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Ten year old Uzumaki Naruto scowled as he watched other kids his age learning basic ninja skills from their families. It wasn't fair! How was he supposed to become Hokage if he had nobody to help him train? He knew the academy was starting in a few years, but everybody else would be so far ahead of him! There was only one person who Naruto thought could help, and that was the Hokage. He always treated the boy well. With that thought in mind, Naruto ran to the Hokage's tower.

It wasn't to hard to get to his office, since most of the guards and secretaries in the tower had seen the boys relationship with their esteemed leader, and found the boy to be a rather interesting person, so after making sure the Hokage had no important meetings scheduled, they let him pass. When Naruto got to the old man, he couldn't help but snicker at the sight of the most powerful ninja in Konoha drowning in a massive stack of paperwork. 'The bane of all Hokages' Naruto thought with a grin, before realizing one crucial thing 'Oh kami, I'm going to be Hokage!!!' When Sarutobi finally looked up from his work, he saw Naruto staring at the stacks of paper wide-eyed, shaking in terror.

"Hello Naruto-kun, what brings you here today?" The old man's words seemed to free Naruto from the 'killing intent' that he thought the paperwork was paralyzing him with.

"Ojiisan! I need to become a strong ninja so people will acknowledge me, but I don't have any family to help train me like the other kids do. Your the Hokage, so you probably have tons of kick-ass skills you can teach me, right?"

The Sandaime frowned at this. He knew Naruto had the potential to be one of, if not the greatest ninja of all time because of the Kyuubi, his heritage, and his determination, but he could only think of a few people that he would trust with the boy. Some of the council had tried to have Naruto raised to be a human weapon, but the old Hokage prevented that from happening. He would have trained the boy himself, but his duties as a Hokage didn't leave him with much free time. There really wasn't much he could do.

He sat there, deep in thought for quite a few minutes, while Naruto fidgeted nervously. Suddenly an idea popped into Sarutobi's head. Because of the Kyuubi, Naruto's chakra reserves were almost as high as his own already. If he learned that jutsu... It would be tricky to teach a B-rank kinjutsu to a kid who hasn't even learned the basics of chakra molding, but the jutsu itself didn't require much control, and he had a feeling that it would be worth the effort. 'Not to mention it will be a nice break from this damnable paperwork.'

"I think I may have just the solution for you Naruto-kun, follow me" the Sandaime finally said. Naruto, who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, suddenly adopted a look of hope mixed with a bit of joy. The two left the tower and went to a nearby training ground. "I am going to teach you a jutsu that I think can help you tremendously. It is called Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." He made a hand seal, and a dozen Hokages poofed into existence. Needless to say, Naruto was impressed.

"SUGOI!!!!!!!!! That is so cool!" exclaimed Naruto, with stars in his eyes. Sarutobi laughed at the boys reaction.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a jounin level kinjutsu, which I would normally not teach anybody, but I think I can make a special exception for you, since I think this jutsu would be perfect for you."

The old Hokage spent an hour teaching Naruto about the jutsu, the basics of molding chakra, and the proper way to form the seal needed for the jutsu. Not surprisingly, Naruto still couldn't do the Jutsu when the Hokage finally prepared to leave.

"Remember Naruto, this is not an easy jutsu to learn, but I am teaching it to you because I know you won't quit. Work hard at it, and you will get it eventually."

"Don't worry ojiisan! I promise you I won't let you down!" The Hokage couldn't help but shudder a bit thinking of a certain spandex wearing jounin when Naruto used the good guy pose.

"Once you have figured it out, come see me again. There is one more thing I can help you with." He finally responded after getting Gai out of his head.


Three weeks had passed since Naruto's meeting with the Hokage, and he was getting frustrated. He still couldn't do the damn jutsu! That being said, he refused to go back on his word and let the Hokage down. So he kept at it. Although he didn't realize it, he was making great progress in learning how to control his chakra.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he yelled for the twentieth time that day. Like the previous nineteen times, absolutely nothing happened. After stomping around for a bit yelling words no ten year old should know for a few minutes, Naruto finally got ready to try again.

"I...will...get...THIS...DAMN...JUTSU...THIS...TIME!!!! KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!!!!!!!!!!" In his extreme anger, Naruto accidentally gathered way more chakra than the previous times, and this resulted in the creation of over thirty Kage Bunshins. Naruto stared at his creations for a few seconds before realizing what he had done. After canceling the technique, Naruto broke out into a makeshift dance.

