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New Begining

My younger sister and I walked down the icy streets to the room and shop that was for renting. "Are we almost there?" Kammie asked. "Yes, it is just by this church." I said. We came to our destination, and I sighed. I knocked and opened the door. "Who are you?" An old lady asked while her white cat jumped off her lap. "I am renting the shop and the room upstairs." I said. "Oh, yeah, just don't turn it into a dump." She said and walked out of the store with her bags. "Well, it isn't as bad as it could be." I said looking on the bright side. "We are going to love it here Korie." Kammie said walking up stairs. I turned on a foset and yellow rust filled water sqirted out. "Beautiful." I said. The water turned clean and I sighed. Kammie walked over to a small fire place that didn't have logs, or anything and layed down blankets. "This is were Shentell is going to be." She said. "Would you like me to grab some warm milk for you two?" I asked. She whispered to her imaginary friend, oh did I say imaginary? I ment 'real' friend, which is a kangaroo. "Shentell doesn't want any." She said. "Would you?" "Yes, thank you Korie." She said. I walked down and put some milk in a glass and put it over a fire. I took it out and walked upstairs. "Here you go luv." I said. "Korie, don't look so down, it wasn't your fult that you didn't want to give up your body for him, I think it was brave." Kammie said. The reason why we left Italy was because the man I came to trust and developed feelings for only wanted me to give my self to him. I sighed and sat down by her, stroking the air pretending to be stroking Shentell. "She likes it behind the ears you know." I said to Kammie. She smiled and started doing the same thing I was. I walked down stairs and grabbed my things. I started making chocolate. Yes, chocolate. What a strange thing some people would say, but I love making it. That is what the store is going to be, a Chocolate store. I heard the door open and turned around to see a well dressed man. "Hello sir." I said. "Bon journee madamozel." He said walking in. "Madam." I said. "Excuse me?" "It is madam, I have not been married." I said. "Do I not here a young girl up there?" He asked. "Yes, you do, she is my younger sister." "Well then where is your mother?" "You ask a lot of questions. She is dead." "And your father?" "Never had one." "Oh, but-" "I guess you haven't heard of a seducter before." I said. "She was one of them?" "Yes, she was. Went town to town with me and my sister that died three years ago." "Oh, I am very sorry. I shouldn't have asked." "Would you like a chocolate?" I asked picking up a plate. "Oh no, it is lent." "Oh, ok then." I said putting the plate down. "Korie! Korie! Shentell has ran away again! She is right by you!" Kammie yelled running down the stairs. She stopped when she saw the man and bowed. "I am sorry for introrupting, but my friend Shentell has run away." Kammie said. "I do not see-" The man was about to say but I nudged him. "Don't." I said. I grabbed air and walked over to Kammie. "Here she is, don't let her get into the fridge." I said smiling. "Thank you Korie!" She said and ran up stairs again. "I am inviting you to go to church with the rest of us." He said. "I am sorry, but we do not go to church." I said smiling and picking up a chocolate. I put it in my mouth and chewed, zoning out what he was saying. I was never so good at listining, only if it was intresting. "Well, must be off now." He said and walked off.

It has at least been five days, almost a week and I was really starting to like it here. Kammi has already made friends, and I have opened my chocolate shop four days ago. Kammie had gone to play with some of the villiage kids, and last I heard they were down by the river. I decided to walk down and bring them some chocolates for snacking on. I put some chocolate in a good sized bag and walked out of the store. "Bonjure Ms. Anders." "Bonjure!" I said waving up at Terra. She has became a good friend of mine, and has a little girl, same age as Kammie. They are great friends and Kammie and Sarah would always come back and have some good hot chocolate and cake.

