What Does Albedo Do In His Spare Time?

Chapter 1: Impatience

A barrage of wet tissue paper smacked into a poor Kirschwasser's face as she was obediently mopping the floor of the throne room inside the Song of Nephilim. She ignored the sopping paper that clung to her face, and continued to mop.


The little Kirschwasser hid behind the mop water bucket at the sound of his voice as he yelled in pent up anger, "U-TIC finds this funny, eh? To keep me here, to wait for more instruction?! While I wait here, who knows if my dearly beloved brother is tainting ma belle peche, causing her beauty to rot!?"

The Kirschwasser nearly pissed herself as his anger cut through her.

He began pacing the entry way and at one point, pounding his fist into a column, causing it to tremble. Finally the little Kirschwasser found her voice and spoke up, "Ummm...Sir? Would...would playing a game help, sir? To ease your mind?"

He paused, intrigued and entertaining the notion. He slightly turned to face her with a quizzical look on his face, and finally said, "What kind of games?"

The Kirschwasser then calmed down a bit and fumbled with the hem of her skirt as she listed the games that first came to mind, "Well, Sir, there's chess, tag, hide and seek, soccer, cards, badminton,..."

"SOCCER TIME!!!!", he shouted and instantly a whistle materialized in his hands and as he blew on it, all of his loyal Kirschwassers came out running with jerseys on. "LET'S PLAY!!!"