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Tempe walked into her apartment and headed for her bedroom, dropping the files and other things on her bed as she passed it. As she walked into her bathroom she quickly undressed and headed towards the shower, turning the water on, she allowed it to warm up.

After the heat was to her satisfaction she got into the small space and allowed the heat to hit her body, carressing her skin and relaxing her muscles. Work had been rough, a seriel killer walked the streets free of a murder of a five year old little girl.

The man had decapitated her head and cut off her arms and legs, burying them in bags next to her torso. Signs had showed the young girl was alive up until the time her head was cut off, which was the last thing to be cut.

As Tempe stood under the shower head and felt the water fall on her. She closed her eyes and allowed her mind to be clear. Everything that had been rough on her left her mind for the time being as the hot water turned her skin red and massaged every tense part in her body.

In her shower she felt safe like the worries and troubles of the world could escape her and disappear for a moment. She was a woman of science and reality, she believed in proof, logic and reasoning, but even she needed her safe haven. And in her shower she found it.

In the small room with the four walls, steam and hot water she felt everything leave her very being, as if the world was this small room and nothing was outside of the doors. In her shower she found peace and nothing could bother her.

The outside world was just that, outside. In her space the phone could ring and she couldn't hear it, someone could break in and she would never know, the world could end, but she could care less. Evfer since she was a child the shower gave her the feeling of protection and allowed her mind to soar.

As she stood there her mind could only travel to one thing, life and the memories of being a child. When she was younger her mother had ot chase her around the house to get her into the bathroom, now she looked forward to her daily memory loss.

After spending an hour in the shower she crawled out and her fears and worries came back to her once the water was off and she was in a towel. Walking over to her closet she pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a Spaghetti strapped shirt.

Once dressed she walked over to her bed and got to work on the case. Though part of her wanted to undress and spend another hour in her shower away from the brutal murder of an innocent child she fought the urge and worked hoping that she could find the man who had caused a child so much harm and pain.

short i know, but how was it?