"I did it! I did it! I did it! Ojiisan better be ready to retire soon, because I am close to being Hokage!!!" He yelled out while punching the air in joy.

After a while he finally managed to settle down, and was tempted to go to the Hokage's office right than, but he decided it would be wise for him to practice the jutsu till he could properly control it. It took another week, but Naruto finally mastered the jutsu in a way that would put some jounins to shame. It was on that Saturday that he finally went back to see the Sandaime.

"Ojiisan! I'm back! Check this out... Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" a dozen clones appeared. After dismissing them, Naruto turned back to the Hokage, "See? How was it?"

Although he didn't show it, Sarutobi was shocked. He knew Naruto was a smart kid, and he had the chakra reserves to master this jutsu, but he wasn't expecting him to master it this quickly, and he certainly didn't expect him to be able to create a dozen bunshins without showing even the slightest hint of exhaustion.

"That was...impressive." He finally said. "The reason I taught you the Kage Bunshin is because theres an amazing trick trick that will benefit you in many ways, I think." He couldn't think of an easy way of explaining it to Naruto, so he figured it would be easier to show him.

"Let me show you something. Make a single Kage Bunshin." He said after a moment. Naruto easily complied. The Hokage gestured for the Kage Bunshin to follow him out of the office. After shutting the door to prevent the real Naruto from hearing, he whispered a rather...graphic line from his favorite 'Icha Icha Paradise' book, before punching the clone making it poof away. After waiting a moment, he reentered his office to see a very flustered Uzumaki Naruto. He couldn't help but laugh at the boy.

"Ahh! Ero-Hokage!!!" He yelled at the man. "Why did you do that!?"

After a while, Sarutobi finally stopped laughing and looked Naruto in the eyes. "I wanted to show you the trick." At the boys confused look, he elaborated, "Did you notice how I took your Kage Bunshin out of listening range before saying anything, and yet you knew exactly what I said?" It was starting to dawn on the blonde what he was conveying, "anything your Kage Bunshin sees, hears, or smells is transferred onto you. This makes them very useful for fighting, scouting, and training"

"I can understand fighting and scouting, but how does it help me with my training?" Naruto finally asked.

"Think about it," the Hokage responded, "if you have a Kage Bunshin work on mastering a jutsu, all the progress it makes is transfered to you once it is canceled. Use twenty Kage Bunshins... and you have twenty Naruto's. You could do things that would take weeks in a single day!"

Naruto was gaping like a fish after hearing that. Although he might not know much about ninja training, he knew enough to know that this was very very useful. "THANK YOU OJIISAN!!! YOUR THE GREATEST!!!" he finally exclaimed, causing the old man to laugh. After dancing around for a few minutes, a question dawned in Naruto's mind. "If this jutsu is so useful, why is it a kinjutsu?" he asked.

Sarutobi was pleasantly surprised that Naruto would remember such details, and that would show the maturity in asking such a question. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a kinjutsu because the jutsu requires more chakra than is practical for most people. The reason I taught it to you is because you have abnormally high chakra reserves. If someone else your age learned the jutsu, they might be able to create two or three Kage Bunshins before passing out due to chakra exhaustion, yet you managed to create a dozen without looking even the slightest bit tired."

Naruto didn't quite understand everything the Hokage had said, but he got the gist of it. The part about him having massive chakra reserves made him giddy. Although he had no doubts he was going to be a kick ass ninja, to hear that he held such an awesome advantage over most people reaffirmed his own beliefs.

"That is so cool! I am so awesome! That hat will be mine soon, ojiisan!"

Sarutobi chuckled lightly, but his thoughts were eerily similar. With your ability, and the use of that jutsu, you could become more powerful than you think. Becoming Hokage will be quite possible. Arashi, you would be proud...

"Don't forget Naruto-kun, I told you there was one more thing I could do to help you." By now, Naruto was on cloud nine. Not only did he master an awesome jutsu, and found out he was a super talented ninja, but the Hokage still had one more thing to do for him! Nothing could dampen his spirits!

"Take this note," Sarutobi said as he pulled out a letter that he had written a while back in anticipation of Naruto's completion of the jutsu, "and give it to the head librarian of the Konoha Library. It is closed on weekends, but she should be there."

Ok, maybe that could dampen his spirits a bit. "The library? Why do I want to go there? Reading is so boring!" The Sandaime had to chuckle at the boy's reaction.

