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Nighttime Delights

Eleven: Meeting Missy

(Part Two)

By: chocolate rules

(February 2004)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2004

"Well, now, isn't this little reunion enough to warm the hardest hearts?" joked John from the now opened kitchen door.

Missouri looked over to him. She felt it before she saw him, the overjoyed and curious waves that were purely all baby. Turning around, she saw that she wasn't to be disappointed.

Missouri looked over to Dean, and he turned over to her blushing at the sight of this his newest achievement.

"Is this the newest Winchester?" she asked looking down to the babe.

Dylan watched the silly woman. She looked really friendly and Daddy looked really 'appy 'uggin her. Dylan was gripping tightly at John's fingers to keep himself upright. Daddy was making him 'walk', because practice brings perfection. And Winchesters had to be perfect. Daddy had said so.

"Bring him here, Jonathan. While I'm still young," she teased.

John gripped at the little wrist and then lifted the baby up and into his arms. He walked himself over to her and she opened up her arms to him invitingly.

Dylan eyed the motion. No one had yet t come and invite him to them. Daddy had just placed him into the new person's arms and that had been that. No one could resist the Dill Winchester Charm. But to ask Dylan if he wanted to go with them? Well that new.

But, like Daddy, Dylan trusted his Grampa. And if Grampa said it was okay…

Dylan leaned forward and allowed himself to be exchanged from Grampa to the lady.

Dylan eyed her weirdly. She looked friendly and he had met enough people lately that she stood out too. But she seemed like she cared, too.

Dylan leaned up and placed a sloppy kiss onto the end of her nose. "Muuaaahh!

Again, Missouri started to laugh.

"Dean's definably your Daddy, honey," and she laughed harder. Soon they were all laughing.

"Missouri, that's my son, Dylan Andrew Skynyrd Winchester." Dean said, now besides her. "And she's Missouri. Say 'hi', baby," he prompted.

"Hiya," Dylan said. Another kiss and she was hooked.


Missouri sat the baby on her lap. Dylan had begun to reach up into her hair and try and tug at it. Once he was in place, Missouri began to read him.

As was usual for the Winchester men, her each and every action was monitored by his big hazel eyes. As Missouri grabbed his little hands and tried to reach into him.

Missouri didn't really always need to touch to be able to read someone. It was easier, however, on someone new and especially a Winchester.

Dylan took his hands out of the gasp and covered his face. He decided that he wanted to play peek-a-boo. Sammy had started playing with him and he really, really liked it. Gruffy liked it too.

"You want to play now, baby?" Missouri asked him. Dylan uncovered his eyes and gave a big smile.

Missouri started to play with Dylan peek-a-boo, something she had started to play when Sammy was little. Playing like that, Missouri had been able to read Sammy and in the same way she began to read Dylan.

The men had returned to the kitchen to finish their breakfast. They knew that Missouri would want to be alone to begin her reading.

Dean sat in the furthest seat from her in the living room. He didn't say anything; he just wanted to be close by.

He watched as she tried and hold onto his hands and he wanted to play. That's my boy, he thought as he watched the babe start in to entertain himself. Missouri started to play along and from the concentration on her face; Dean could tell that she was beginning to read him.


The sun was seeping in through the window and it was hitting her face, dead on. The music was fast paced but it was low, like a lullaby. Listening, she could make out the words and someone singing along with it.

That's why, I'm hot blooded, check it and see
I got a fever of a hundred and three
Come on baby, do you do more than dance?
I'm hot blooded, hot blooded

She opened her eyes and noticed that she was in the Winchester's Chevy. She was living the day through the eyes of baby Dylan.

She heard as he cooed and the figure driving turned around to look over to him.

Dean gave her a warm smile. She cooed again.

"Da!" she heard the boy say.

"Hey Dax, glad to see ya up, little buddy." She could tell that he sounded sad, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Momma!" the baby cried out. Dean stayed silent, she could almost sense that he was getting sadder by the second.

"Da!" he cried out again, this time the little voice sounded sad almost worried. "Momma, Dada."

"You hungry, honey? We can stop at Cam's diner if you want. I bet that ol' Cameron saved you some pie."

