Chapter 15

"So let me get this straight."

It was already the late afternoon, and Tsunade had finished interrogating Baki.

"He ambushed you from behind, pretended to be you, kidnapped Julia and Nina just to gain a higher position next to Orochimaru?" asked Tsunade in slight disbelief.

"Crazy, ain't it?" replied Saji.

Tsunade nodded. "So…what will you guys do now? Or are you guys still under orders?"

"No, we were most likely to be killed anyways, we weren't the most trusted agents under Orochimaru," said Saji.

Julia and Nina looked at Saji in shock. "We never heard anything like that," said Julia in astonishment.

"No you wouldn't have, it was something that was only discussed between Orochimaru and Kabuto," explained Saji. "So if we went back we'd probably be eliminated on the spot."

"But if we can't go back to Orochimaru, does that mean we can stay here now?" Nina asked, excitedly.

"No," Saji said flatly.


"If we stay here, with all the knowledge of Orochimaru, they will come after us with full force," Saji explained. "It would be best if we 'disappeared'."

"How many steps have you thought ahead?" asked Julia, apprehensively.

"Till the end," replied Saji.

"So we run and don't look back?" asked Nina.

"Well, I wouldn't say, don't look back," said Saji, "But we can't stay, that's for sure."

"So will you guys be going immediately?" asked Tsunade.

"Pretty much," nodded Saji.

"Then I shall wish you all luck," said Tsunade.

The three of them left the village before the sun had even risen, the next day. No one heard from the three or Orochimaru for a long time. During the next two years, all of the members of rookie nine and Team Gai had achieved the rank Chunnin, Kankuro, Temari, and Neji became Jounin, and Garra had become the Kazekage of the sand village. As for Hitari, Zaku, and Kin, they continued to live in the Village of the Hidden Leaf, though still as sound ninjas. They trained in the village for months also made it to the Chunnin level. Tough all of this was good, Tsunade felt unease. Though he had to wait for a couple years, Orochimaru was unusually quiet, and Saji, Nina, and Julia were no where to be found, they had truly disappeared.

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