The Zombie's Harem

Chapter 5


Jen, the aptly named OfficerJenny glanced down and whistled. Earlier today, the Chief had called her in for a special assignment, one that, he said, only she could do. She had been more than eager to take up the task.


"So chief, what's my assignment?"

The chief, a man of considerable girth who nonetheless commanded enormous respect for his position, swiveled his chair around towards her and set a bulky file on the desk between them.

"We've recieved new information on this fellow you've told us about... or more honestly, we've recieved the information that we have no information on him."

Jen blinked as the words registered.

"How... that's not possible. We have information on everyone, and it's never hard to get at. Birth certificates, Schooling records, the Tamer test... and a dozen more places where we have to have something on him."

"That's just the thing, because we don't. Out of curiousity, I had a researcher friend of mine scan the databases of the other leagues as well. Nothing. The only person who matches the description is Ranma Saotome, a two-bit hooligan and delinquint from a town south of here..."

"Well maybe it's him, chief."

"Can't be. The day previous to our mystery man showing himself, there was a report that Ranma Saotome had gotten himself into trouble with an illegal mod-chip. The details were unspecific, but they came from an excellent source, one I trust implicitly, and the report indicated that Saotome had somehow bungled up whatever scheme he was working on well enough that he was the one caught in his own little toy."

The chief reached for a cigar, but paused, and sighing reached for one of the peppermint candy sticks in a mug at the corner of his desk, popping it in his mouth and clenching one end between his teeth in an attempt to ignore the sharp pangs of tobacco withdrawal.

"Interesting thing, though... just a few hours after that, a 'Ranma' takes the standard Tamer test, along with a few knowledge tests and a psychiatric evaluation. Passes them all perfectly, but the odd thing... Saotome was the only registered 'Ranma' outside of the Edo league. Even there, its not exactly a common name, but he was the only person in Indigo to have that name, and the records dont show either of the other Ranma's leaving Edo. So where did he come from? At first I'd just assumed that it was an assumed name, before I matched up our mystery man's sketch in the files with a recent shot of Saotome. A perfect match, impossible as it is. Also, all the records of Saotome's misdemeanors point to him having a craving for attention, shouting out in a lout voice, or signing his name in graffiti to show exactly who was responsible for vandalizing a store, or breaking another thug's legs. This guy didn't mention his name once, despite having ample opportunity. Then there's the taste in clothes... Saotome went in for Edo cuts, in silk. This guy wears a mass of black leather. There's a lot of similarities, but a lot of differences too. The only thing we know for sure, is that physically, this guy and Saotome could be twins. The way they act though... it's similar from a distance, but very different once you get down to it. I want to know just who this guy is, where he came from, and lots of the higher ups are interested in that too. That brings us to your job. You'll be tailing this guy, don't let him know you're there unless you don't have a choice, he seems decent enough for a criminal so far, but he could be dangerous. When you've got a chance, get a sample of him. Hair, skin, spit, blood, toenail clippings, semen..." He ignored the way Jen's face heated at the thought of how to collect that from the admittedly handsome guy "... whatever you think is easiest to get. Once we've got a sample, we can get one of those braniac scientists to run it through one of their machines and get us a positive I.D. Once we know who this guy is, we can send his file to the higher-ups... get em off my case for a while. He's heading east, and has a couple days lead, so we're teaming you with Shal for this job."

She nodded. The Griffon was more than capable of carrying her as a passenger, and speed was evidently important on this assignment. She turned to leave, but was interrupted.

"One more thing... if you can get this done in the next day or two, there'll be a hefty bonus in it for you. Maybe a promotion."

(End Flashback)

Shal began another slow circuit as Jen pondered. With her intellect, she was due that promotion, but this made her pause. Had he known they were trailing him? She considered that for a moment, but discarded the notion. Had he known they were trailing him, he would likely have also known the manner. Pausing to destroy a canyon made no sense in that light, as it wouldn't slow Shal down in the least... the sensible thing to do would have been to continue at their best speed to a forest or cave and wait for the flying officers to pass them by before continuing in a differend direction. She blinked at the logical extension to that. Obviously... someone else was after him too, someone on foot and this little delay was meant for them.

She relayed this observation to Shal, who seemed to nod and continued on east.


Kuno idly munched on a small apple as he glanced over to the side. He had to admit, he was most impressed with Ranma's endurance.

