Cold and Broken


"Go away."


He took another drag on his cigarette, but didn't look at her. "No." He gestured around the courtyard. "Why should I? I have everything I need here." He turned to the woman sitting next to him. "Isn't that right?"

Amber smiled and looked at Cuddy. "He does have a point," she said practically.

He smiled to himself. "See, she agrees with me."

Cuddy froze. "Oh no?"

"Yep, the drugs aren't working. I could probably conjure up my entire team and run differentials from here. But I don't think the straightjacket would give the right impression." He paused. "Although I could still keep the Internet business," he mused.

She knelt beside him, urgent now. "Isn't there anything you want to come back to, your life, your job, your stupid toys?"

He blew a smoke ring. "Nope." It was short and sharp.

She was angry now. "How about your best friend, you know – the one who came back for you?"

He stubbed out his cigarette and turned to her. "You mean the best friend I screwed over by killing his girlfriend?" He looked at Amber. "Tell him to come out here and see her himself."

He started to walk away, but stopped, staring at the ground. "But tell him to watch himself. I'm a one man killing machine.