She could tell that that was all a diversion tactic. If the babe was anything like his father, then he had some stomach. And the baby's response made her smile.

"Pie!" and he clapped his joy.

"Yeah," she heard Dean sigh sadly. "Pie, buddy. And if you're lucky, it'll be pumpkin."

They didn't say anything else to each other for the rest of the ride. So, she mentally pushed forward.


She was seated in a highchair, as a few sad faces looked down at her. The most familiar was Dean's and it looked distraught. It seemed that he had recently been crying, something that she knew Dean almost never to do.

There was a young lady next to him. She was dressed in a long black dress and looked just as distraught. In her hands, she held a slim piece of pie and a bottle of milk. She brought them down to the baby's table.

"Here Dilly, you eat up and don't worry 'bout a thing, sweetie."

"Pie Am, pie!" Dill said happily as he reached for it.

The girl took one of his little hands nad kissed the palm.

"Pie's all yours, little D," she said stressing a smile.

Again, she stood up besides Dean.

"I'm so sorry, Dean. I can't believe that she's…" Dean turned away slightly from her.

"Don't worry about it so much Cam. She's okay now." Cam tossed her arms around him and he held her loosely.

"She might be okay, but she left the two of you all alone. And he's so little." She burst out into tears again and then Dylan stopped picking at the pie.

"Am? Da" Dean released Cam and then looked down at his son.

"I think that I'll just take him home now. Just," he sighed and looked over to see Cam nod softly. "Call it a day."

Dean reached over and pulled Dylan out of his seat. He turned and let cam hug and kiss Dylan goodbye.

"You'll be leaving tomorrow then?" she asked dean as she softly rubbed at Dylan's outstretched hand.

Dean nodded and pulled up Dylan's hood. He smiled at her weakly and headed to the door. At the door, he turned and told her softly to say goodbye to everyone for him.


She was no watching as Dean packed his few belongings. Dylan was outstretched in the big bed, watching him mindlessly more about. The two duffels that were besides him were quickly being filled.

She watched as Dean passed to the closet and opened it. He rummaged through it as until he found what he wanted. He pulled out a black shirt with a weird symbol on it. Coming back to the bed, Dean flopped down besides Dylan and held the shirt up.

Dylan crawled over to him. He pulled himself onto his chest and placed his head right below Dean's chin.

"They should've left her in it, Dilly. She would've like it better than that dumb old dress. She wore it all the time, she would've wanted to be comfortable in Heaven. How the fucks a dress comfortable?"

Dean tossed the shirt towards the duffel and lifted Dylan high above him. Dylan cooed and then reached down to him.

"We'll go and see Sammy, then I guess we'll face the music, huh. Dad's a good guy, but he's bound to be pissed. Shit, not only him either. Jim'll probably talk his ass off and Caleb's gonna have field day on this." Dean brought him back down to his chest and held him tightly.

"I bet Missouri's gonna be mad too. And Joshua, and Frank, and all these other people you'll get to know. That is if they don't kill me first.

"And here I was, thinking that the only thing that would kill her would be that damn demon. I thought that I'd be able to handle a goddamn cancer. Dad said the demon was the biggest son of a bitch. Wait till he finds out how wrong he was. Which reminds me, you've gotta tell him how wrong he was." Dean chuckled to himself and released his hold on the baby.

Free from the tight grasp, Dill lifted his head and began to crawl up until he was leaning over his Daddy's face.








"Yeah, he can come too." Dean sat up and plopped the baby down besides him once more. "Once we get going. It's not so bad, kiddo. I mean, Sammy grew up alright. I'll raise you, like I did him. But," he paused to kiss him. "No one's going to be taking you away. And you're going to be a like a little mastermind." He kissed him again. "You'll fight hard and you'll be like top notch gunman and pick a lock in a second. How's that sound?"


"Good," Dean flopped back down. "Now, you feel up to packing your things?"

Dylan sat up and used Dean's shirt to pull himself forward. He stared down at Dean and she could almost see the wheels turning.

"Yeah, didn't think so."

Dean flipped him onto his back. "Go to sleep, baby. When you wake up, we'll be long gone."