For the past couple of days, they'd made and excellent pace and were now nearing the edge of a forest. Once they had passed through, it would be only a short mile or so to the port town Kuno had advised them to make for. But what was truly impressive was that they would stop three times a day, ostenibly for a brief meal. However, immediately after the meal, Bun would always, every time, drag Ranma off into the bushes, sparking an immediate hour-long orgy.

Ranma had formed a method to keep himself healthy, though. While he was busy with two of the girls, the crimson-haired... his Alpha Tsumi would be dealing with all the others out of there balls. Once he'd finished with one, she'd alternate with one of Tsumi's group, keeping Ranma at an easily managable manage a trois throughout the entire hour long session.

But what made Kuno truly feel small was that after all of this... vigorous exercise... Ranma would get up, ball the girls that were truly to exhausted to walk, and they would continue on their way, averaging roughly twenty to twenty-five miles a day. When Kuno had released one of his other girls as well as Boco in an attempt to match Oyabun's exploits... he'd made it nearly to an hour, but had passed out from exhaustion and had to have Boco carry him until he'd recovered the next day.

Kuno blinked and sweatdropped as a pokegirl, magic user if those flashy things on the cape were any indication, teleported in directly next to the ongoing orgy with her mouth open to speak, but was swiftly dragged into the action before she actually had a chance to say antything.

His swatdrop grew as her sequined pants flew through the air and caught on an extended branch, and a new set of muffled moans joined the rest.

Another fourty-five minutes to go. Kuno sighed and buried the apple core before removing a ball from his belt and stepping into the bushes. He just couldn't take it anymore.


Xaos had pulled her long shirt down to the point that it substituted for a miniskirt before sighing longingly at her pants. Of all the improbable outcomes, they had somehow managed to land in a position that couldn't be reached. The branches were thin enough to support it's weight but nothing else, and they had landed near the trunk. Thorny vines grew all around, making access to the pants only available from one area. After a few minutes of consideration, she'd given the pants up as a lost cause.

"In any case, as... enjoyable as that was..." Surprisingly she blushed slightly, but Aizou smirked as she realized she was the only one to look past the blush to see the quick glance at Ranma. "... I did come for a reason. After all, you're simply too amusing to allow you to go through that forest without a warning. A danger has made its residence there."

Silence fell around the group as Xaos smiled and focused her eyes on air. Eventually Tsumi got fed up and answered the question on everyones mind.

"What kind of danger."

Xaos smirked and refocused her eyes before answering and fading out.

"Why... that is a secret, of course."

Tsumi's eye began twitching uncontrollably.

"That... that's really starting to annoy me for some reason."

Ranma just shrugged and recalled the girls, before lifting his pack and heading directly towards the forest, much to Kuno's consternation and disbelief.

"O-oyabun! Didst thou not hear what the lady spake? Danger lurks within this woods sheltering darkness. Should time truly be that much of a concern, might we not ride around the edges of the wood, rather than walking directly through? 'Twould be only the same time."

Ranma paused, then turned his head over his shoulder, eyebrow arched.

"Ride then coward. I'll meet you on the other side. I've been warned."

Ranma chuckled as he turned back and strode swiftly into the forest, his voice floating eerily back.

"Actually, I'm quite looking forward to it. I do hope this 'danger' is worth hunting down."

Kuno cursed softly to himself before jogging after Ranma, and an unnoticed form, circling above them, began to slowly descend. When it reached the ground, Jen hopped lightly off Shal's back as she reverted to human form.

"That..." Jen murmured, almost under her breath, "...Was Tatewaki Kuno, a very very rich young man. ... The plot thickens, Watson."

Shal chuckled.

"Indeed it does, but Holmes you are not, Jen. Not by a long shot. Besides, so far they haven't actually done anything illegal."

"... Just had to burst my bubble, didn't you. Did you happen to make out what they were saying?"

"From our height, I was lucky to just see him. And any closer and they would have seen us. Remember, chief said not to let them know we're there."

Jen nodded and they headed into the forest.


Kuno was breathing heavily by the time he'd caught up to Ranma. He didn't know how he did it, but it was becoming increasingly more apparent that when Ranma was walking alone, he covered much more distance than should be possible for his speed. He didn't slow down once you caught up and walked beside him, but he didn't cover nearly as much ground as he did walking alone either.

