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A Cursed Wound

Chapter One –


Merlin's beard, I'm so old. I have a good ten years on her, Remus Lupin thought to himself as he watched his "date" try to dance with a Ministry official. The Ministry official obviously regretted asking Nymphadora Tonks to dance now. How had he let her talk him into this? Not only was his rented dress robe ridiculously expensive, but it was uncomfortable as well. She'd been so persuasive about him accompanying her to the ball tonight. Undoubtedly, she could have anybody she pleased. Yet, here he was, doing her a favor.

Face it, man. All Nymphadora has to do is crook her little finger, and you come running. Last year, she'd had to work security for the First Annual Celebratory Ball. But this year, not only had she managed to nick an invitation, she'd managed to get the night off.

He had no delusions of grandeur. He was a pity date. He was her personal charity case.

After Sirius died, Remus had found that Grimmauld Place and a vault full of Galleons had been willed to him. Some officials in the Ministry had tried to keep the sudden, newfound wealth from him due to his condition. In the end, they had no legal precedent to keep it from him.

Sirius always did have a wicked sense of humor. A werewolf who actually owned property and had wealth was a rarity.

Remus had tried giving Grimmauld and the vault full of Galleons to Harry, but he had refused, telling him that it was Sirius' wish to see the Ministry squirm. He'd tried giving his inheritance to Tonks, but she had just smiled and laughed, telling him that she would use it as her occasional crash pad if he didn't mind.

Merlin, but her laughter and smile were enough to tempt him to act on the wolfish impulses that consumed him every month. If Sirius were alive, he'd hex Remus to Hades if he had ever discovered his feelings for Tonks.

One would think Nymphadora's trademark pink hair was odd, but that was part of her charm. She was charming and…firm, the curves of her body the stuff his dreams were made of.

His nightmares were fraught with erotic images of her crying beneath him as he marked her. He'd given up on intimacy long ago. His nature would not permit him to take a lover. His life of celibacy was oft relieved by his hand. He was probably the oldest living virgin in Great Britain.

It was impossible for him to take a lover. The wolf that lingered within him would demand to mark a lover. He had only seen it once before…a wizard with the telltale bite mark on his neck who had been marked by a she-wolf. No sane witch would want to bear the mark of a wolf's mate.

"You're thinking too hard," Tonks murmured, her voice bringing him out of his reverie.

She was a vision, her low-cut pink gown leaving little to his overactive imagination. She wasn't well endowed, but he'd spent sleepless nights imagining what it would be like to take the tempting tips of her breasts into his mouth and nipping at them until she begged him to stop. What would she taste like? If she tasted like she smelled, it would be like the vanilla and roses that lingered after she showered.

"Did you enjoy your dance?" Remus asked casually.

"I didn't do too much damage," she replied cheekily. "He can still walk."

Grinning, Remus offered her his arm. He enjoyed her sense of humor. Nymphadora knew she was a hazardous klutz, but at least she had the grace to laugh at herself. "Shall we go annoy Severus and get some punch?" he asked.

"Yes," she agreed with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Motioning for her to lead the way, Remus couldn't help but look at her bum as it swayed provocatively in the skintight gown. It was as if she were wiggling her hips on purpose. A sly grin spread across his face. He couldn't help it. Tonks on the prowl amused and annoyed him at the same time. She'd better be careful how she wiggled her hips; she might trip.

Severus was wearing his usual "I'm-here-against-my-will" scowl as they approached the punch bowl. He was just standing there, half-full cup in hand. The Potions professor's stare was almost vacant. If he didn't know better, Remus would have believed his ex-classmate looked positively serene.

"Severus," he greeted the man with the barest amount of civility he could muster. After all, he was the reason he'd resigned from Hogwarts.

"Sev." Tonks bumped against the dour Potions master and conjured a cup for the punch..

Is she flirting with the greasy git? A tinge of jealously spread through Remus and he scowled.

Severus gave a slight nod of acknowledgement.

