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It was two long years since Saotome Ranma arrived at the Tendo dojo dragged by his father, Saotome Genma, who was in his panda form at that time because of the rain. Two years since Tendo Soun ordered him to pick among his three daughters. Two years. The horrible day was still fresh in Ranma's mind. Too fresh, in his opinion. Ranma found it stupid and childish that a mere memory could insult him. A half smile graced his lips as he thought about his unwanted past and equally unwanted fiancées.

He discarded the idea after a few moments because there was a fiancée he wanted…

Ranma balanced himself on the fence as Akane walked below on the street. They were not fighting for once and they were also not talking to each other. This could be either good or bad. Whatever was happening, Ranma didn't really care. Just so long as they weren't arguing, he was content. The two teenagers sensed an underlying mood in the air; something that made them reluctant to start a fight over anything.

Maybe it had something to do with the night before.

Akane was sitting outside in the garden, staring at the star dotted sky. Ranma was strolling outside when he came across her. She was sitting down Indian style on the grass.

"What the hell you doing out here, tomboy?" Ranma demanded. "Shouldn't you be inside?"

Akane just looked up at him. "I was just thinking," she said softly. "It's my mother's death anniversary." She looked so vulnerable, Ranma realized. It made him feel like scooping her up in his arms to comfort her. Anything to make her smile.

Instead, Ranma opted to sit beside her on the grass. "Must be hard," he remarked. "At least I never really knew my mum. I couldn't miss her."

Akane hugged herself. "I guess so," she replied softly.

A cold wind blew through the garden and Akane moved a little closer to Ranma. He looked at her and had the urge to pull her closer to warm her.

"Sometimes, you're kinda cute, you know that?" Ranma told her, blushing furiously. "Only sometimes, 'kay. Don't go thinking I like you or anything."

Akane grinned at him. "Sure. Of course I won't."

Ranma returned her smile.

They didn't fight the whole night. Something made them reluctant to spoil the tentative friendship they had somehow created.

Ranma's thoughts returned to the present and he peered down at his fiancée. The 'uncute' one. The one built like a 'brick'. She who is a gorilla. Feh, tomboy. However, deep down, inside of him, he knew it wasn't true. He could not admit it to himself but he knew that he was lying through his teeth each time he made fun of her. Maybe that's why he teased her. He couldn't bear allowing a girl to weaken him- which is why Akane had to be kept away from him.

But that wasn't the complete truth. Ranma had a growing sense of unease and instinct combined that somehow told him that no matter what anyone thought, she wasn't for him.

Her inky blue hair blew around her heart shaped face, framing the delicate planes and angles of her fair skin. So cute, he immediately thought. Noticing him staring, she lifted her honey brown eyes to his steel blue ones and smiled. Ranma's heart skipped a beat.

It was a genuine smile, which was startling, because Akane rarely smiled so freely at him. A thought leapt in somewhere in him. She really is cute when she smiles…

Ranma's world froze. He didn't care, though. He gazed into her eyes, seeing himself reflected in her pupils. Mesmerized, he wondered, why is she so happy? He jumped down from the fence expertly, feeling like he was in a dream. "Akane," he breathed out. By silent agreement the pair moved in closer and each noticed that the other was blushing. "I need to tell you something." He reached out to her, his hand caressing her face; his face so close she could feel his hot breath on her skin. Somehow, Ranma knew that this was the right moment to tell Akane what exactly his feelings for her were.

He was going to tell her that he loves her!

Akane could feel her heart beat faster, for Ranma's piercing blue eyes were gazing right into her brown ones with fierce courage and determination. Achingly, Akane hoped that none of Ranma's other fiancées would interrupt the moment.

You never get what you want, Akane knew. Which is why she was not surprised at what happened next.

The moment was unexpectedly shattered by the ring of a bicycle bell, a flash of violet hair and a moment later, a bicycle crashing into Ranma. Akane blinked back the hot tears prickling her eyes.

A happy smile lit Shampoo's delicately beautiful features. "Nihao, airen!" She glomped Ranma excitedly in the hopes of receiving a kiss, a hug, or at least, a greeting.

Ranma tried to push Shampoo off but his efforts were all in vain as the Amazon had no intention of letting her airen go. He noticed the suspicious brightness in Akane's eyes and was about to call to her but she had already pivoted herself on her heel and ran to school without glancing back.

"Shampoo," he growled, trying to hide his anger. Shampoo had just managed to interrupt a very special moment. It could have been the start of something special for the two of them and now, the moment was gone.

"Airen happy Shampoo save airen from violent girl-boy?"

Ranma didn't want to answer- he was too furious and frustrated to reply the Chinese girl's stupid question. He was staring into the distance in the direction Akane took. "Dammit," he swore under his breath. "Bad enough Shampoo just had to appear and now Akane's running away from me." He massaged his temples, feeling a small puddle of regret form in him. Shampoo took the chance to bury her face in his neck and purr softly. She tried to fit her body against his; pressing against him. She knew what any male wanted and Ranma… he was definitely male.

Shampoo had learned from a young age the advantages of having her voluptuous body and the best way to use it in several situations. Now is good time to use Shampoo body on airen, she had thought.

"Not now, Shampoo," he snapped at her. Not ever, his mind added. Pushing the Amazon girl away none-too-roughly he bounded off to school. Brick shaped tomboy just had to go off like that, he thought angrily. Ain't ever my fault. Shampoo's fault, as usual. Not that he ever cared about that stupid, sexless gorilla gal.

A person could never completely lie to himself, Ranma knew, but at least he tried. He figured that maybe, just maybe, if he repeatedly told himself that he didn't love Akane he might eventually believe himself and get over her. It didn't surprise him that it didn't work.

As soon as the martial artist reached Furinkan High, he noticed a few things: a large crowd of students, consisting mainly of armed boys (the usual crowd of idiots who were always trying to get Akane to date them, of course), were gathered around an area and an ambulance had just arrived. Pushing his way through, Ranma wondered, what the hell happened?

He ignored the whispers around him. The other students stared at him and let him through. A few boys wore obviously guilty expressions on their faces and inched out of his way.

When he reached the middle of the gathering, several major details struck Ranma. A body lay there on the ground, bleeding profusely.

It was a girl.

She had brown eyes.

Short inky blue hair.


Ranma broke down and lost control of his emotions for the first time in his life after the incident with Saffron.

There were many people surrounding Ranma and he was also… rather occupied. Maybe that was the reason why he did not notice a boy slightly older than him. This strange boy had the heel of his palms pressed against his eyes to stop tears from falling. He was cloaked with darkness itself and nobody noticed a thing when he whirled away.

Nobody had even noticed he was there.

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