nom de guerre

by steshin

…. Although he used a pseudonym, he was still Athrun Zala and there was no escaping that identity.




In the Athha estate, there was only one man that went by that name. He was the representative's personal bodyguard and almost everyone in the Athha estate knew him. They would see him promptly following Representative Athha, everywhere she went, from meetings, to conferences, to almost every event that required her presence. He was poised and neat, wearing his bodyguard outfit like a statement.

He spoke briefly and straight to the point. He had a personality that was pleasing but hinted to no personal acquaintances. He was outstanding and well trained.

He was perfect for his job.

They knew him as Alex Dino. A person Miss Athha had personally chosen to be her protector. At first, everyone engaged in rumors of a possible affair between the handsome bodyguard and their leader but that died down soon enough.

Alex Dino was just like everyone else.

Patrick Zala had been a heartless man. His hatred towards naturals nearly caused half the lives on Earth. He hated naturals. He wanted to rid the universe from these primates, and he had almost succeeded. If not from a gunshot, fired by Yuli Amalfi, he would have lived and who knew what everything would be if he did.

He was a monster…and he was his father.

Nobody knew what happened to Athrun Zala after the battle of Yakin Due. He was never seen again, he resigned from ZAFT and that was that.

People were skeptical of him. The son of the monster was still out there and perhaps he would be an apple from the tree and grow into that same man who cost a lot of lives.

Because of this, he is scared. His heart thrashing in his ribs like a deranged animal in a cage, threatened, hurt, but mostly scared. Maybe that was why he was hiding in a pseudonym…because Athrun Zala was too soaked in his father's doings.

What if he become like his father?

The father he had blindly obeyed when he was foolish, the father full of hatred, the father who failed him as a parent…but at the same time, he was the father he loved. Uncertain of the future, he turns to this attracting light. A light that glows gently like the lunar sphere in the night sky and soothes him in his hedonism.

He doesn't know explicitly why but Athrun Zala is compelled towards this light with a sense of longing for something unseen.

Perhaps it is the future. Athrun Zala wants a future where he does not become like his father. And whenever he is with this light, the more strongly assured he is that he won't be what he fears at the same time he is with ease and in an equitable environment. This light seems to provide all that. So therefore he stays and sinks in all the glory of the light…not mattering if he was Athrun Zala or Alex Dino.


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