This fic is AU. No slash. Not now. Not ever. In this universe, Dean and Sam have known Missouri all their lives. Since they've known her for a long time, they may call her Aunt Missy from time to time, mainly if Dean wants something or Sam wants her to get Dean to do something. Sam's still in Stanford, but he and Dean maintain a good relationship through the phone. Sam has spoken with his father but they're still not on great terms and every time they do speak, John orders Sam to come back and Sam argues back….. Dean is doing solo hunts since Sam left but regroups with his father on various occasions (when he makes him call his son). This is all back-story and might be touched on in the fic but will most likely not be seen. Fic starts after all this. First in the Did You Miss Me? Series.

Nighttime Delights

One: One Lone, Joyous Night

By: chocolate rules

(late December 2003)

Cadillac, Michigan

Saturday, December 19th, 2003

24 year old Dean Winchester steps into a bar. (LoL!) As usual, he eyes all the patrons and quickly classifies them: dangerous, hot, married, fat-drunk-slob, and available. Then, he makes his was to the bar and orders at least two beers before making his way over to the pool tables.

The bartender was hot, but she's a bartender so it's safer to not try anything with her. A friendly smile and he's on his way. There are two games and four tables. Dean watches as one game quickly ends and the two guys laugh returning to their prospective girls. These guys were obviously friends. The other game was more entertaining and half of the bar seemed to agree. These two guys were most definitely not friends. After a few minutes the game turned into a full out fight.

Dean returned to the bar, grabbed another beer and began to return to the pool tables when a number caught his eyes. She was amazing; dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her hair hung to her shoulders and as she turned to her girlfriend, her hair flew through the air. Dean's eyes were stuck on this sight.

Quickly, he pulled himself away and was making his way to her. And there she was coming his way.

"Hey," she said taking his beer and sitting in the bar stool besides him.

"Hey yourself," Dean responded leaning in casually. They flirted for a few minutes, bought a few more drinks. Then, Lanai asked him where he lived and he mentioned that he was just passing through. Soon, they peeled out in the Chevy Impala and headed to Nighttime Delights (cleverly named) by the highway into room 18.

The morning after, she lied in his arms and it was a new sensation to him. She then awoke and instigated round two. After a cold shower, they kissed goodbye and both left the motel. It had been a good night, they each thought as they went on with their lives.