Chapter Two


Starfire looked up from her checkbook to see her twelve-year-old son Nicholas standing in the doorway of the common room. Normally she would have smiled when she saw the boy that looked so much like Robin walk through the door. Right now though, she was busy.

With an annoyed expression she looked down at the check she had been writing. Then she looked up again at the boy in the doorway. As she watched, his sister, eight-year-old M'yri, joined him. She had to smile at how alike the brother and sister looked.

"May I ask if this is important?"

Nick frowned and M'yri nodded. Then she looked down the hall towards the direction of the front door. Starfire felt slightly annoyed and looked at them waiting for an answer.

"Well what is the matter?"

Nick frowned and shifted his weight. M'yri smiled widely. Nick nudged her with his elbow. If she wasn't careful she would spoil the surprise.

"Uh…one second", muttered Nick and the door shut. Starfire sighed and looked down once more at her checkbook. She heard the door open again but she continued to look down.

"H-hey Star…"

The voice led her to look up. It was deepened but it still reminded her of pizza night and the laughing of her friends. It still reminded her of heroic battles and evil schemes. Most of all, it reminded her of the green-skinned, vegan prankster, who now stood before her.

She stood and took a step back. That was when she noticed it was not just Beast Boy and her grinning children standing in the doorway. Behind his father and a little to his left, stood a green skinned kid around Nick's age.


Starfire's voice reverberated off the walls of the tower as she ran to him and enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug. She was beginning a tirade of questions just as Cyborg, Bumblebee, and Robin rushed into the room.

They stood and watched in shock. Here was their friend, gone for sixteen years and they could say nothing. Cyborg was the first to make a move.

"Uhh…so welcome back?" he said but meant it in a questioning way as if he was wondering if Beast Boy would be staying. Then they all began to welcome the changeling back after he gave a nod. Of course the first question was who the kid was.

Beast Boy pushed the boy into the middle of the circle that had formed in the middle of the common room. The boy walked forward and sighed. He looked like Beast Boy, but he had violet eyes. His hair was parted to the side and it fell into his eyes as the rest of the group stared upon him. He blinked and raised an eyebrow at them.

Cyborg immediately started cracking up laughing and Starfire, Bumblebee, Robin, Beast Boy, Nick, and M'yri began staring at him instead of the boy. They blinked in confusion.

"He's…j…ha…just…like…R…ha ha…Raven!" Cyborg choked out between his laughter. Everyone began to laugh as they noticed this, but Beast Boy and his son remained silent. In a few minutes everyone settled down and was quiet.

"Beast Boy, where were you all this time?" Robin asked after a while and they all made their way to the couch. Beast Boy sat down in a spot where they all could see him and then took a deep breath.

"Um…yeah we left…and we found an apartment in…um…Phoenix…yeah Phoenix, Arizona. Then we…er…well a year later…we…uh…proposed…well actually I did…but…um…whatever. So then uh…we…well you know…and we had Mark…and lived…n-normal… normal lives," he said slightly nervous. The others had more questions.

"We couldn't find you anywhere in the country, man… I swear we looked in Phoenix," Cyborg said.

"Raven cast image spells so that she looked like she had black hair and I had a normal skin tone," Beast Boy explained. He knew he would have to explain the one thing he didn't want to soon.

"What happened to Raven?" Bumble Bee asked. Beast Boy's face turned down. He struggled for a moment trying to remember the lie he had invented for her death. There were a few moments of silence before Mark nudged him in the ribs with his elbow.

"Raven…there was…well she…was having a….a um….a baby…yeah a baby…,and they um…well they…we lost them both," he said even though he knew she had died by the hand of a villain. He couldn't tell them that she had been shot because Robin probably knew all of the crime that happened within 1600 miles. It hurt to lie.

Suddenly they all fell silent. Robin looked shocked, Starfire began to cry, Cyborg muttered a "sorry, man" to him, Bumble Bee had tears in her eyes, The kids blinked, and Mark just sat there still as stone with his eyes to the ground. Beast boy stood and picked up his bags.

"My room open?" he asked as Mark stood up as well. Robin nodded still in shock. Then Beast Boy was gone leaving six shock Titans behind.