Boq: So this is Shiz University?

Boq's Mom: Oh, Boq, you're gonna love it.

Boq: I sure hope you're right mom…

Boq Hirzlo walked into his new school. Boq was a shy and anti-social Ozian, and he wasn't great at making friends. But he did have a gigantic heart, and was kind to everyone he met, whether he liked them or not.

"So Galinda," a snobby-looking munchkin girl belted. "Does my new beginning-of-the-year hairstyle look pretty?"

"Oh, Pfanee, of course it does! It's almost as perfect as mine!" a perky blonde girl replied. Her, the snobby munchkin girl and another girl wearing a plaid skirt giggled amongst themselves.

Boq walked over to them. They were a bunch of girls, and he was a little nervous talking to them, but he needed to make friends if he was gonna survive this school, didn't he?

"H-hi…I'm Boq. Um…I'm new here." He turned to the blonde girl. She was actually very attractive. "Do you think you can give me a little tour of the school?"

"Sure!" she grinned. "I'm Galinda Upplands! Welcome to Shiz University, Biq!"

Boq didn't bother to point out that she mispronounced his name. He was too busy marveling at how perfect she was. "Thanks," Boq managed to croak.
"Don't mention it. C'mon, I'll show you around this place. Pfanee, Shen-Shen, you can come too!" Galinda smiled at Boq. Boq felt his stomach tighten up as he followed Galinda and her two friends around the school.

"Hey Boq," flashed the girl in the plaid skirt as they walked. "I'm Shen-Shen. I see you have eyes for Galinda."

Boq turned a shade of purple. "Uh, I didn't have eyes for her. I was just…you know…um…I…"

"Boq, face it. You're in love with her. It's obvious," Shen-Shen giggled. "But don't worry, it's normal. Galinda is the most loved girl at the school."

Boq didn't know what to say to that, so he kept walking. He walked faster to catch up with Galinda, who was chatting with the snobby-looking girl. Boq assumed she was Pfanee.

"Hey, Galinda," Boq said.


"You wanna do something later today?

"Well of course I do, Boq! I mean there is no one I love so much as you. Look at you, you're perfect! You've got nice hair, nice eyes, nice…"

That conversation never took place. Boq blinked twice to escape his daydreaming.

"So, Biq, you can hang out with us! You're more than welcome into our group!" Galinda grinned.

"Sure," Pfanee added, and Shen-Shen nodded in agreement.

"Hey, uh, Galinda?" Boq blurted.


"Would you like to…uh…" But before Boq could finish his sentence, the door swung open. In walked a bald man, a green girl, and her sister in a wheelchair.