This is not a chapter update, sorry for that. I just need to ask you all something and if all could please respond honestly.. I've just finished writing my 3rd take on the date between Buffy and Faith and something between all three drafts has started to get to me, I feel as if I have completely changed the character of Faith and also some of representation of Willow and feel as if I'm not staying true to the original characters from the TV show.

I was just wondering if it is just me being hard/harsh paranoid maybe? on myself and my writing, or if others felt as if I was moving away from what the characters would be like on the show. I realize that of course I have changed Faith's character slightly from the show; wanting to seek redemption a whole lot earlier than she did in the original show, starting to open up and be less defensive but am I moving away too much from what she is really like?

Basically because of these thoughts I have not been able to post up the new chapter, as I keep on re-writing it, feeling as if it is not good enough yet.

I appreciate all replies and ask you all to be as honest as possible, no matter how harsh or negative, those are the comments that will help me. Thanks a lot already :)