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Prologue: A brand new town

THE END. These two words ran through his mind. Of course, this wasn't the first time he had experienced the pain of death. Indeed, he had been killed multiple times, a fact his tattered body knew all to well. However, this was the first time he had felt the chill of facing the unknown. The dream lords were dead. They had been destroyed when his daughter blew him apart with a stick of dynamite. Without them, he had to rely on what little power he had left to continue. He had already made two attempts to gain strength, both of which had failed disastrously. His first attempt led him to another world, where his exploits had been shown in movies and were considered fiction. He had tried to gain a hold on this sphere, but was beaten by the very actor who had played his nemesis in the films. With his powers decreased to the point of collapse, he fell into the outer layers of hell, where he had located Jason Vorhees. He tricked Jason into heading for Springwood, the start of his killing spree. The fear Jason caused allowed his powers to rejuvenate, making him able to hunt the children again. But he had underestimated Jason, and found himself beheaded a mere day after he had set his plan into motion. He had been able to escape from his body again, but now he had nothing left. He was falling apart, his soul barely able to keep moving. He needed fear, and not just the: mommy-there's-a-monster-in-my-closet kind of fear, he needed worldwide panic, self-doubts, and fear of death. He looked at his withered body. His glove was about to fall off and his legs were dissolving.

"Shit. Looks like the jig is up." He said as he saw the gates off hell opening in the distance, the flames' heat scorching him. "And I don't like my meat well done."

He sat down, waiting his end. It was over, no more nightmares, no more killing, no more corny one-liners. An arm reached out from the gate, coming to pick up the fallen psychopath. He closed his eyes, there was no point in running, where would he even go?

As if in answer to this question, voices sprung up.

"An Angel is approaching!"

"I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away!"

He opened his eyes. FEAR! The feeling of it made him lick his burnt lips, the anticipation of the hunt made his eyes gleam. It was then he noticed his body was recovering, legs reformed and his glove filled back up with his muscular hand.

"Sorry, I have to go do something." He snapped his fingers, and disappeared, heading towards the location of the new source of fear.

"Yummy!" he said as he saw his new victims. "I haven't done Asian in a while."

And with that, Freddy Krueger headed into the minds of the citizens of Tokyo-3