"Huff... huff... You may have me outmatched in other areas, Oyabun, but I will prove my bravery unquestionable. A scion of the house of Kuno is no coward. ... Though, I would prefer having thought to carry a sword. Masterful as mine art may be, against some foes a stick is still but a stick."

Ranma's eyebrows shot to his hairline. This was definitely different than the Kuno of his world, who would never admit there were foes he couldn't defeat with bokken alone. Perhaps those rumors of Kodachi using her brother as guinea pig for some of her more... experimental concoctions carried more weight than he'd thought. After all here was Kuno... a Kuno anyway... whose sister had been dead for years, and he was starting to seem almost normal, compared to his analogue.

He forced his eyebrows down and withdrew something from his coat. Then it was Kuno's turn to stare.

"Where didst thou conceal that?"

"In my coat."

"But... But... Verily have I seenst thou remove the coat and ... fuck it. I've seen you take off the damn coat several times man, and not once have I seen even a glimpse of that thing. How the hell were you hiding it?"

"Hmm... temper, temper. Ask too many questions and I may just put her away again... I'd thought you were worried, having but a stick to protect you."

"N-nay! Verily I am awed by your ingenuity, nothing more."

Ranma nodded and held the plainly wrapped katana out toward Kuno, who swiftly outstretched his hands to recieve it.

"Keep in mind though, I'll be wanting her back once we've reached town. You can use some of the money you're so fond of talking about to buy yourself another sword of whatever fashion you desire. Also... under no circumstance are you to lay hand, or even finger, upon her blade. She will brook no man's touch but mine, and the consequences... may well be dire."

Kuno, who had been thinking of removing the blade from the scabbard to test the quality of the metal, and its sharpness, reconsidered. Oyabun was speaking as though the object was cursed or something... though such a thing would not be impossible, as Vale, the floating city of magic, seemed to be in a continuous hunt for such objects.

The thought made the sword suddenly much less desirable.

"Verily, 'tis... 'tis not cursed... is it?"

Ranma just smirked and continued on.

"Just don't touch her blade, and you have nothing to fear."

... He hadn't answered, merely reiterated a previous statement. The back of Kuno's mind noted this, and he resolved to not even unsheath the thing, unless it was absolutely neccessary.

Deep within the forest, a massive figure sniffed the air and lurched to its feet. It had only been down from the mountains for a week, and already it was being fed.


Nabiki glowered at the two men as they began bickering over who's fault it was that Ranma had gotten away. She, however, knew very well who's fault it was. Both of them. Genma for being an idiot and ignoring Daddy pointing out that the canyon had suddenly been barricaded, and Daddy for being stupid and not pressing the issue until Nabiki had come back... with information that the townsfolk had seen Ranma and the kid who apparently just about owned the town and everyone in it ride out of the east gate at roughly the time they'd arrived.

Only then had Soun bothered to bring up the fact that if the kid was rich, he could easily afford high-grade explosives, and the time of the collapse would have given them enough time to get to the other end of the canyon, riding. Naturally, Genma hadn't grasped the significance of this, instead moaning something about the forces of nature seperating him from his dishonorable son.

Nabiki loved her daddy, she really did, but these two buffoons were letting the stud get away. Nabiki wasn't shy, she was openly bisexual, and she had to admit that both of Ranma's forms were built a damned sight better than the average tamer. Maybe in other leagues it was different, but her in Indigo, female tamers tended to be fat or ugly, the only kind of woman that would welcome threshold... as long as she didn't turn into a hag, or trollop, or snorlass. All other women tended to keep a fair distance from any pokegirl they encountered.

She scowled as the two men paused again to pick a fight. They were already a day behind, and at this rate they only made five or ten miles in a day. On the other hand, Ranma would have to stop to tame his girls... goosebumps erupted on her skin as she fantasized about that briefly... so he couldn't be averaging a much better time than them, right?


Kuno had been nervous upon entering the forest. Now, in its depths, he jumped and gripped at the lent katana at every odd shadow and cracking twig.

Naturally, he was most anxious when the ground began vibrating with heavy footfalls.

"Fee, Fiii, Foh, duh... Fum!"

A large face leaned down from the tops of the trees, leering hideously, and causing Kuno to lose complete control of his bladder.

"A Giantess... oh god, oh kami... we're going to die. I have nothing that can match a Giantess."

Ranma glanced back at the panicking Kuno.

"You look a little nervous. Y'know maybe you should sit this out, just watch from the sidelines."

