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Sasuke tells Sakura that he likes Ino, but deep inside of him, he likes Sakura as much as she likes him. Sakura is mad and does some very bad things to herself.

"Sakura I don't like you, your annoying and weak." Sasuke said coldly. He just rejected her from another date, he turned around and headed towards home.

"B-b-b-b-but Sasuke." said Sakura.

"Why can't you be more like Ino? She's strong and pretty, unlike you." Sasuke said coldly. He walked away leaving a heartbroken Sakura.

'I knew it, Sasuke likes Ino and not me.' Sakura thought sadly. She walked back home alone in the night.

When she got home she went straight to her bed and buried her face into her pillow.

'Sasuke will never like me now, he likes Ino.' thought Sakura. 'I should probably just leave him alone for good.'

Sakura stayed up until 3 a.m. doing nothing but stare up at her ceiling, but finally she fell asleep. At 7a.m. her alarm clock starts to ring loudly in her ear.

"Ugh! Fine I'm up! I'm up!" Sakura yelled at her alarm clock. She got up and headed towards the shower room. She loved the feeling of the hot water on her skin it helped her to ease her broken heart. She was finished in about 15 minutes and she was headed towards her room to look for some clothes.

"Maybe I'll wear black today, it helps me with my mood right now." She went through her closet and found a black spaghetti strapped tank top and found black pants to match it. She even tied her hair black.

"Wow, I look different." Sakura said surprisingly to herself. She grabbed her bag and headed towards downstairs.

"Sakura you look different, do you want something to eat?" said Sakura's mom.

"No, it's ok I'm not hungry." said Sakura "I'm late anyways well see you when I get back."

Sakura headed towards the bridge of where they meet for training everyday. Everyone was staring at her on her way there, some even whispered about her , but she ignored them. When she got there she saw Sasuke, but this time she didn't say good morning to him, she went on the other side of the bridge and stared at the water.

'Sakura looks different today, what's with her?' thought Sasuke.

They were silent for about an hour until Naruto came running in with his hand waving up in the air.

"Hey Sakura! Why did you change your hair and clothes?" asked Naruto.

"Uhh… I just felt like it, that's all." said Sakura. She looked down on the water of the bridge and a leaf fell in sending vibrations in the water.

"Oh, ok then." said Naruto.

Kakashi poofed in with a smile in his mask on the bridge about two hours later.

"Hey guys sorry that I'm late, but I had to do some errands for this old lady that's sick and-"

"YOUR ALWAYS LATE KAKASHI-SENEI!" Naruto yelled interrupting him. He looked back at Sakura wondering why that she didn't yelled with him, but she was still looking at the water.

"Hey Sakura, is something wrong with you?" asked Kakashi-sensei.

"Oh, no. Nothing is wrong with me." Sakura said with a smile.

"Ok so today so you guys would be running two hundred laps around the Academy, and you'll have an hour and a half to finish it."

"Ok then." said Sakura.


"Hn. Whatever Naruto." said Sasuke.

They went to run around the Academy and started to run around it for two hundred times. Naruto got a head start and soon lost his breath and slowed down. Sasuke ran in front of him and soon lost his breath too, but Sakura ran in her normal paste and finished first.

"Well done Sakura, you control your chakra very well." commented Kakashi-sensei.

"Thanks, I've been practicing more lately." Sakura said taking a seat.

Sasuke and Naruto were racing to finish first on their last lap, but it was tie.

"Ok guys, times up and you finished after the given time." said Kakashi-sensei.

"How much time did we used?" asked Naruto breathing hard.

"You wasted thirty more minutes while Sakura finished in fifty minutes." answered Kakashi-sensei.

"WHAT?!" yelled Naruto.

"Anyways were done for the day." said Kakashi-sensei and in a poof he was gone.

Naruto headed home in grunts and he left Sakura with Sasuke alone.

"I'm heading home." said Sakura. She turned around but Sasuke grabbed her hand making her stop.

"I need to talk to you." said Sasuke.

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