"Think about it this way, the library is filled with tons of knowledge on ninja skills, and with your Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, you should be able to read through dozens of books and scrolls every day. As an added bonus, the head librarian is a close personal friend of mine, and this letter instructs her to allow you access into the restricted areas of the library once she thinks you are ready." 'Not to mention she is one of the few people I know who believes in Arashi's seal and sees you for the hero you are, so I won't have to worry about you.' He thought grimly.

Naruto seemed appeased by that answer, and the idea of getting access into the genin, chunin, and jounin sections intrigued him to no end. Spending a large amount of time reading was a price he was quite willing to pay in order to become a great ninja. "Alright ojiisan! I will do this, and become the best ninja ever!"

Sarutobi laughed at the boy's enthusiasm. He always liked having Naruto around because he would always brighten up his normally boring day. He always considered Naruto to be his adopted grandson. He only wished that he could do more for the boy.

"A few more things before you go Naruto-kun." He finally said. "When you start training, you are going to need supplies, so take this." He said while holding an envelope. When Naruto looked inside of it his eyes widened to an impossible size. 'Holy crap! Thats a lot of money!' Was the first thought that came to his head. "Another piece of advice for you, while your Kage Bunshins can learn just about anything, they can't really help you train your body. Therefore, it would probably be a good idea to have the real you do physical exercise while your Bunshins do all the learning" the Hokage added. Naruto nodded in response, it did make sense after all.

"Oh, and one more thing," the Hokage added in a more serious tone, "everything I have given you and taught you needs to be kept a secret. If other people find out I have been helping you, people might start to think I am playing favorites, and you would be forced to quit your training." Naruto knew that this was serious business, so he responded in an equally serious tone of voice.

"I understand and I promise you that I will not mention a single word of your generosity Hokage-sama." Naruto said with a bow. All the seriousness of the situation dissipated when the old man nearly fell out of his chair in laughter.

"Hokage-sama? I never thought I would live to see the day when you were so formal!" He had to pause to take a deep breath, "Way to many people call me Hokage-sama as it is, so please, stick with the ojiisan." By now both were practically rolling around on the floor laughing. After a few minutes, Naruto finally left, promising that he would make the Hokage proud.

'You already have, my boy. You already have' Were the Sandaime's final thoughts on the matter.


After a quick lunch at Ichiraku's, Naruto finally made his way to the Konoha Library. Although the idea of spending time in the library didn't really appeal to him much, he knew he had to do it. He was going to become a great ninja, and a little thing like a library wasn't going to stop him! Even the harsh glares from the villagers couldn't hurt his good mood any. The library was closed, like the Hokage had mentioned, so he didn't let that stop him. He waited till nobody was around to question him about going to a closed library before finally entering.

This was his first time in the library, but he had heard bad things about it. Because of this, he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the place didn't seem all that bad. It was tidy, the smell was clean, and it just had an air of friendliness to it. Feeling more confident, Naruto started walking around a bit, looking for the head librarian.

"I am sorry young man, but we are closed today." A voice said from behind him. Naruto turned around to see an elderly woman standing there looking at him.

"Ano, are you the head librarian?" he asked the woman. She nodded. "The Hokage asked me to give this to you." He said as he held out the letter that he had been given. The woman raised an eye a bit at this, but took the letter and read through it quickly.

"Ahh.. I see. So you must be Uzumaki Naruto?" she asked. Naruto flinched a bit at this. Bad things tend to happen when strangers recognize Konoha's 'Demon Brat'. The woman didn't miss the action, and mentally scowled. 'How could those bastards treat a kid like that?' "Don't worry, the Sandaime has always spoken fondly of you. My name is Yariko Kouri. Sarutobi wrote that you can create Kage Bunshins?" Seeing him nod, she smiled, "that is very impressive. I would be glad to help you become a great ninja."

Naruto's good mood returned in full force. Another person who believes in me! I won't let you down Ojiisan, Ayame-neechan, Teuchi-san, Kouri-san! I will become the greatest ninja ever!

Naruto created a dozen Kage Bunshins, which was about the limit he could maintain without exhausting himself. The two spent a while going over the organization of the books and scrolls in the unrestricted section, and Kouri pointed out a few good academy level ninja introduction books, which Naruto's Bunshins started reading. Naruto learned that Kouri was a retired jounin kunoichi, so she had answers for most things Naruto had questions about. She told him he would only be allowed to use Kage Bunshins in the library on weekends, as it is usually quite full during the week, and Naruto couldn't afford to be showing off jounin level jutsu in public.

Naruto found the day to be surprisingly enjoyable. The only trouble he had was when he dispelled his Bunshins, and the large influx of knowledge planting itself in his mind left him with a serious headache for a quick while. 'Going to have to work on that one.' he mused. Before leaving, Kouri offered to purchase him all the ninja supplies he would need for a while, as long as he brought the money to pay her back. Naruto readily agreed to this.