Dean left the room and Dylan soon shut his eyes to sleep.


Soon she was on the road and even sooner than she imagined she 'met' Sammy. She had a great day with Sam and his friends and that night, as the baby crawled to settle on his Daddy's chest, she noticed something.

As a baby, Sam had been very observant. He had had many bad dreams, and they worsened as he grew older. They would all, especially Dean, tell him that they were only bad dreams, that nothing bad would happen to him. What the boys didn't know was that those dreams often sent their father out on many hunts. The hunts got closer to the boy and as he aged the nightmares worsened. All the grown ups around them had worried that the boys would learn the true meaning to the dreams but they hadn't.

She could see something in the baby as well. Like with Sam, it was too soon for her to tell. But one thing was certain, this baby was special.


Dean watched as Missouri went into auto pilot. She continued her actions as she normally would, but her eyes seemed focused elsewhere. Dean leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees and grasping his hands together in front of him. He wanted to rush over and ask her what it was that she was seeing, but he remembered that when she was reading someone, it was best to leave her alone.

Dylan cooed as he watched this silly lady cover her face. She was silent and he worried that she'd gone away. And then there she was! Wow, she's good at that! Hey, where'd she go? Daddy? OH! Never mind!

"Ahhhaagh," Dylan giggled clapping his hands. She was so silly.

The game went on like this for a good while. Dean looked down to his watch and noted that ten minutes had gone by. He was beginning to worry. She'd never taken more than five minutes when she'd read him or Sammy. What was going on?

Jim and Caleb came back into the living room, they quickly asserted the scene and nodded recognition to Dean. Jim gave him a concerned look and Dean gave him a weak grin. He watched them both walk over to the den and close the door behind them.

Dean knew for a week now, since walking in on Caleb's conversation that some thing was going on. He knew that it was something pretty big and that his father was in on it. He didn't want to appear to concerned, he'd been more worried about Missouri and the fact that he knew this was going to be happening to want to try and pry some information from any of the involved men.

Frank had been over late on Saturday. Dean had been reading Dylan for bed and Frank had ruffled his hair as a greeting, doing the same to Dean.

"Kid, of all things I'd imagine, ya'll always maze me. How's it that some'n like you got to be a Daddy?" Dean smirked as he wrapped the towel tighter against the cleaned baby.

"See Frank, when a man and a woman click – "

Frank gave him a hard look, one that could almost rival his dad's, must be a Marine thing, and Dean bit his tongue quick.

"Smart mouth, if ya had any sense in ya, then ya'd get to makin' niceties with everyone. Try and not piss everyone off just that tad of a bit more. Cause, they're all for killing your hid."

"Thanks for the loving words, Uncle Frank. I'll treasure them forever," smirked Dean.

Frank smacked the side of his head, which made Dylan giggle.

"Hey!" Dean said to the both of them.

"Lucks on your side that 'm in a rush. Now, where's your Daddy?"

"Den with Caleb. Talking up a conspiracy for all I know. And, I'm guessing you're a part fof it all."

"You know me, Deano, gotta be smack in the middle of it all." Frank pulkled of his coat and Dean could almost swear he was favoring his left arm.

"You okay Uncle Frank?"

Frank looked over at him. Giving him a look at 'Hells yeah!' he hung the coat on the rack.

He walked over and kissed the top of Dylan's head. Then, he ruffled Dean's hair once more. Groaning, Dean turned his head and gave the elder man a heated look. Frank gave him a warm smile.

"You two kids head straight to bed now, ya hear? Don't needs no ones worrin' bouts ya through the night. Less you itchin' for your Daddy to kill ya."

"My Dad's not mad anymore. He's happy to see me."

Frank scoffed. "Yeah, he sure was happy Thursday night when he was talking of all kinds of human tortures. Think he's abeen readin up on it."

Frank winked at him and then headed to the den. Dean could swear that he was limping slightly.

"Something's happening kiddo," the told Dylan as he begun to walk to the room at the end of the downstairs hall and into the bedroom he'd stayed at all his life. "And we've got to find out what that is. Now, if only you could talk."


John came out of the kitchen and walked over to his son.