"Oyabun, art thou FUCKING NUTS!? That's a giantess! She's going to grind our bones into powder and eat whats left! We're going to die!"

Ranma sighed, and removed his coat, tossing it to Kuno.

"This is exactly why I wanted you to go around."

Ranma smirked at Kuno, who was by this point gibbering and inching away. He noted that their two pursuers in the bushes were in much the same condition.

"... Trust me. I know exactly what I'm doing."

Then a large meaty hand clamped over his chest, pinning his arms and squeezing tightly, dragging him up to face level.

"Little man not be so cocky now! Gonna squish little man until head fly off! What little squishy man say to that?"

"... I would say... that this is a perfectly acceptable expenditure of limited energy."

Then he erupted with black fire. The giantess bellowed with rage and pain, trying to shake him off, but Ranma had grabbed hold of a giant thumb and, timing the dash carefully, rushing up the flailing arm and gathering a small ball of the black fire in his hand. Within a moment, he'd reached it's shoulder and plunged the sphere of flame into it's throat, burning its way through the flesh as it settled next to the artery and he leapt away, backflipping off her shoulder to avoid the frantic swing of her meaty palm.

He touched down on the ground and snapped his fingers, perfectly synchronized with the gout of black flames erupting from the doomed creatures throat as blood began to swiftly spew from the hideous wound and splatter to the ground like a crimson rain.

"Feh. Not even a challenge."

His words were punctuated by the large corpse slumping to the ground, still clutching at its neck as the heart continued pumping more and more blood from the gaping wound, uncaring that the brain had already been destroyed, as the crimson puddle grew and grew.

Ranma stepped over to Kuno and threw his coat back on, wincing at the irony as his outstretched hand caught on a patch of dangling thorns which tore a few scraps of skin off. The forest itself had now done him more damage than the supposed half-baked 'danger' lurking within it.

He took his sword from Kuno's nerveless fingers and, as Kuno stuttered gibberish behind him, plunged her blade deep into the blood-stained earth. Kuno paused in his rambling and turned slightly green as he watched the puddle swiftly diminished, realizing that the sword was drinking the blood spilled upon the ground, and a part of him wondered what would have happened had he disregarded Ranma's warnings and touched the blade. That part was quickly stabbed, shot, and beaten to death by the parts of him that didn't like the unhealthy images that line of thought had produced.

Ranma began murmuring quietly to the blade.

"An unworthy foe... but the bounty left is not inconsiderable, eh? It has been a long time since you feasted like this, is it not?"

Ranma smiled at the unspoken words floating through his mind as the sword finished up the last of the blood staining the earth. He sheathed the perfectly clean blade, for she was not a messy eater, and called back to Kuno.

"Come. I wish to make the port town before dark."


Jen and Shal stared in pure shock, amazement, and a small tinge of horror as they watched the, apparently far more dangerous than they'd suspected, man pace swiftly out of the clearing, with Kuno yelling at him... Ranma she noted, making a note to tell the chief he had guessed right... to wait up as he began to swiftly jog after the walking figure. Once they had left, Jen shook her head and tugged a small plastic baggie out of her blouse and used a twezzers to lift the tiny shreds of skin off the thorns and into the baggie.

"Damn... this better be all they need, because after that little demonstration I'm not getting anywhere near that kid without a promotion and some serious bonuses."



This chapter is actually a little shorter than the previous ones, but it just clears 20KB. That's fine by me. And also, I've had a couple of votes come in, and made a decision or two of my own, so here's a little updated 'dex. Names still undecided though.

Ranma: Storage account inactive, no tamer rating.












I have another couple of girls in mind too, just so he has twice as many as he's supposed to have. Just to mess with Kuno-chan's insecurities.

????:Vampire(or maybe Redeemer, I haven't decided.)


And on to Kuno-chan.

Tatewaki Kuno: level 32 tamer. Swordsmanship level 35. Riding level 60.








And heres the info on the new pokegirls in this chappie... except Giantess, which my computer won't let me find for some reason.