The next day was similar to the previous day. Naruto showed up to the library early, only to find that Kouri had already left a stack of books and scrolls about things like basic chakra control, tracking, kunai and shuriken throwing, first aid, and the like. He also got his ninja supplies. Most of it was rather basic stuff, but Naruto still found himself giddy at having his first set of kunai and shuriken. He was also given new clothes better fit for training than his orange jumpsuit. These all came with enough weights to make it troublesome for Naruto to even stand straight. While his bunshins spent the day reading, the real Naruto was at a nearby training ground trying to get adjusted to the weights. He was currently wearing thirty pounds of weight, but Kouri had made sure he had quite a few more weights for when he adjusted to the current amount. At the end of the day, Naruto pondered how best to cancel his technique without causing extreme pain. He finally decided upon canceling each clone one at a time. To his joy, this method worked extremely well in not only preventing a headache, but also in helping him analyze and sort all of the new information.


The next few days were different for Naruto. Since it was a weekday, the library wasn't available to Naruto. Therefore, he decided it was time to put some of his knowledge to the test. One of the lines in the book on chakra control that he had read stuck out to him:

It takes heavy training to have both good chakra reserves and chakra control. More often than not, a person either has high reserves, or good control. On the negative side, the bigger the chakra reserves, the worse the control, and vice versa. Generally kunoichis have better control than their male counterparts.

The fact that Naruto had 'abnormally large chakra reserves' according to the Hokage was a cause for alarm. At the time Naruto believed that it made him an unstoppable ninja, but he had a funny feeling this was going to make learning chakra control difficult. Therefore, he figured it would be the best place to start. He woke up shortly after dawn and got ready for his new training regimen. He started it off by sprinting from his apartment to the closest unoccupied training ground, which was a good distance away (no small feat with his weights) before creating his Kage Bunshins. The only chakra control exercise that he had learned was the leaf exercise, which involved the user putting a leaf on his forehead, and using chakra to keep it there. In theory, it sounded easy, but to the chagrin of the Kage Bunshins he assigned to master this exercise, keeping the leaf from launching off his head like a cannon was far more difficult than hoped.

Chakra control wasn't the only thing Naruto worked on. Like any other ten year old child, having a set of sharp pointy weapons is a dream come true. Therefore, it was no surprise that weapons accuracy was just behind chakra control on Naruto's list of priorities. His knowledge, along with some tips that Kouri had given him, allowed him to become fairly proficient in this rather quickly. Although he was still incapable of hitting his exact target, his shots were accurate enough to be dangerous in a fight. Of course, this wasn't good enough for Naruto, so he kept practicing. The real Naruto continued to work with his weights by doing basic exercises for as long as his stamina would last. (which was quite some time)

His schedule for the week was much the same. Up at dawn, train for fourteen hours, with only a quick break for some ramen at Ichiraku's for lunch, and back to his apartment once night set in. While this may have seemed a bit much for any other person, considering Naruto's previous days involved pulling pranks (which he admittedly did miss.) and running from angry villagers (which he didn't miss at all), nonstop training was actually rather enjoyable. Naruto still wished he had friends his own age, but he figured that it would be easier once he became a ninja and got the respect of the village.

Although he didn't think he was making great progress with the leaf exercise, only being able to keep the leaf on his forehead for a few seconds before launching it, by the end of the week, because of his massive chakra reserves, this slight increase in control made creating Kage Bunshins surprisingly easy for him. Each day he found himself able to create two or three more than the previous, and these he assigned other tasks. To the casual observer, it would look like some of the Kage Bunshins were playing hide and seek with each other, but in actuality, he was utilizing the tips that he learned on stealth and tracking. He even had a Kage Bunshin spend the week going over hand seals till he felt he could create all of them properly, and at a seconds notice.

An odd thing (in Naruto's mind) happened on that Friday. His chakra control was making steady progress, his weapons were getting closer and closer to their targets, and he was more aware of his surroundings and how better to hide in it than ever before, so he decided to assign one of his newer clones to something different: basic first aid. He figured the easiest way to do it would be to give himself a shallow cut, and than let his Kage Bunshin work from there. So with a slight grimace, he took his kunai and drove it lightly into his arm, making a rather shallow cut. He winced a bit at the pain, but didn't make any noise. The Kage Bunshin was just about to treat the wound when both Narutos realized something: the cut had already healed! After discovering this, it didn't take long for Naruto to remember that all of his previous injuries also seemed to have healed quickly, but he had never bothered to notice it before.

