She gasped as she felt his hot breath at her innermost core. His lips and tongue building her into a frenzy. She sighed aloud as he inserted a finger inside of her, arching it to massage her into a shattering orgasm. He really was good in bed, which was wrong, he was rich, smart, good looking, and good at sex, how could he be so perfect and be hers?

She floated down to the mattress slowly, as he continued to circle her clit with his tongue and make sure she fully finished her orgasm. When she was unable to stand anymore, she pulled at his hair, signaling for him to come back up to her. He looked up at her grinning, and moved up and over her in a swift motion. She kissed him and tasted herself on his tongue. She could feel his hardness pressing against her, and she quickly slid out from beneath him and got on her hands and knees on the mattress.

Derek came up behind her, and slid himself into her. His hands smoothed over her waist to her hips as he began to move inside of her. Meredith rocked back and forth on her knees to bring him inside of her with more force, and she arched her head back in ecstasy, making her hair cascade over her back. Derek moaned, and moved one hand to her breasts, where he teased one nipple between his fingers into an erect pink tip. She shuddered as his other finger began to stroke her clit up and down. The sensation of his hardness sliding in and out of her, to the deepest reaches inside of her, and his fingers stroking her brought her into a hard shaking orgasm, and she heard him behind her whispering her name and moaning as he started to cum inside of her.

They both collapsed on the bed, spoon fashion with him still inside of her, catching their breath. Finally, she had turned, unfastening herself from him, to look at him. Her hands had brushed through his hair and she had smiled.

"So…. You're divorced huh."

He had grinned, and pulled her into a long deep kiss, and they had spent the rest of the night making up for lost time, making love as many times as they could. They had spent awhile kissing, before she had decided they needed a shower. In the shower, he had washed her hair, and they soaped each other up, before Meredith had sunk to her knees in front of him and taken him in her mouth. He leaned against the wall of the shower, as Meredith held the base of his shaft in her hands and guided him in and out of her velvet mouth. Her pink tongue flickered over the glans and he felt her teeth gently scrape him.

Unable to stand much more, Derek pulled her up and turned her around against the shower wall, before he pressed himself into her and they both furiously brought themselves together in a climax.

They had paused and refueled in the middle of the night, scouring the kitchen for fuel. They had shared a sandwich and a muffin, stifling their giggles and hoping her roommates were sleeping. Barely had they made it to her bedroom, and Meredith had been afraid they would end up on the staircase having sex, when he had started to caress her downstairs.

Now, hours later, she was sore. But it was a good, satisfying achey sore. She was sore because the man she loved had spent hours with her, making love to her. And, he was her man. Finally. Her breasts and her cheeks stung from his whisker burn. The entire room smelled of sex, and Derek , her Derek was sleeping in her bed, exhausted.