Scooping a conjured cup into the punch, Tonks lifted it to her blush pink lips and sipped. She gagged, her face folding up as though she was about to morph into an ugly, old hag.

"Bloody hell!" she sputtered. "That's disgusting! I think I'm going to honk."

Remus took the cup from her and sniffed the contents. He took a hesitant sip. With a determined gulp, Remus swallowed the contents. Waving his wand, he incinerated the cup and its contents.

"Thanks for warning us about the awful punch, Sev," Tonks muttered. "Bloody wanker."

A smile spread across Severus' stone features. "It was my pleasure, Nymphadora."

Remus rolled his eyes, wondering if Severus would ever let the past go. "All right, Tonks?"

He watched in amusement as her face contorted again. It was not a flattering picture, but it was endearing to him nonetheless.

"I'm going to the loo," Tonks announced loudly.

Remus smiled apologetically. "I'll go find something else to drink."


Pacing the length of the sitting room, Remus ran a hand through his hair in frustration. Bugger frustration! Tonks was upstairs, getting ready for bed, totally oblivious that he had a raging hard on for her.

Hard on. What crass terminology. I'm aroused and she is blissfully ignorant as usual. He could just imagine her peeling off that sexy pink gown and showering. Was her skin pink too? Were her nipples dark rose?

Bugger, I'm hot. He had already removed as much clothing as he could while remaining decent. He had hung his robe on the rack. His shoes were off. His dress shirt was unbuttoned at the top, and his sleeves were rolled up. To make matters worse, he could still taste and smell that horrendous punch that Snape hadn't warned him and Tonks about. Tonks was right. Severus was a bloody wanker. It was as though the punch had permeated every cell in his body – every cell wanting nothing more than to sink into Tonks.

He'd shower when she was done. That's it. I'll take the longest, coldest shower I can possibly stand. Bugger this old house. It wasn't possible to use any of the other showers. The water pressure just wouldn't allow it.

Feeling the wolf stalking back and forth in his mind, Remus stopped pacing and gazed into the fireplace. There was no fire there, but the temptation of Flooing away certainly held its appeal. He was so aroused right now, it felt as though his rigid member would jump through his trousers. After Tonks was finished with her shower, he would take the matter into his own hand… literally.

Masturbating was harmless, right? Masturbating while thinking of Tonks was exquisite. He'd done it before. Why should this time be any different? Why shouldn't he be allowed his fantasies?

Because you're madly in love with your best mate's cousin, and said mate wouldn't take too kindly to you marking the pink-haired witch and ruining her life,the voice of reason whispered softly.

Sitting on the settee, Remus lowered his head into his hands and prayed, "Merlin, give me strength."

"What's wrong?"

"Bloody hell!" Remus shouted in surprise, jumping up and edging toward the fireplace. Had she put a silencing charm on her feet? What the hell was wrong with him? Normally, he could smell her before he could hear her. Merlin's balls, he was hot. Perhaps the second cup of punch he had managed to find at the ball had been spiked.

"I'm sorry," Tonks said, her voice low, husky, and insincere, "I didn't mean to startle you."

He barely heard her apology as a visual assessment of her carried the rest of the blood from his brain to his loins. She was beautiful, dressed not in her usual Weird Sisters' shirt and shorts, but dressed in a pink robe that opened just enough for him to glimpse the slight angle of cleavage that had plagued his thoughts.

"I thought you'd gone to bed already," Remus murmured softly, trying to sound nonchalant and turning toward the fireplace. With a handful of Floo powder, he could remove himself from temptation – a temptation that was so enticingly close, just a mere breath away.

"Not without you," Tonks replied seductively as she approached him.

"Excuse me?" his voice cracked as he looked at her.

"Cor," she exclaimed and reached for him. "Aren't you tired of dancing around this?"

"T-This?" His voice was unsteady and unsure as he dodged her attempts to get closer. He was having a dream. No, he was having a nightmare. He would never even allow himself to consider claiming the nymph as his mate. She would never forgive him.

