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Chapter 4: Interrogations

Asuka sat up in the waiting room of the hospital. She was still in the same clothes she had worn at the time of the incident; save for a hospital gown she had been given when the paramedics had arrived ("running around without a shirt in the middle of the night isn't a good idea miss" they had said). While she sat there, she tried to figure out what had happened. Why would anyone do this to Hikari? Sure she liked to take charge in a situation, and it could sound at times like she was being a bitch, but anyone who knew her knew that she was one of the most polite and caring people in the world. And why would anyone do such a grotesque act of carving words into a young girl's body? Why was the message in English? Hardly anyone Asuka could speak or write English, so why? Why did the cuts just appear? Why-

"Excuse me, are you Asuka Langley Sohryu?"

Asuka looked up, there was a man, dressed in slacks and a white button down t-shirt was looking at her, in his left hand he had a badge out, indicating he was from the local precinct. In reply to his question, Asuka weakly nodded.

"My name is inspector Jankin. I'd like to ask you some questions regarding the attack on your friend."

"Is Hikari all right?" Asuka asked, her already anxious state seeming to worsen, "Is she going to be okay?"

"I don't know, I haven't spoken to the doctor yet, I was just sent to pick you up," Jankin said, putting away his badge, "now please come along."

Asuka noticed that the inspector was jiggling something in his pocket, something that sounded with a metal clink. Handcuffs?

"Now Miss Sohryu, I just want to take you to the police station and ask you some questions." Jankin looked at Asuka, sweet gods, why the hell did he always get stuck with the psycho kids? Noticing the blood on her hands, he wondered why the police on the scene hadn't booked her immediately, and to think, he wasn't even supposed to be on call today.

"But, inspector, I want to be here when Hikari's out of surgery," Asuka said, trying to fight the tears forming in her eyes, "I just want to know she's okay."

"I'm afraid you don't have much choice in the matter," Jankin said, getting annoyed, "Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way." On the latter of the options, Jankin pulled out the object he had been jingling in his pocket. Asuka's guess had been correct; it was a pair of handcuffs. "Now," continued Jankin, "which one is it going to be?" Jankin smiled, although the line was cliché and pretty cheesy, he loved saying it, the sense of authority it gave him made him feel good.

Under normal circumstances, Asuka would have stood up and gladly yelled about the inspector's ignorance of her identity as a pilot until she left him a broken shell of a person. Had this been a normal day and Shinji had been there, Asuka would have then yelled at Shinji for not backing her up and then teased him. Had this been a bad day, Asuka would have ignored Jankin and walked off.

This was not, however, any of those days. There was no sign of resistance as Asuka got up and followed Jankin out of the hospital. There was no cry of "pervert!" when the inspector, in the process of patting her down, touched her butt. There was no complaint about his driving either; something that Asuka never would have let Misato off with.

To anyone who knew Asuka, they would not believe that it was her that was sitting in the back of the police car. True, she had once been driven to NERV by police after she had decided to skip a synch test (Misato had hoped sending police would teach Asuka a lesson, as opposed to sending section 2 agents), but it wasn't the mere fact of Asuka being in the police car that would surprise them, but the physical appearance of her. Her usually well-groomed hair was now matted and frayed, her hair clips being clipped randomly in her long red hair. Her white skin had also become deathly pale, enough to rival even Rei Ayanami's natural albino paleness. Her eyes, which could express her emotions better than any of her words could, were now expressionless; the fire that had once made them shine was now dead. Her mouth was just slightly open, enough to breath, but without any emotive shape.

This grim figure named Asuka started to think again. Why hadn't she been able to help Hikari? Why was she always failing to help others? Why couldn't she save the people that she loved? Why was she so useless?

"I'm not useless." A voice said.

"Then why can't you do anything for those you love?" Another voice asked.

"I tried my best! She was bleeding, and I patched her up, isn't that enough?"

"But she still got hurt when you were around."

"It's not my fault!"

"Just like mother? You couldn't help her either."

"I was a kid, and I didn't know what to do!"

"You're still a child, and you still can't help."

"Leave me alone."

"Am I not right? You try to act grown up in hopes of obtaining respect. You pilot because you get attention. You went to college just for attention. You flirt just so you know boys will look your way. You're just wanting to receive compliments and attention, there's no other point to you're existence, you're like a little child, doing anything to get attention, right?"

"That's not true."

"Really, then tell me something you've done that wasn't just to draw attention towards yourself."

Asuka thought. There were times when she had been selfish, but not always! She probed her mind, searching for any memory that could be used in her defense.

"Give up?" The voice asked.

"Just give me some time!"

"Time? Like the time you gave the first child, before you judged her as a worthless doll? Or perhaps the time that Kaji was forced to spend with you? You never realized that he didn't give one lick about you did you?"

"That's not true!"

"Then why did he go off and die? Had he cared, wouldn't he have stayed here instead of going off to die for who knows what reason? Let's face it, you couldn't help him either, could you?"


"You are useless, and everyone would be better off without you! If you would die, maybe everyone else could get along without you! Maybe Shinji could be happy, instead of having to put up with your abuse."

Asuka cried. Was it all true? Was she the reason for Shinji and everyone else's pain?

