This is a different writing style, I think I was going for an edgy modern feel. I'm experimenting getting ready to take my BSN required English courses. It isn't finished, it stops quite suddenly and I realize I will have to take it direct to the next chapter as if it were still the same, but I have to get to bed and I am anxious to see if it's worth continuing. I might be trying too hard to be all sophisticated authoress using this jarring style. I would write more on Dating but that's it, but I'm at a standstill. I mean I don't picture any more strife and It's hard to do every day ordinary for Mer and Derek. I'm so used to the poignant aching wanting that coffee and newspapers seems off base to me. I won't end the story, I'll just wait it out and I know more will come.

Meredith stretched, luxuriating in the soft sheets that covered her naked form. Her outstretched hand bumped against someone and she smiled. It had been a long long night. They had been up the entire evening and all of the night into the wee hours consummating their relationship. Their fresh start. The beginning of the 'perfectly acceptable and moraled' no wives or boyfriends courtship. Derek's divorce had been finalized and granted two days ago. Relations were even bearable with Addison. They were not strained and awkward like Meredith feared they would be. Addison was clearly head over heels in love with Mark, and the Shephard marriage had faded much like a fire does into a comfortably warm mound of ashes, which was friendship.

Meredith had been wary of resuming her relationship with Derek. The gossip, and hurt in the past, and so many things made her shy away. But Derek had been persistent, and damn near perfect in his unrelenting wooing. Flowers, and dinners, and sentimental notes and cards had come in barrages. Finn had fallen by the wayside, and so in the end all she had to be proud of herself was that she stuck to her guns and didn't sleep with him while he was still married. She had been easy prey for his charm, and had allowed him to escort her around Seattle as the companion to a foremost, and rich neurosurgeon. She had worried at first that the lack of needing to hide anything would dim their excitement for each other. Instead she had found that they were able to say more than they had before, and that if anything she loved him more.

She enjoyed too, dressing up and going out in style. And too she enjoyed the quiet afternoons by the lake, or the boat rides on the sound. It wasn't easy to resist him physically, but somehow by the good graces of nature she had.

So, when Derek had shown up on her doorstep at nine o clock in the evening after she had just gotten off a 24 hour shift, and he had smiled at her, and pressed the manila envelope into her hands, she had felt her heart soar. Opening the envelope she pulled out thick heavy documents that stated those words she had longed to read for so long. Dissolution of Marriage. He was no longer another woman's husband. It had only taken her 30 seconds to get him to her bed.

Meredith had looked up and met his smiling eyes. He was waiting, watching her. She smiled, a smile that melted his heart, and held out her hand to him. They had clasped hands and wordlessly headed to the stairwell, and walked up the stairs in procession. Completely controlled, until her bedroom door shut behind them. Before she could even open her mouth to speak, she was pressed against her bedroom door , not feeling the doorknob in her lumbar area. Somehow her shirt was on the ground and his tongue was melding with hers. Her hands were entwined in his hair, and she felt the rasp of his whiskered face against her skin. Her clothes continued to shed, her pants falling down to her ankles, and she realized her own fingers had unworked the buttons of his shirt and pulled it back. His hot breath pressed into her neck, and her ear, sending shivers up and down her spine.

She could feel his hardness pressing into the juncture between her thighs, which now was only clasped in a whisper of silken panties. Moist and throbbing. She moaned, and Derek picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he lay her down. She cried out in protest when his body did not come back down on hers, until she felt his lips nibbling on her inner thigh. Sighing she felt him pull away her panties and his mouth replaced the fabric seconds later.