"If I didn't know better, I would say that you're afraid." Tonks stalked him with a predatory gleam in her eyes.

"T-Tonks," Remus stuttered, "Nymphadora." He said her given name out loud, trying to bring her to her senses. "I think your judgment is impaired. Perhaps it's the punch? Maybe it was spiked?

She smiled, her smile only bolstering his resolve that he needed to escape. "I felt this way before the punch," she said. "I've felt this way ever since I met you. I may be a bit tipsy, but my judgment is not impaired."

Tonks withdrew her wand from the cleavage of her breasts and flicked it toward the fireplace. "Accio Floo powder," she said, the bucket of magical dust automatically flying toward her.

Remus made a grab for the bucket as it flew past him. Instead of capturing the bucket, he caught his toe on the rug and stumbled into the young Auror. It was like a bad comedy act, him bumping into her, and her dropping the bucket of magical dust to the floor. Floo powder flew into the air, covering them in soot.

Both coughed and sputtered as they inhaled the powder. Tonks was the first to recover, pressing against Remus and pushing him against the wall.

Her aggressiveness and heady scent enthralled both man and wolf. While Remus could smell the roses and vanilla, the wolf recognized her pheromones. She reeked of sex. Why hadn't he smelled this earlier?

"I was thinking of you," Tonks said as she leaned closer, giving him a clear view of her meager cleavage, and rubbed her cheek against his, "in the shower --"

"Tonks, I –"

The rest of his words were lost as she sealed her lips to his, sweeping her tongue recklessly into his mouth and demanding a response from him.

Gods, why now? Why was she tempting him this close to a full moon? The animal within him bayed and Remus clutched her hips, grinding the evidence of his arousal against her hip. Mating his tongue with hers, he embraced his wolfish tendencies.

Breaking the kiss, Tonks stepped back and pulled the robe apart, revealing pert rose-tipped nipples, subtle womanly curves, and a thatch of brink pink hair at the apex of her thighs – just as he had envisioned earlier that evening at the ball.

The ball! Civilization! Humanity! She's not a bitch! I can't rut on her like some wild animal! Human rationality kicked in and the man battled the wolf for control. Closing his eyes, he froze, giving unintended free rein to his sense of smell. His olfactory nerves went into overdrive, listing the various smells on the air – Floo powder, Tonks, sweat, Tonks, her sweet breath, Tonks.

There was something amiss about her scent – something alluring, something basic and primal that courted the wolf. She was aroused and had already admitted to masturbating in the shower. But there was another smell that lured the wolf to mark her.

Small hands encircled his wrists and pulled his trembling hands up to her chest. Remus stopped breathing as he molded his palms to her breasts. Gods, they are firm! Any blood that had survived the initial shock of the Auror's seduction quickly left his brain and traveled south.

"You've done it too," she murmured with a smile, grinding her ready heat into the wool fabric of his trousers. "I've heard you groaning. I hear you whisper as you wank off. Do you think of me as you get off? Have you ever wondered what it would be like – you and me?"

His hands moved of their own volition, the not-so-subtle seduction of the man nearly complete. Opening his eyes, he plucked her nipples, the wolf leering as he prepared his mate. Pulling back, Remus stared at his handiwork and licked his lips. The fleshy tips called to be tasted and marked with his scent.

With a guttural huff, he dropped to his knees and alternately consumed both fleshy globes as Tonks moaned words of encouragement.

The Fates were indeed cruel deities, offering him this taste of heaven, yet reminding him of what he could not have. He would not rut on her. He would not plant his seed within her womb and dream of fairytale endings…and a future.

He couldn't! The risk was too great. What if he got carried away and hurt her…marking her for all to see?

Yes, times had changed since the fall of Voldemort and the removal of key Ministry officials. But the stigma of lycanthropy remained the same. No one would hire him – even given his status as a war hero and his Order of Merlin, First Class.

He had to stop. This was insane. He had to rein in the baser instincts and leave, no matter how painful it was.