"She might be a while, Dean. You know how she gets when she's interested in something." Dean nodded but kept his eyes fixed on his son.

John looked over at his grandson and friend. He could see the intense look on Missouri's face and a wave of chills came over him. He knew that look, had seen it enough before, and didn't know whether or not he wanted Dean on the receiving end of it.

Dean saw the look that quickly passed his dad's face.

"Dad?" John looked over at him and the stoic face was back on.

"Come on, it's best to just let her do her thing." John reached over and pulled Dean easily to his feet. "You can help me look up something I need for a new hunt from Jim's books."

John started to lead him over to the basement, where all the Latin books and weapons were safely stored. It's also where John had taken to set up weights and other objects he used to help train the boys. So, it was by far not one of Dean's favorite places.

Before Dean got to voice his displeasure, they heard Missouri sigh out of her trance.


Missouri looked away from the sleeping baby in her mind to the faces of the two eldest Winchesters. Dylan reached up and covered her face once more with his hands.

"A-Boo!" he said pulling his hands away. He gave her his biggest grin, almost like he knew he finally really had her attention.

"Good job, baby," Missouri told him. She leaned down and gave him a kiss, which Dylan returned to her nose.

Standing up, Missouri walked over to the two men now starting at her.

"I didn't grow an extra head for you two to stare at," she teased.

Reaching them, she handed Dylan over to his Daddy and leaned away from them. John caught her eye and she could sense that he was coming close to what she'd seen. If she didn't know better, she'd say that man was a psychic himself.

"Dean, honey, I think little Dylan needs to be cleaned up," she said to him sweetly.

"Is everything alright?" Dean asked her, ignoring her comment.

Missouri sighed. She could tell that this wouldn't be easy on him.

"Dean, honey, he's fine." She took one his free hand and held it tightly. "Nothing seems the matter with your baby; with the exception that he really needs to get changed."

Dean eyed her, wondered if she was telling him the truth. Granted, he could not only feel that Dylan needed a change, but he was beginning to smell it too.

He looked over to his dad and could see that the man was trying to hide a smile.

"Dad," Dean said in a growl.

John gave him a toothy grin.

"Hey, he's your kid. And right now, he seriously needs a change. I think that even he knows it."

John reached up and tickled under Dylan's chin. Dylan tried to maneuver away but started to laugh all the same.

"Ampa, no!" he said in between giggles.

John gave the baby an innocent 'Who me?' smile that both of his sons had picked up.

"Better get going before Jim deems the living room at a state of hazard."

"Real funny, Dad."

Dean turned back to Missouri and gave her a weak smile.

"And you're sure that everything's okay? You're no lying to me are you?"

"Boy! You better watch what you're thinking! If I needed to tell you something, I'd tell you. On top of everything else, that beautiful baby is loosing his charm and he needs a little assistance. Now get!" Dean sighed.

"All right, all right! No need for yelling, gosh."

Dean turned and walked down the hallway into his bedroom. Jim had sort of set up a kind of changing mat on Sammy's bed.

Once he was clearly in his room and the door was shut behind him, Missouri grabbed hold of John's hand and gave it a tight squeeze.

"I know that look," John started, gripping tightly in response. "What is it?"

Missouri shook her head. She didn't really know anything for certain and wondered if bothering to tell John was worth it.

However, knowing Jonathan for as long as she did, she also knew that when he was on something, he wouldn't stop until she told him everything. And now would make no difference.

"Let's go take a walk then."

As they pulled on their coats and stepped into the cold February day, Missouri wrapped her arm around John's and guided him over to the trail in the back woods of the house that would lead them to the pond.

"What is it, Missy?" he asked once they were a clear distance away from the house.

"Oh John," she sighed. "That boy, he's in danger, honey."

John stopped abruptly. He turned and looked at his old friend. He could tell that she was dead serious and that unnerved him to say the least.

The thought that something was after his grandson…

"What do you mean? What's after him?"

Missouri looked down and John gave her a minute to collect herself, all the while he's heart decided to up the beat.

"I don't know how, but it's after him. John, the Demon's coming for Dylan. He's coming for your family once again." And she burst into tears.


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