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A lot of crazy things happened since little Drowsy found his way to his parents, but in the past. Hinata and Sasuke have struggled through the hardships of living together and taking care of a child. Though in the future Naruto has raged and has become corrupted. Sasuke and Hinata are the only ones who hold the key to stopping his tyrant rule. Within this scroll, they must decipher it and figure out a way to save the future. Naruto now faces off against Naruloss A creature with Demon powers who appears to be the Future son of the Tyrant Naruto. As Naruto slowly tries to protect Drowse with his life he is dying. He is no match against Naruloss and fears the worse. Get ready for the finale of…

Baby from the Future

Chapter 18: Naruto's Death Part 2/The End

Naruto: "Ah!"
Naruto Falls backward after being thrown by Naruloss.

Naruloss: "give up….You don't stand a chance…"

Naruto: You should know I never do….

Naruloss: That you don't….father….

Naruloss sheathes his sword and continues to pumble Naruto into the ground as he coughs up blood and screams Naruloss smiles deeper and deeper.

Naruloss: Is this ALL you are, really!

Naruloss kicks Naruto in the stomach and he falls downward and Then he appears to catch his landing when Naruloss lands on him again. A knee straight to the back downs Naruto.

Naruto: I won't let you….harm them….

Naruloss: This is just pathetic….

Naruto: I…..woooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOON'T!

Naruto rages and becomes and unleashes 4 tails of chakra. (Note: This is the first time Naruto achieves this form in this story, they are still 13 years of age) Naruloss pulls back out his sword and goes to use it against Naruto but Naruto separates once hit by the sword and pierces Naruloss completely with his arm and melts the Naruloss clone away. Then turning and sending a barrage of chakra blasts hits the original Naruloss And he flys down and then catches his feet and stands off against the demon of 4 tails. His own father, he smiles for this is what he's always wanted.

Hinata, Sasuke, Drowsy….

Hinata: I can't believe this….

Sasuke: Its ok…

Hinata: All of them, they….protected us….they all just…I can't believe….how can this be ok…?

Sasuke: Because we won't let it be in Vain…

Hinata: Kiba and Shino…killed at the Hospital…but….the dates for Neji…come later that means…

Sasuke: Yes, That means we escaped the hospital. But It stops at Neji…there's just a weird mark on the last page.

Sasuke's hand touches the scroll and then Hinata grabs the weird mark as well. Drowsy now awake jumps in and touches it as well. It starts to light up and a digital like message is seen. Projected inside all of their heads. It was of Hinata.

Hinata: I am sorry for putting you all through this, well…us….but this is important…Listen, My husband is now dead, This seal can only be activated by the touch of three people who love each other very much. I'm hoping that it is you Sasuke, Hinata and our boy Kyuuseishu, He is our little Savior really. Naruloss should be coming and nothing can stop him besides that which is….drowsyness….to be perfectly honest he is a very lazy boy, when he is not moving he is sleeping. You keep him still and he falls asleep. But the more he moves the faster and stronger he gets. Those who time travel are not affected by certain laws…Therefore the Evil Naruto is not effected by the rules of time. By Kyuuseishu isn't either…he is the only one who can defeat Naruto and save the future….please….end this…Train Kyuuseishu….and destroy Naruto….

Naruloss: Are you done talking to that woman….

Sasuke and Hinata Jump backwards and see Naruloss standing there all ripped up and bloody but smiling.

Sasuke: Damn you!

Hinata: That Means Naruto…

Naruloss: No my father wasn't enough to defeat me afterall…Now was he? Though I couldn't kill him. See unlike father I am still bound by the aspects of Space and Time. But soon that scroll will tell me all the secrets to time travel and I shall conquer the universe! HAHAHAHAHA!

Sasuke: I realize now….we all saw different things….

Hinata: What…?