"Hey, you okay back there?" Jankin softly asked. He realized he might have been a bit rough with the kid before; her friend had just been hurt, and all she wanted was to make sure she was all right. He pinched his brow, he needed to keep his stress out of his job.

"Yeah." Asuka mumbled, tears pouring out of her eyes. The voice had stopped its assault for the moment, but its accusations still hurt.

"Look, I'm sorry for the way I acted back at the hospital," Jankin said, looking at her in the rearview mirror, "Tell you what, when we get to the station, I'll call and see how your friend is doing."

"Thank you." Asuka replied, holding back the tears. Even though she was fighting for her very sanity, she forced herself to try and remain conscious of what was going on around her. The task was getting harder by the second however, as she still heard the voice.



After a few minutes, they arrived at the police station. Jankin got out first and let Asuka out. He led her by the hand inside and took her to an interrogation room. Just like the movies, there was a one sided mirror on the left side and a long table in the middle, with one chair on one side, and two on the other. The inspector had Asuka sit in the single chair while two officers filed into the room.

"Miss Sohryu," Jankin said, "this is officer Sena and officer Hiruma. They'll be asking you some questions about the attack." Seeing Asuka look up at him, he added, "as soon as you're done I'll tell you how your friend is doing."

With that, Jankin left the room, leaving Asuka to face the interrogators. Asuka looked at the officers. Officer Hiruma was about 5'10 and had blonde, spikey hair, a rarity in that area, and two silver earrings on his right ear. Officer Sena was about 5'1 and had black hair with a large spike and smaller spikes around it. Both were wearing their uniforms; blue shirts, ties and black pants and shoes.

"Now miss Sohryu," began inspector Sena, who was nervously running his hand through his hair, "please describe what happened this evening at your friend's house."

Asuka started to talk but was interrupted by inspector Hiruma.

"Hey, damn pipsqueak, aren't you gonna check her bag?"

"I don't think we're supposed to." Sena replied, nervously sweating.

"Hey, damn German girl, mind if pipsqueak here checks your bag?" Hiruma asked, chewing some gum.

"Do whatever you want," Asuka replied. She didn't care. With all that had happened, she just didn't care.

Sena went over to Asuka and retrieved her purse.

"Sorry bout Hiruma, he's always like that." Sena apologized.

"He's a bit like Shinji." A part of Asuka's mind mused.

Sena returned to his seat and started rummaging through it, being as careful as possible not to mess up anything.

"Now, tell us what happened." Hiruma said after blowing and breaking a bubble.

Asuka told Hiruma what had transpired. She told how she had been staying at Hikari's house, and how she had woken to Hikari's screams, how the cuts had appeared without any reason, and about the message that had been formed by the cuts. Hiruma, in between blowing bubbles, would ever so often ask her to repeat a part of her story, while taking notes down. After Asuka finished, she let out the tears she had been holding back.

"All right, cut the crap miss Sohryu," Hiruma said, "Why don't you tell us what really happened?"

"Excuse me?" Asuka said with tears and snot running down her face; what was the inspector saying.

"Don't lie to me, you're the one who did it didn't you?"

"What!? Of course I didn't," Asuka stammered, "why would I do that to Hikari?"

"Think about it, you're the only one in the room, and the cuts just magically appeared? I'm thinking you did it, and you're just to messed up in the head to realize what you did!"

"Could I have?" Asuka thought, her head now swimming. She had to admit that her story made no sense what so ever, and seemed more like a work of fiction than an actual event. But, she couldn't have done it!

"Look, just confess and you can probably get off with an insanity plea and have only a few years in a nice clean asylum." Hiruma said, pulling out the paperwork for her to sign.

"Uh, Hiruma?" Sena asked softly, "I think you should take a look at this."

"What, did she throw some used tampons in her bag?" Hiruma said, slightly irritated. "Can't it wait? I'm getting a confession here!"

"No," Sena said, "I think you need to see this." He held up a plastic card that he had found in Asuka's purse.

Hiruma looked over at Sena, planning to yell some insults, and let his mouth drop wide open. What Sena held up was a NERV id with Asuka's picture on it. Hiruma, who normally loved raising hell and was considered a bit of a demon, had his face go pale; why was did this girl have a NERV id? This meant that they would have to call (gulp) section 2, NERV's secret service men. Those guys scared everybody, they had a liscence to kill and were rumored to use it even on innocents; they were above the law and would crush anyone who their commander dictated.

"You know procedure damn pipsqueak, call them. Miss Sohryu, best of luck." Hiruma went outside to get some air; he didn't even want to think about those monsters. The last time NERV personnel had been brought in, they had tapped his house and followed him for weeks.

As Asuka watched the two inspectors leave, she thought to herself, what if I am crazy? Could I really have done that to Hikari? Her eyelids started to get heavy, making it seem as though her body was giving her a message. Sleep, it seemed to say, you won't be able to figure this out if you don't get some sleep. Asuka leaned back; maybe that was what she needed. Maybe, this would all be just a bad nightmare, the voices, the attack; all would just disappear with a little sleep. She closed her eyes, pleading for an escape from all that had happened.


"Looks like someone got the invitation." Freddy smirked; it looked like he was'nt going to have to wait after all.

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