Deciding to experiment around a bit, Naruto made a slightly deeper cut. It took a little longer, but the cut healed just the same. Naruto did this a few times, playing the role of the masochist quite well. Although it hurt like hell, he found it to be morbidly fascinating. The only explanation for it that the boy could come up with is that it was one of those kekkai genkai's that he read about. This of course, led him to wonder about the clan that he came from, since he couldn't recall ever hearing about another Uzumaki. Although he stopped questioning his healing ability after deciding that, he never forgot about it either...


That Saturday, he deemed himself fit enough to add ten more pounds of weight before heading off to the library. Like the last time he had gone there, he found a stack of books and scrolls already waiting for him. He gave Kouri a grateful smile before creating the Kage Bunshins. Although she didn't say anything, Kouri was shocked that he went from being able to make twelve clones to his current number of twenty-three. Than she noticed he was wearing extra weights. 'With that drive he could be jounin level in a couple years' she thought.

Like the previous weekend, most of the books that Naruto read were about more Shinobi basics, but there were quite a few books on basic taijutsu. He also found jutsu scrolls for the three E-rank academy jutsus, the Bunshin no Jutsu, the Henge no Jutsu, and the Kawarimi no Jutsu. Naruto even had a few clones check for any information on the clans of Konoha, searching for any clan with a special regenerative ability. Although he did find useful information on some of the current clans of Konoha, his failure to find any information on any possible family was a bit discouraging.

His training worked the same way it did the week before. He kept most of his Kage Bunshins working on the leaf exercise, but he made sure he left four Kage Bunshins to work on his taijutsu, having two spar while the other two observe his stance and made sure the two combatants were doing everything right. This method wasn't perfect, because the Kage Bunshin would be destroyed if it got hit, and blocking wasn't an option for them. Because of this, Naruto would sometimes put his physical training on pause to work on his ability to properly block an attack.

He also had two of his Kage Bunshins work on the three academy level jutsus. Like weapons, jutsus made him feel like a kid in a ramen store, so he was especially happy once he learned Henge and Kawarimi. Neither of them were to hard for him to master, since he already had a lot of practical experience gathering and focusing chakra from his Kage Bunshin training. Bunshin on the other hand, proved to be impossible for the young blond. As much as he tried, he couldn't manage to create anything other than a bloated corpse. After a while, he decided that his chakra control made learning such a simple jutsu tricky. While most people would have stopped at that and stuck with the massively superior Kage Bunshin, Naruto only used it as extra motivation to improve his chakra control even more.

By the end of that second week, Naruto had finally gotten the leaf exercise down to an art. Not knowing any other Chakra control techniques, Naruto decided it would just be simplest to put another leaf on his body and try and hold both of them. His skill with the kunai and shuriken was good enough that he could hit his target from a good range if he took the time to properly aim. His stealth ability had got to the point where he could walk from his apartment to his favorite training grounds without any of the untrained villagers noticing him. (although he swore to himself that he would continue working on this until he could slip by the ninjas unnoticed also) His skill with academy taijutsu was good enough that he could see just how flawed it really was.

The Sandaime Hokage, who spent a lot of his free time watching Naruto train with his crystal ball, couldn't help but be amazed at what he saw. 'Hes only been training for two weeks, and hes already capable of passing the academy graduation exam? Naruto-kun, you never cease to surprise me.'


Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Shadow Clone Technique

Bunshin no Jutsu: Clone Technique

Henge no Jutsu: Transformation Technique

Kawarimi no Jutsu: Body Switch Technique

A/N: My first attempt at writing a fanfic. No idea if its good enough to continue. Reviews would be much appreciated.

After the revelation that Kage Bunshins could be used for training in the manga, I got to thinking: If Naruto used this training method for more than just mastering an element, he could become an amazing ninja. In this story, Naruto will be very powerful, but it shouldn't be to surprising. In canon, twelve year old Naruto was able to create hundreds of Kage Bunshins without even tapping into the Kyuubis power. Although like in any real life situation, having to many people decreases efficiency, having a hundred Naruto's would make a day of training at least equal to a month of a normal person training. Do that for a year... and wow. Naruto won't become a god, because theres only so much he can learn at any one time, but he will be very very powerful once he starts to slow down.

As for pairings, I was thinking of making it a NaruHarem, since Naruto is bad ass that way. If I do go that route, it will probably only be three or four girls.

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