lips hurt where they bashed teeth together, and his nose felt funny. The data collector thought he knew how to kiss. It was supposed to be a natural thing, and he had spent time watching others.

It wasn't okay. Kaidoh had completely screwed up. Looking over at Inui who was trying to tighten the screw in his glasses by hand, Kaidoh looked away. He wouldn't admit to it, but he thought Inui would know how to kiss. He viewed his senpai as knowledgeable in all things. Inui looked so grown up that Kaidoh had convinced himself that the taller boy knew these things. He had been wrong. He probably took Inui's first kiss. He could feel guilt starting to form.

There was a ninety-two percent chance that Kaidoh was going to start feeling guilty soon. Succeeding in only unhinging the ear piece entirely, Inui put his broken glasses in his shirt pocket. He could always fix them at home. "Kaidoh…" he said to a blur wearing a Seigaku uniform. The blur seemed to turn away. Reaching out before Kaidoh could run off – there was a fifty-two percent chance – Inui managed to grab Kaidoh's elbow instead of the forearm he was aiming for.

Kaidoh gave pause. Looking over his shoulder and up at Inui, he stared. Inui's eyes were just as bloodshot as he expected, but instead of brimming with lunacy, Inui's eyes looked on the whole average. Zoning back in, Kaidoh caught the tail end of Inui's question, "…me to my house?"

Kaidoh blinked. "What?" Inui only pointed at the glasses in his pocket. Inui had thought about taping the ear piece back on, but the residue would make screwing it on harder. Nodding, Kaidoh slowly reached out, wrapping his fingers loosely around Inui's.

The older boy shifted his hand so their palms rested together, fingers intertwined.

The End