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Chapter 1

Six months after Konoha was attacked by the sound ninjas, another Chunin exam was being held, again in Konoha. Foreign ninja were pouring into the village to take the exams. Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Tenten, Lee, Neji, Choji, Ino, and Sakura had planed to retake the exams, having failed half a year ago. As the exams were taken in groups of three, and Shikamaru had already passed the exams, Sakura had joined Ino and Choji to take part in the exam.

As they all walked into the academy and headed toward room 301 for the exam, a crowd of people were congregated on the second floor. They all stood outside one of the classrooms. The sign above the door said 301…

"Come on let us in," shouted one of the people in the crowd.

"As if," said one of the Genin standing in front of the door, "People like you don't have the skill to take an exam like this. You're better off just leaving and forgetting about taking it."

As Sakura and the others walked by, they saw two Genin standing at the door leading into the classroom labeled 301.

"Should we say something?" asked Tenten, as one of the Genin attempted to enter the room but was shoved back.

"Nah, gives us less competition later," sniggered Kiba, as another Genin failed to enter the classroom.

"Hmm," came a voice from above them.

Everyone in the hallway looked up. Three ninja stood there with Konoha headbands on their neck and heads, feet planted to the ceiling, one bending down to examine the sign containing the room number.

"Hey, what are you doing up there," called the second Genin who was standing in front of the door.

"Nothing, just checking out this genjutsu you set up," said the ninja, "To be honest, I've never seen a jutsu like this. You managed to actually make it seem like the number is changed without casting it on the person. What do you call it?"

"What the hell you taking about, huh?" called a Genin in the crowd.

"Wow this year's group is dense, even a newcomer figured it out," said the first guard.

"Well we figured it out last year too and we were the newcomers back then," called Sakura.

The second guard looked down from the ceiling and brought his gaze onto her.

"So true," he said to her, "Come on Izumo, there's no point dragging it out any longer since big mouth up there told everyone the truth."

And with that the two guards disappeared in a burst of smoke, as the classroom sign changed from 301 back to 201. After most of the Genin had realized that they were on the wrong floor and went up, the three on the ceiling jumped down next to Sakura and the others.

"Yo," said the guy who was examining the sign. He had lengthy black hair that fell down to the middle of his back that was tied up at the bottom, black eyes, and was about half a head taller than Sakura. "So you guys knew too? From the sound of it, this isn't your first time?"

"Nope," replied Lee, "We all took it last year, but sadly, none of us passed."

"That's too bad," said one of the girls behind the guy. This girl had long purple hair that reached the bottom of her back, with blue eyes, and was about the same height as Sakura.

"This is our first time taking this, but we got an idea of what we're up against," said the second girl, who had long pink hair, the same color as Sakura's, and the same length as the other girl on her team. She also had brown eyes and purple triangular marks running across her cheeks. She was recognized by Kiba immediately.

"Nina," he said to her, "it's been a long time."

Nina looked up at him, "Kiba," she said, noticing him and giving him a hug.

"Ok…how do you two know each other?" asked Ino.

"Kiba and I are cousins," Nina explained, "Distant yes, but still cousins."

"So she's also part of the Inuzuka clan too?" asked Hinata, "doesn't she had a nin-dog?" Hinata looked around Nina for a dog that could belong to her.

"Nope, her side of the clan doesn't work with dogs," said Kiba.

"Uh… isn't that your clan's specialty though?" asked Choji, his hand digging in a bag of potato chips.

"She isn't a part of our clan, her clan is different from ours," said Kiba.

"But you said that you two were cousins," said Neji, "and yet you say you're cousins?"

"You guys only assume that, because we're cousins, that we're in the same clan," said Nina, "My clan doesn't work with dogs, or any animals for that matter."

"Then what's so special about your clan? It should be animal based, right, since you're related to Kiba?" asked Tenten.

"Uh…" Nina hesitated, and glanced at the guy ninja with her, "I don't think that I should reveal-"

"It's alright Nina," cut in the guy, "there's no one else in these halls so might as well show them."

She nodded as she removed her headband, which was tied on in a fashion that covered the top of her head. She removed her headband to reveal a pair of pointed cat's ears on the top of her head.

"Has the agility and reflexes of a cat, and with a shocking personality to boot," said the first girl.

"And a tail too?" said Ino in surprise, as a tail snaked its way out between Nina's shirt and pants.

Nina just smiled as the guy turned to go. "We'd better get going if we want to make it to the exams on time," he said.

"Right," Sakura nodded, and then, "wait," the three stopped, "we got Nina's name, but we never got you two."

"Name's Saji," said the guy, then jerking his head in the other girl's direction, "and that's Julia." And they continued to walk on.

When the rest had reached room 301, Ibiki and the other proctors were already there.

"Hurry up," Ibiki called out to them, "it's almost time to start."

The nine of them sat in the left over seats, none that were close to each other, though Hinata sat next to Saji. Ibiki called to get everyone's attention.

"Alright everyone, we will be starting the first exam," he said, "I'm going to explain a couple of rules and I am not taking any questions."

'Over course,' thought Sakura, 'This is the same as last year.'

As though he was reading her mind, Ibiki continued, "Many of you will think this will be the same as last year, but to give you fair warning, it's not. This year we will have a new set of rules. For one, in order to pass this exam you will need to answer at least eight out of the first nine questions correctly." Many people called out in outrage. "For another," Ibiki continued, "If a proctor catches you cheating three times, you will fail." More cries of outrage. "If your teammate is failed, you fail too." More cries of outrage, then realization that that part was the same as the year before. "I will give you the tenth question after the first 45 minutes and will have up to 15 minutes to come up with an answer."

As soon as Ibiki finished speaking, the other proctors handed out the tests and the examinees began to write.

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