Tonks groaned, her hands twisting painfully in his hair when he tried to pull away and put her robe back in place.

"Stop rationalizing this, Remus," she panted breathlessly, grabbing hold of his hands and shimming out of her robe, "and just give in to it. Mark me. Make me yours."

The wolf within welcomed her invitation. But Remus shuddered. "You don't realize what you're asking," he said, his voice thick with need, his intentions wavering.

Taking his hands in hers, Tonks placed them around her bum and pressed against him.

"Yes, I do," she rasped as she ground her pelvis into his. "I've read all the books. I know what's at stake – the future. A future with you."

Her alluring scent, her willing honesty, his want of her. All of those collided within him, weakening his resolve. With a guttural huff, he turned them around and pinned her against the wall, one of his hands tearing at the crotch of her knickers.

Blindly he dipped his head and nuzzled her feminine mound for a taste, thrusting a finger into her damp channel. Just a taste, he reasoned.

Flicking his tongue across her clitoris, Remus was rewarded with her small whimper and a tiny shudder. Gently, he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, making sure she maintained her balance and opening her folds for his senses. His hands shaking, he spread her folds farther apart and eagerly lapped at the ambrosia within.

She's receptive. Take her now! the wolf begged pitifully.

"Control," whispered Remus as he answered his other side. He was awash in sensation – her taste, her appreciative moans, and the confines of her body around his body.

He continued to lick the jutting evidence of her arousal as he moved his fingers gently in and out of her sex. He could do this. He would stay in control and give her what she had asked of him. The wolf would not gain control of him.

"I—oh---Remussss," Tonks panted the fragmented words of pleasure and Remus could feel the gentle ripple of her fleshy heat gripping his fingers. Nipping and licking his up her body, Remus huffed in frustration. He was so hard. The temptation to drop his trousers and fuck her was overwhelming.

Man and beast took notice when they realized the sensation that would await them if they claimed the witch that was writhing between the wall and his shoulders. Fear coursed through him as Remus fought to control the dominant urge to take her right there. The struggle was a constant one, the wolfish instincts imprinted upon him so long ago. Even with Wolfsbane Potion, the fear that he would attack someone still lingered.

His fear ushered sanity to the front of reason and Remus stopped as he tried to remove his trousers. Leaving them on, he pumped his hips into hers in an effort to punish her, to show her the brutality of his lust.

He only punished himself. Bending over her, he nipped at her shoulder, then pounded against her in a steady, heavy pace. He was lost.

Her dark eyes misted over with desire. "Yes, yes, yes," she chanted as he thrust against her.

Her breathless words fueled his animalistic drive, and Remus acquiesced to the primitive instincts. With wild abandoned, he rutted against her, drowning in the aroma of her femininity. He rubbed his cheek against hers, momentarily breaking the rhythm to tear his shirt off so that he could feel her breasts against his chest. Growling, Remus thrust against her, pushing her higher against the wall.

"Is this what you want?" he asked as he took her lobe between his teeth and nibbled with barely-contained restraint.

The wolf demanded release, the climax that would claim her as his mate, and Remus pounded against her open heat. The man settled for the feel of cloth pressing against the sensitive flesh, hoping against hope he would not harm the delicate frame beneath him.

Remus suckled a spot on her neck, bruising her and making her keen.

"I need you," Tonks whimpered, moving her hips in tandem with his and wrapping a leg around the back of his thigh.

Her admission condemned him and he pumped mindlessly against her, the nature of the beast demanding release. Sealing his lips to hers, he pushed his tongue against hers, mimicking the desire that lured him to her. Groaning, Remus shuddered as he climaxed, quickly grimacing as ejaculate soaked his trousers.

Gods, how embarrassing! Wallowing in the embarrassment of coming in his pants like a schoolboy and having a difficult time catching his breath, Remus didn't notice the small hands undoing his fly and wrapping around his diminished flesh. He shuddered as she touched him, stroking her hands up and down his sensitive shaft.

