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The party had stopped for a short rest on the edge of Moonguile Forest. Xelha sat on a tree root, idly twirling her scepter-like baton between her fingers and staring off into the forest mists. Her thoughts, wandering between the cute pows back in the village and catching a blue bird of happiness, were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a sparkling ball of light. It was Kalas' guardian spirit, come to chat again. It floated lazily towards the girl and hovered for a moment before speaking in its almost silent voice.

"Xelha, I know I'm just a guardian spirit, but I think it's time we had a talk." The tone of the spirit's voice wasn't its normal cheerful burble. Something was bothering it.

"What's wrong, spirit? You seem sad."

The spot of light wove in place, looking like it was debating whether or not to continue. "It's nothing dire; I just noticed how you keep contradicting yourself."

"Contradict myself... I don't understand. What do you mean?" Xelha looked up at the light, thoroughly puzzled. She had absolutely no idea what the spirit was talking about. She had always said what she meant and meant what she said. Above all else Xelha strove to be direct and truthful.

"When we're in battle you have a tendency to shout things that... Just don't sound right."

Now it was all coming clear. Xelha's finishing move Sparkle of Life was the focus of the guardian's discomfiture.

"What do you want me to do? I can't just stop using Sparkle of Life. It's my favorite attack."

Both the girl and spirit were silent, trying to find a suitable compromise. It was the spirit who spoke first.

"The attack isn't the problem. What bothers me is your battle cry. 'Prepare to die, Sparkle of Life!' is terrible. It doesn't make sense and, well, it's not intimidating at all."

Xelha cringed a little, that guardian spirit had a sharp tongue. When she had first made up the battle cry she had thought it was very scary and tough sounding, but the spirit knew best. If it said change, then she would. It was a guardian after all; it had only her best intentions in mind.

"Okay, if it bothers you that much I'll stop." She heard the spirit give what she assumed was a sigh of relief. "How does 'You don't deserve to be loved, Sparkle of Life!' sound?"

"It's much better." Xelha could sense the spirit was smiling. It bobbed happily then stopped as if it had just remembered something important. "Oh, wait, Xelha?"

"Yes, spirit?"

"Just...be careful not to say that line around Lyude."

A/N: I like Xelha, she's a good character. It's not her fault that she has corny lines. Thanks to Shadow Phantazy (Subliminal...Go read her story Simple and Sue now! Subliminal...) for helping me do the fine tuning. (Gives e-brownies)