After what seemed like forever, the day of the dance finally came.

"So are you excited?" Fiyero (who was now Boq's new roommate) asked Boq.

"Very," Boq grumbled. He had not learned to like Fiyero any more than he had before.

"Good, so am I," said Fiyero. "I'm planning on dancing with that Galinda girl. She's so hot I practically have to squint to look at her." He laughed to himself.

Boq forced the fakest laugh he could possibly imagine. "Yeah, she's really something, isn't she…" Boq sighed.

"Well, as much as I'd love to stay here and chat, the dance is about to start, so I really gotta run."

The dance took place in the Ozdust ballroom. Boq had never been there before, but it was amazing. And Galinda, who had set up the room, and done an amazing job of setting up.

There was a bowl of punch on the table. Boq rushed over and took a sip.
"Mmm…tastes like lemons and melons and pears," he thought aloud.

Boq looked around to see who was there. Over in the corner he saw Galinda, Pfanee and Shen-Shen giggling at something. Boq walked over to get a closer look.

"Eww, my grandma always sends me the most HIDEOUS ball outfits," said Galinda. "I mean, look at this hat!" She pulled a pointy black hat out of a box. Boq couldn't help but laugh. The thing would've been a great Halloween costume.

"You should give it away," Shen-Shen suggested, who was wearing a frilly white shirt and a long, red skirt.

"No, I don't hate anyone THAT much…" Galinda started to say.

"Yeah, you do," Pfanee giggled.

Galinda, Pfanee and Shen-Shen all looked over at the green girl, who was having some kind of conversation with Nessa. Nessa! Boq had completely forgotten about her! He had to try and dance with Galinda before Nessa came over and asked him to dance.

"G-Galinda?" Boq asked nervously.

Galinda turned around to look at him. "Yes?" she asked.

It took Boq all the courage he could possibly manage to ask her. "I hope you'll save at least one date for me. I'll be standing here, waiting all night." Boq took a sigh of relief that he had gotten it out of the way. But he dreaded hearing what Galinda had to say next.


"So how do you like Shiz so far, Nessa?" asked Elphaba.

"It's okay, I guess," Nessa said. "I don't have that many friends yet."

"What about that munchkin boy?" Elphaba commented.

"Who, Boq? Oh, I don't know…" Nessa looked over at Boq. He was talking to Galinda…Uh-oh. This couldn't be good.

Nessa quickly shot Galinda a "remember-our-little-talk" look, and Galinda obviously caught on because the next thing she said was, "Oh Biq, that's so kind! But do you know what would be even kinder? See that tragically beautiful girl? The one in the chair? It would seem so unfair that we should go on a spree, and not she. Gee, I know someone would be my hero if that someone were to go invite her."

"Well, maybe I could invite her…" Boq said.

"YES! YESS!!" Nessa thought. This was perfect. "Um, Elphaba?" Nessa asked. "Would you mind…um…leaving for a minute?"

"Um, no, not at all…" Elphaba said unsurely, and walked away.


"Oh, Biq, really? You would do that for me?" Galinda asked.

"I would do ANYTHING for you, Galinda," said Boq. But what he was really thinking was "NESSA PUT YOU UP TO THIS, DIDN'T SHE?? Well she will NOT have fun dancing with me, I can tell you that. While we're dancing, I'm gonna tell her EXACTLY why I'm actually dancing with her. We'll see how she likes that!" Boq forced himself to walk up to Nessa.

"I can't believe he's actually doing this!" Nessa thought excitedly.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," Boq thought angrily. "Uh, hey there, Nessa," Boq said awkwardly.

"Hi!" Nessa grinned.
"Um, you wanna go have something to eat or drink?" Boq asked.

"Sure, I'd like that," Nessa said, smiling. Boq was perfect. Nessa rolled behind him over to the punch. It looked strange…it was a weird shade of red that Nessa had never seen before. "What's in the punch?" she asked.

"Lemons and melons and pears," Boq answered, remembering when he had tried it.

"Oh my!" Nessa exclaimed. That was a lot of fruit to cram into one drink.

Boq looked over at Galinda. She was talking and laughing with Fiyero. Boq felt so sick he could barely move.

"Be right back," Nessa said, rolling away.

"Take your time," Boq called after her.