-1Disclaimer: Not my characters, just having some fun with them

Spoilers: Season 4, right "This Year's Girl"

Buffy stood outside of the apartment. This was only the second time she had visited this place. The first time she was here was something she couldn't forget, it was the night she almost killed Faith. She opened the door slowly, almost expecting Faith to slam the door shut but only to be reminded that Faith wasn't there. She was in a coma, a coma Buffy had put her in.

Faith had said that she could take any thing from this place, she was g tog to take it all with her. She had told her mom she was going to pick up all of Faith's things and store it in the basement until she woke up again. Buffy was sure that Faith would wake up, Faith's a fighter, a coma wont stop her from getting back on her feet. Last time she was here she didn't get to see what the apartment looked like or what kind of things Faith possessed, but now she had the time and she was stunned.

The apartment was really nice, if you ignored the broken furniture and glass. it was quite big and she had a lot of electronics. This place was a lot better than her old motel room. 'I can't believe that we made Faith stay there. Ok what is it with me? Faith betrayed me, she hurt me, why am I even caring?' Buffy knew why though, there was something different about Faith, something that made Buffy wanna get to know her. Now it was too late though and it wasn't as if she had actually tried before.

But as soon as Faith wakes up Buffy wants to set things right, it was mostly her fault that Faith went to the mayor. If Buffy had just supported her like she should have done instead of freaking out. She couldn't stay here anymore, this place was just reminding her too much about that awful fight last week.

Buffy walked out of the apartment, Faith had more things than she expected, mostly electronics, she'd need her mom's car to take everything home.

It had gotten dark already, it had been light when she'd gone to Faith's apartment, 'guess I lost track of time again. Might as well do the patrol now and then visit Faith.' Buffy walked towards the Restfield cemetery, it was the closest to the hospital. Ever since the mayor had been defeated most vamps had left town or had been killed during the major show down. She walked through the cemetery for almost two hours, not fighting a single vamp. It did give her time to think though, about Angel and about Faith. Angel had left right after graduation, even though she thought it was going to hurt like hell it didn't. only for the first two days but after that she was over it, this surprised her. A lot.

She didn't know what to think of it, to be honest she had been more worried about how Faith was than about Angel leaving her. 'Well at least now I didn't kill him. He left because he needed to, help other needing souls or something.' She knew that she would always have a weak spot for Angel but also knew that it would never have worked again. 'It barely worked in the beginning and then there was also the whole thing with the curse, oh and lets not forget, he's a vampire. Kinda my duty to kill 'm and all.' Buffy decided that she'd had enough of this, there was nothing to beat up or kill, she called it a night and made her way towards the hospital.