Draco's are one of the hardest Poke girls to tame because of their challenging nature, they tend to resent their Tamer if he/she doesn't prove to be powerful, either by having strong blood gifts or having a powerful Harem. If the Tamer is not satisfactory the Draco will disregard orders and will not let themselves be tamed, even if they run the risk of going Feral, this is why most Draco's are re released into the wild after capture. However if their Tamer is satisfactory a Draco can become very affectionate, as they are extremely attracted to powerful Tamers, or sometimes a Tamer's most powerful Poke girl, these tamers are rewarded with the chance to evolve their Draco into their more powerful forms. A Draco is very human like in appearance, the only noticeable differences are scaled skin, (only noticeable under a microscope), their hair is much more coarse than a normal girls, thick colored nails for scratching, two small colored nubs on their back( Color depends on rest of coloring), slightly pointed ears and a thin, foot long reptilian tale sprouting from just above their buttocks. Draco's are also very intelligent, even when in the wild. It should also be noted, that even though a Thresh hold Draco is very rare, if you do get one that is newly evolved it will be extremely loyal and fight without you having to prove your superiority, but it is recommended you wait two to three weeks for their skin to harden because it will actually weaker than a normal humans during this time, damaging very easily.

Titto, the copycat Pokegirl

Titto is a rare pokegirl with a single powerful ability. She can transform into a number of other forms, duplicating the abilities of other pokegirls. It is more common for the Titto to partially transform, changing her legs to a Mermaid's tail for swimming, or manifesting an Angel's wings for flight, or changing a hand into a Warcat's claw.
Titto full body transformations can only manage a range of 75 to 125 of her usual mass. The smaller the mass changed, the greater the control the Titto has over the end result. Titto are also vulnerable to sonic attacks. The most peculiar problem of Tittos is that when in their season, their drive to mate with a male that they have a psychic bond with is irresistible and frantic. If there is no such male, the Titto must be forcibly restrained or she will bond with any suitable male.

Toca, the Stoned-out Pokegirl

This strange Pokegirl was accidentally discovered when a Tamer and his harem, fleeing from a Trauma Team attack that had set a building ablaze, were crossing through a farmland. The fire spread to a nearby field of hemp, creating a great deal of smoke. The Tamer and his girls were dazed by the smoke, but the Plant-type Pokegirl he had with him evolved, becoming a Toca. After taking her to a researcher and doctor to try and figure out what happened, he continued on with her as before, being fond of her despite her change.
Upon evolution into a Toca, a Pokegirl loses any plantlike or animalistic features they may once have had, becoming almost human in appearance. The one distinctive feature of this breed is that their eyes are constantly bloodshot. They also have a preference for wearing baggy clothes. Research, mainly on curious volunteers, has concluded that only Plant element Pokegirls that do not have a sub-type (such as Poison or Magic) can become Tocas.
Tocas, while relatively easy to maintain, are not very popular Pokegirls. They have a tendancy to use their Command Plants ability to grow more hemp to smoke, and the smoke they emit, while unable to evolve Plant-types (only hemp grown in a field can do that, for some reason), tends to stone out other Pokegirls as well, meaning that the majority of Tamers who want Tocas are stoners themselves. Officials in some Leagues have talked about banning hemp from being grown, but fears of illegal drug trafficking, as well as memories stirred up after reading about the results of Prohibition in the old American Empire have quashed these thoughts.
However, Tocas do have some saving graces.
As mentioned before, they are easy to maintain, capable of eating pretty much anything given to them. They also have low libidos, meaning that they don't have to be tamed as often as some Plant-types. In addition to this, they are also very friendly and good-natured, quickly making friends and even capable of getting along with regular Plant-types, who are for the most part very uncomfortable around them. Tocas also have an interesting personality quirk in that they will not, under any circumstances, work for a cruel or evil Tamer. If captured by one, they will wait for a chance and escape, more than likely taking as many of the Tamer's Harem as they can along. They will give what girls they have to a PokeCenter and report what happened before heading off on their own. Sometimes a Nursejoy will convince them to stay for an examination and basic checkup, although this usually leads to a taming session between the Toca and Nursejoy. (Nursejoys have a genetic quirk in them. Marijuana smoke, like the smoke a Toca emits, makes them incredibly aroused.)
In addition, they are surprisingly capable fighters, although nothing compared to a fighting type Pokegirl. They are straightforward fighters, fighting with quick tackles, dirty tricks, and blowing Pot Clouds in their face. Pot Clouds are essentially marijuana smoke, capable of dazing the opponent, dulling their senses and making them more susesptible to attacks. Tocas also have to minor psychic abilities, Munchies and Vertigo. Munchies makes whatever Pokegirl they use it on incredibly hungry, and can distract a Pokegirl from the fight, and Vertigo is essentially an advanced version of the Pot Cloud's effect. It makes a Pokegirl incredibly dizzy and unable to stand up.
One prominent case of a Toca being useful is the Alpha of a Tamer named Silent Bob. Her name was Jay, and she was famous for her seeming inability to SHUT UP. Silent Bob, who was never recorded speaking and preferred to let Jay to the talking, only ever had one Pokegirl, as Jay's constant chattering about whatever was on her mind at the time drove off whatever girls Silent Bob captured. However, this didn't deter him, as he was happy with just Jay in his harem. The two went through a series of what could only be called 'misadventures,' culminating in an encounter with Zapdass, the defeat of a Team Rocket variant, and the winning of the WAPL championship. Silent Bob and Jay held the title for almost a year before their defeat, the two retiring a year later, Jay evolving to Pot-Cunt and having three children.
No Threshold cases of becoming a Toca have been reported so far.

