Disclaimer: this version of Maid Marian belongs to Tony Robinson and probably some other people, not me.

A/N: This is about the first episode of Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, a brilliant british 'children's' show.

Being hit by a tomato has an effect on people. It had an effect on her. A young woman, independent, trying to survive on her wits and common sense in a world of harsh realities and paupers. And she was hit by a tomato, that day that she went to Worksop, hit by a man who laughed at her for it. She had almost not gone to town that morning, she'd almost attempted to spend one more day without the money she desperately needed, to save Edwina. She could have waited. But she didn't. When she was hit by a flying tomato, and when she was running from the guards, or was in the castle in disguise, she'd regretted going out that day. But she had. And she'd been hit. And she had snapped, fought back. She proved to herself that she did indeed have her self respect, even if she didn't have money and was forced to attempt to sell her little friend. She'd sometimes worried that she'd lost it. But today she had been resourceful, strong, and her mind had been flooded with ideas and opportunities. And now here she was, out in the forest, surrounded by a small group of men. And they had a plan. She had a plan, and a purpose and a way to fulfil her impulses to help the world, to fulfil her dreams. And to think she'd almost gone to Worksop market tomorrow instead.