Sasuke: I saw Itachi's last words and how to end this all…I know my role in all of this…

Sasuke holds the scroll and raps up Kyuuseishu with it

Sasuke: So you're our little savior huh…? Well come and Visit us huh?

Hinata: What are you doing!

Sasuke: Saving us!

Sasuke does a multiple amount of hand signs and a portal in the scroll opens up starting to send Kyuuseishu through it.

Naruloss: NO! I won't let this-

Naruloss feels a blade pierce Him from behind and turns around…to see Naruto there battered and bloody.


Naruto: You're my business don't you understand that!

Naruloss: I swear to god! I will Destroy-

Naruto stabs himself.

Naruloss: What are you doing…?

Naruto: Well…I figure….if I die….you don't exist….and that means you can't kill*cough* My friends….So I think that's what I'm gonna do…

Naruloss: You can't! WHAT ABOUT YOUR DREAM!

Naruto: Don't act like you understand me…your just a rotten egg son…

Naruloss: …..hehehehe…now your starting to act like the real you, father….well….I guess I can find peace in dying…if it means taking you with me….

Naruto: …..sorry…..Sasuke….Hinata…I hope this makes up for all the screw ups I made….

Hinata: N-Naruto….

Naruto: Theres that stutter….I….always thought was cute…..

Sasuke: Naruto…I will…become Hokage in your place…you have my eternal gratitude….

Naruto: Hokage smo-kage*cough, cough* Just take care of your kid…That's your job…

Sasuke: yea…

Naruto Lays down and closes his eyes…and then dies….

Naruloss: I never got to meet my brother face to face then huh…

Naruloss looks at the portal and it is now gone and he is starting to disappear.

Naruloss: Oh well….Good bye….Mother….

He is gone too, he was Hinatas and The Tyrant Narutos son…and gone and Hinata breaks down and cries and Sasuke holds her.
5 years later….

The funeral for Naruto Was big, the weird thing about it was. Normally when a host dies the demon would appear somewhere else in the world. But it never came…Sasuke Now 19 is at the top of the village in line to be the youngest Hokage and Happily married to Hinata. She is 8 months pregnant with their son. She is due to give birth on the day that Naurto gave his life to protect them. They are at the baby shower.

Sasuke: Man I hate these things

Hinata: Oh cheer up dear, at least your not carrying a baby…

Sasuke: Yea but they all wanna talk to you; they ain't got anything to do with me.

Hinata: You're speaking like Naruto again…

Sasuke: Yea? I don' notice the difference sometimes…

Hinata: You were like brothers…

Sasuke: Yea…

Suddenly A Male of about 18 walks over to Hinata and Smiles at her face and gives her a hug and then shakes Sasukes hand. He has Blue hair with it long in the back but sticking up slightly at the back end.

Sasuke: Do I Know you stranger?

Man: Oh I'm no Stranger,

Sasuke: Remind me…what your name was; I've been Meeting people all day you know…

Man: They tend to call me drowsy at work, so I kinda kept the name…

Hinata: Funny…you look more like….

Man: A Kyuuseishu?

Hinata: A savior haha, I can see it…How'd you read my mind?

Sasuke: yes that's what we plan on naming our son.

Man: A coincidence at Most, I think that's what my parents would've called me…I didn't like it as much. Though, It is a common name in these days.

The Man pulls out a familiar looking sword and hands it to Sasuke.

Man: When he gets old enough, You can give him this. He says and smiles.

Sasuke: ….Who….are…

Drowsy: Don't over think it Dad-da….you too Ma-ma….

Hinata and Sasukes eyes widen. Drowsy puts his hand on hinatas stomach.

Drowsy: He's gonna be early…You take care of that Baby…

Sasuke: I….want to ask so much….

Drowsy: Don't…I'm not your son….I'm just another passing by face…maybe one day our paths will cross again…and you'll learn how I cast away the Name of 'savior'…

Then Drowsy walked away into the sunset and was never seen again…

~The End

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