(Note: she will not be named 'Jay'. And Ranma isn't cruel or evil just... dark.)

Pinielf, the Elven Shaper Pokegirl

These pokewomon have pointy ears, 4 fingers and on the norm are fairly short. They can have mostly any color hair and eyes. Won't take shit from no one but it's the little things that make them happy.. such as sweet tea, chocolate chip ice cream, and long Tamings. There ears are very very sensitive. They are very loyal once their loyalty is gained. but god help you if you prove yourself false.. they have a vengeance streak a mile long.
Can shape most things very quickly (plants, stone, metal, gems, flesh both hers and others. at first level they can only shape small objects as they get in the higher up levels they can shake a mountain There are several possibilities for this pokewomon.. just think of what would happen if she evolved with an air, a fire, water, or even a thunder stone...or a combination of the above. If care is not taken this pokewomon could become very dangerous.

(No info on the Vampire/Redeemer until I've decided which to use. Sorry.)

Applepie, the Sweetest Pokegirl

Discovered in 304 AS, the ApplePie, sometimes called AmericanPie in some areas, is a very unusual transformation for the CutiePie. Mostly because there's a lot of confusion on how it could be both a grass and a bug pokegirl at the same time.
The ApplePie retains her smooth skin-like exoskeleton and her antennae, but her exoskeleton turns light red with pink covering the front of her torso (just above her breasts) running down to her vagina. Her eyes appear to be those of a human's, but close inspection reveals that the pupils and irises of her eyes remain multifaceted. She also gains one to three feet in height and a more full figure. Her exoskeleton now also absorbs sunlight and some water. It is the perfect fusion between insect and plant, the lines blurring between the two.
The ApplePie is very non-confrontational, seeking to avoid combat, either by putting her opponents to sleep or getting them randy enough that violent acts towards her have the lowest priority in their minds.
ApplePies love to have sex. A VERY sex-oriented pokegirl, she has more errogenous zones than most other pokegirls, and will often have many "favorite positions", and may ask for orgies if in a Tamer's harem.
Some believe that this might be similar to a Damsel's lack of pain center, but since ApplePies CAN recognize pain, it has been dismissed. ApplePies are constantly doing their best to avoid pain, possibly due to their now oversensitively skin, thus why many of their attacks either disable, restrain or change aggression into lust.
The two reasons the ApplePie is popular, both among wild pokegirls and tamers, is that she smells like a warm apple pie and her cum tastes like apples (and cinnamon, if she has any in her diet).
Whether in a harem or in the wild, when an ApplePie has free time, she will try to cultivate the local soil to grow apple trees, even if the region isn't the best for growing them. It's unknown if this is a result of their evolution or foreward thinking, but almost no tamer, save for the most aggressively paranoid, will stop this act. Some tamers and/or lovers of the ApplePie may even help.