I was at the river and Kammie came running up the hill. "Korie! There are pirates! Look!" She said pointing down at a group of people getting out of a boat. "Oh, how pleasent. Let us go and introduce ourselves." I said smiling. I saw Terra running down to us. "Well hello again." I said. "Where is Sarah?" She asked Kammie. "Here mother!" Sarah yelled running up the hill. "River Rats." Terra scowled at them. "Terra, don't judge by apperiance." I scolded and walked down the hill. "Korie, what are you doing?" "I am going to say hi." I said. Every one of the kids from the villiage were gone now with their parents, and it was just the other group of peopel. I heard guitar playing and I swayed to the music. Kammie took my hands and I twirled her. She laughed as I spun her round and round. I let go of her hands and did a twirl as well, having my long red hair blowing in the breeze as I twirled. My colorful long flowing skirt blew as well as my loose white shirt. My bangles clanked on another and Kammie clapped. I picked up Kammie and held her in the air as I twirled. Her long blonde curly hair that was in two pig tails blew out of her face and she smiled down at me. I use to hate her, because she wasn't my real sister, but now I couldn't even think of one reason to hate her. The guitar playing stopped and I put her on the ground. She tried to walk straightly, but was dizzy. I was having the same problems, and we leaned on another. I saw the man who had played the guitar and walked over to him. Two strands of his long blonde highlited hair was in his face and I wanted to push them away, but I didn't dare to. "Hello, that was great playing." I said. "That was great dancing." He replied smiling up at me. "Oh, thanks." I said smiling back. "You shouldn't befriend us, you do that and you lose friends back where you live." He said. "Is that a promise?" I asked. We laughed. "Are you a pirate?" Kammie asked. "You can say that." He said. He picked up a bin. "And here is my treasure." He said and held it out so we could see in it. "Oh, they are so pretty!" Kammie said looking at the bracelets, necklaces, and rings. "Hey, how about I trade you, five of your things for these chocolates." I said. "We have a deal." He said. We shook hands and I laughed. I gave him the chocolates and Kammie and I chose five items. "You know, this one would go great with your eyes." He said holding up a choker necklace with a green gem in the center. "Wow, it is beautiful!" I said. "It is yours." He said turning me around and moving my hair. He put it around my neck and fasined it. He sat back down and looked in the bag of chocolates. "Oh, this one is going to be your favorite." I said and took one out. "How do you know?" "Because it is zesty, like you." I said holding it out. He took it and put it in his mouth. "Not my favorite." He said. I frowned. "But it is really good, are there more?" I smiled wide and took out another one. He took it with his teeth and ate it. I smiled at him. "Well, we best be going, I don't want anyone waiting for me back at the shop." I said. "See yeah." He said. "Oh, what is your name?" I asked. "Roux, and yours and your sisters?" He asked. "You are the first to know that she is my sister, her name is Kammie, and mine is Korie." "Oh, lovely. You two look alike, but not that she would be your daughter, let me guess, your mother was a seducer?" "Yeah, you are good." I said and took Kamie's hand. "We best be going as I said before, by." "By."

Kammie and I were making some chocolate cake when Terra came in. "Who were you talking with?" She asked. "You look like you are ready for gossip, and I hate telling you things when-" "Ok, ok, I am sorry, who was that charming man-" "That is worse." "Korie!" "Jeese. Ok, he is Roux." I said laughing at the look Terra was giving me. "Oh, is that a new necklace?" She asked pointing up at my neck. "Yeah, he gave it to me." I said. "He gave you a lot of things, like those nice gold bangles right there." She said. "Yeah, Kammie got a new necklace and some bangles as well." I said. "Well, I am here for the chocolate cake for Sarah's birthday." "Isn't she diabedic?" "Yeah, but it is her last wish. She is going to die soon, and all she wanted is a tenth birthday." Terra said. "Oh, well, I wish you best." I said. "You are comming, aren't you?" "No one else will." "No one else matters! You are the only real friend I have, bring Rachel and that guy you met down by the river as well and it will be perfect!" Terra said. "Kay, I will make invites." I said.

It was now night, and I was done making invites and chocolates. "Korie, how long are we staying here?" Kammie asked. "I don't know luv, I don't know." "I want you two to stay for a long time." Rachel said. She is now living with me and working with me since her husband abuses her. "I am sure we are, I just don't know what a long time means to me anymore." I said. I walked over to the bed and blew out the candle. "Well, all I can say is that this is a new begginging for me." Rachel said. "As well as I, and so far, it is a great one." I sad.

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