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Hinata & Sasuke a future baby

Chapter 1: run from the evil dark cloud

"Here dear", the woman said as she handed a cup of tea to her husband. "Neji, any sign of anything" the woman said through a little microphone. "Nothing yet, either has any other of the Hyuugas". "Ok, thanks Neji, keep it up" the woman said gratefully.

"He's after us, he wont stop until he kills our baby, damn it" he said with a little hint of fear. The baby sat there comfortably "um…momma-san…" said the baby, "Yes" she replied, "…y…dada-san…scared" he finished. "Nothing to concern yourself with, sweetie" the woman said smiling.

"Damn it, Itachi, how long does that time jutsu take to work" the man yelled irritated.

"Shut up, give me 1 to 2 more hours and it will be ready; remember it takes longer without any help from the Atusaki" Itachi yelled back at the man. "That's right all but you out of the Atusaki got massacred" the man said deeply. "But keep at it, ok" the man said,"Fine" Itachi replied.


20 minutes later

"Neji" the woman said firmly, "Still nothing but I'll keep trying" he said. "Thanks Neji" the woman said gratefully. "Hey what is family for anyway?" Neji said happily.

The baby was a little one, he had jet black eyes, brunet birdlike hair that flowed down in front and stuck up in the back; he was wearing a blue pajamas suit on that said "blue light".

"Momma-san…hungie…" the baby said happily. "Ok sweetie" the woman said as she fed him a spoonful of "baby chow" some of it went in but the other percent fell out. The woman giggled and so did the baby; they giggled together.

The man stared at them for awhile then finally smiled 'Why, why do you want to destroy this?' he thought sadly.


20 minutes later

"Neji" the woman said checking up again, "Nothing ye-, wait I". "What is it Neji?!" the woman screamed! "I do see something coming, but…" he stopped. "'But what" she asked. "Its coming in fast"he said scared. "How fast" she said worried. "It'll be here in 10 minutes" he replied. "WHAT?!!, Itachi can't have the portal in that time, and we sure as hell cant hold it off that long. What are we going to do?!" she screamed in fear.

"Damn it" the man screamed "there's no damn time!"

"Wait there is something I can do" Itachi said quickly.

"Well what the hell is it" the man screamed angrily.

" In that little time that I do have, I can make a slightly smaller portal into the past large enough to fit 1 and only person in it, plus its only big for the child" Itachi said taking a deep breath then continuing with "but I can only send it back 12 years for sure if I try to send him back more it cannot be predicted; he could end up in the prehistoric age for all we know, and the timer can be still can be set, but again only 12 years" ( A/N: sorry to interrupt but the timer is the set time for him to come back to the time he had left from. Just wanna make that clear)

"T-then we'll send him 12 years back, back to when we were 13" the woman said."Hyuugas fend off now" Neji said sternly. "Neji what does it look like" the woman said. "Um… this is gonna sound a little weird" Neji said confused. "WHAT?!" the woman screamed. " It looks like a giant…

"What!?" the man screamed taking the microphone from his wife. "It's a giant speeding dark cloud coming this way" Neji said. "Just throw weapons", a Hyuuga, from the background, said. "Yeah!!" said another "background" hyuuga. "WHAT THE HELL???!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

"Neji!? Neji what happened? NEJI!!" the woman screamed in horror. "O-o-out here" said a weak voice outside the house. The man quickly ran over towards the door and then pushed it down and stood there horror struck.

There was the Hyuuga Neji pinned against the house with over 50 kunai knives in his body; he was dead. The man then looked to see another breath taking sight; he saw the many other Hyuugas lying on the ground, dead just like Neji (full-of-kunai).

"N-no…" the woman said in sorrow. "T-there all d-dead", the woman said bursting out in tears and clinging to her husband for support against the evil truth that her whole clan has just been massacred.

The man let her go and walked out of the small house, pulled down his hood to reveal a handsome face, birdlike hair, and deep red eyes with commas in them, "Lets go" the man said very calmly.


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