Piratit, the Swashbuckling Pokegirl

The Piratit is a cause for much confusion among researchers. They are a pirate-like pokegirl completely unrelated to the Buttaneer and She-Captain, instead evolving from the Slicer. They also evolve using an elemental stone, but do not gain the element of that stone. They can, however, temporarily gain the Water element through their Balancing Water technique.
Piratits look like normal, if athletic, humans with a preference for clothing similar to that of a She-Captain. Piratits, however, usually prefer a bandana to a hat, and tend to favor low-cut shirts, to better show off their generous chests (C-cup, sometimes CC), which somehow never get in her way during combat.
Piratits are excellent swordfighters, retaining any techniques learned as Slicers, and learn new techniques fairly quickly. They tend to rely on their speed and agility in combat, avoiding blows and taunting their opponents into rash, easy-to-counter attacks, similar to an Amazonkapoeraa. Against stronger opponents, they use a combination of Focus and Quick Hit for a flurry of powerful blows.
Compared to Buttaneers and She-Captains, Piratits are usually a middle ground. They tend to be more powerful than Buttaneers, but lack the She-Captains broad range of abilities. They do, however, lack both the Buttaneer's refusal to travel on dry land, and the She-Captain's nearly murderous need to be Alpha. Rarely found feral, they typically travel on ships crewed by Buttaneers, often as a first mate to a She-Captain, who are respected for their strength. Piratits are, however, notably immune to the She-Captains commanding ability.
Piratits vary in personality, though they tend to be confident. They also share a common mischievous streak, and enjoy agitating authority figures, especially Harem Alphas (or She-Captains). They are quick to point out failures, and will eagerly tease a less-endowed leader with "sunken chest" jokes. Why She-Captains put up with it is a mystery, and many Piratits have been surprised when an Alpha becomes angry with them over their teasing. They rarely mean any harm, and will stand strongly by a capable Alpha. Barring conflict with an Alpha, Piratits work well in Harems, and are often favored by Tamers over the other pirate pokegirls as a result.

Ar-tits, the Artist Pokegirl

Ar-Tits first appeared twenty years after the War, in small Ruby League communities that were just starting to become accepting of Pokegirls. They would simply sit in the center of town with their sketchpad, or canvas, or whatever their art implement was that they preferred using, and sketch whatever they felt was interesting. When people started taking notice, they would offer to draw someone in exchange for food or water. When they started asking for Tamings as well, people realized they were Pokegirls. They were a little nervous at first, but since they seemed to be gentle Pokegirls who just wanted to draw, people quickly grew accepting of them.
Ar-Tits are short, cutish Pokegirls, never going above six feet in height, with smooth skin, hair that is always two-tones of very bright color (such as pink with green streaks, or silver with blue streaks, or yellow with orange, and so on). Their eyes are always a range of bright colors, normal colors such as brown or blue being rare. More often, the eyes of an Ar-Tits are colors such as purple, red, indigo, neon pink, or even rainbow colored. Their breasts are usually smallish, around B-cup at the largest, and they have a loving, quiet personality. They are seemingly incapable of feeling angry, always remaining calm, save for expressing things through drawing or painting, and are always seen wearing a painter's smock and beret (save for when Taming, of course). Any other clothes they wear varies from Ar-Tits to Ar-Tits.
Ar-Tits are among the more peaceful breeds of Pokegirls. An excellent day to an Ar-Tits is sitting in a quiet, beautiful spot and making a picture of someone they love, getting in some Taming in between. Their mystical eyes have the ability to see into someone's heart and soul, and they can draw exactly what they see on their chosen canvas. They can tell immediately what someone's true self is just from looking into their eyes and show it. An ugly person with hideous scars and a malformed face could have a pure, innocent heart, and the Ar-Tits would draw them as a being of pure beauty. A handsome man with flawless features could have a dark, wicked heart, and the Ar-Tits would draw their true self as a hideous demon. This has led to some Ar-Tits being attacked and brutally beaten, their art torn to shreds. Ar-Tits are very protective of their art and art supplies, and if they are menaced, they will use an attack called Painted Fantasy, in which their will use their paint to bring to life an image of a powerful Pokegirl, usually a Widow, Panthress, a Legendary or something similar, to fend off an opponent until they can escape, the paint illusion melting and evaporating once the Ar-Tits is out of range of mental command.
Ar-Tits are nonviolent Pokegirls, and don't like seeing anyone hurt. They will work with police, using their art to show if someone is lying, or to provide a sketch of a perp for the police to use. They also make excellent domestic helpers. They aren't that good for taking care of large groups of children, as they have trouble keeping up with playing with youngsters, favoring more quiet pursuits, like their art, or music, which they view as another kind of art. They do, however, like children and will do what they can within their abilities.
An Ar-Tits loves art of all kinds, and is capable of knowing when someone has artistic potential . To mock art as something useless is one of the only things that can get an Ar-Tits to show an emotion other than serenity, happiness, or sadness.
Ar-Tits, despite the fact that there are a great deal of them, surprisingly are a rather rare Threshold.

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