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Only The Outside

Silent Ravencroft




The word was softly spoken. It seemed to barely travel across the air and if Belua's sense had not been heightened he would not have heard it. His eyes blink open to see that his lover was not lying beside him in the bed. Looking around he found her beautiful figure leaning on their master bedroom balcony. Her deep blue eyes were pointed out to sea where a large tower stood framed by light. She was missing them.

"Rae", Belua said as he got up and went to stand next to her. This startled her and she looked over her shoulder to see his green eyes. Then she smiled and looked back out to sea. Then she realized what he had called her and turned back to him.

"My name is Corvus", she said giving him a slightly cold glare. He chuckled and then grew serious as he leaned forward against the barrier also staring at the tower. Corvus admired the way the wind whipped through his bleach blonde hair.

"Old habits die hard I guess", he said and sighed. His eyes were downcast. Corvus reached over and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Belua straightened up and put an arm on her waist as they both stared at the tower across the ocean. Corvus was then the one to sigh.

"Yes, very hard."


In the normally noisy common room of Titan's Tower everything was silent. Silence usually is a pretty normal thing in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping but even at such a late hour, everyone found himself or herself sitting on the couch. No one spoke. Robin was finally the one to talk.

"Why did they have to leave like that?" he yelled angrily pushing himself up from the couch roughly. The others eyes remained downcast but Starfire stood and went to him.

"Please Friend Robin, do not be angered by the brief departure of Friend Raven and Friend Beast Boy. It happened around an Earth month ago. Also did you not say you were close to their discovery this afternoon?" she said putting an arm on the enraged Robin's shoulder. He relaxed a little but stayed angry.

"False lead. I was given a tip about someone with purple hair. That was just a scheme to get me to come out in public," Robin said and walked out of her grip to stand near the large windows. Cyborg and Bumblebee, whom they had asked to come shortly after they had found the two missing, were silent.

"Do not worry, Robin. We will find them."

Robin continued looking out over Jump City silently. Then he nodded solemnly.

"I hope to God your right."