There was no turning back now. She was his for the taking. Remus broke away from her and staggered a few steps to dispose of his pants.

Once he had managed to free himself of the last vestiges of civility, Tonks dropped to her knees in front of him, dug her fingers into his buttocks, and took him into the blissful warmth of her mouth. He gasped as she tasted him, wanting nothing more than to mindlessly fuck her mouth and mark her with his scent. Her scent was all over him now. He could still taste her on his lips. Remus marveled at the feel and lack of inhibition that she displayed as she inhaled the musky scent of him and licked him clean.

Closing his eyes, Remus fisted his hands in her hair. Just this once, he would allow himself heaven. He could stop, couldn't he? He would refuse her before it went any farther. Her lips closed around one of his sacs, gently suckling the tender flesh as her hand stroked the hardening arousal. With a soft pop, she let go of the flesh she had been nursing and tongued her way to the crown of his shaft.

Gods, he was so close – close to spilling himself down her throat if she let him.

"Stop," he pleaded softly, realizing the need for a true union. The lower animal would not settle for less.

But she paid him no mind and took his entire length into her mouth and brought him to the brink of madness.

"Gods, Nymphadora," he growled, twisting away from her. "Please leave me a shred of dignity."

Turning his back to her, Remus willed himself to calm down. If he realized completion, he would be unable to control his wolfish impulses. He needed to keep her safe. Turning around, he gazed upon her naked beauty. She sat back on her ankles and looked up at him, her full wet lips trembling, her eyes shining with playful lust.

"We can't," he murmured harshly, watching her expression turn from mischievous nymph to sorrowful ghost. She looked down. It was like watching a light go out – a precious light that held the promise of the future amidst its brilliance.

Remus knelt in front of her and grasped her heart-shaped face with trembling hands. Looking into her dark eyes, he whispered what he hoped were consoling words. "We can't. I won't be able to control myself. The full moon is a week away. I won't mark you. I can't. I-I…don't know how. I could hurt you."

The smile that played at her lips did not reach her eyes. "But, I love you. I want you to mark me. I want to be your mate. I accept you – all of you."

"You're too young," Remus countered, his intentions dissolving as she made her declaration. "I've almost a decade on you, and Sirius –"

"Told me that you would argue," Tonks murmured solemnly. "If you're worried about what Sirius would have thought about you and me, don't. We may not have had Sirius around for very long, but he had a lot to bark about while he was here. You aren't old."

Her words shocked Remus into silence. Sirius approved?

Remus shook his head as the internal struggle continued. Flexing his hands upon her shoulders, he shuddered. "You're so delicate," he whispered. "I could hurt you."

Tonks opened her mouth to argue, but he placed a finger on her lips to silence her.

"Please," Remus continued softly, "let me finish."

She nodded her head and bit her lip.

"Do you realize what you're inviting?" He barely recognized his own voice. "You're presenting yourself to the wolf as well as me. What if you decide later that you've made a mistake? Do you realize what you are giving up? The chance for a normal life. If I claimed you…if I marked you, you could never take another lover. Even with the Wolfsbane Potion, I wouldn't be able to control the mating impulses. I'd kill any man who represented competition. Wolves mate for life."

Unable to resist, Remus brushed the pad of his thumb across her lower lip. "You would be a captive too – your life constantly shifting with the various phases of the moon – if you saddled yourself with me."

"Stop it!" Tonks spat, slapping his hand away. "Stop talking about yourself as if you are some sort of burden or monster.

"I've dated," she continued. "But none of them measured up to you. Ever since I met you, I've wanted you. Could I make myself any more obvious? Do you realize how long I've waited for you to make the first move, listening to Sirius tell me that would never happen? I can't wait any longer, Remus. I need you. I love you. If I have to, I'll tie you up and claim you. I'll mark you." With each word, she inched closer to him, nuzzling her lips over his and offering herself to both man and wolf.

He barely heard her words as they swept away the underpinnings of his tenuous resolve.

The animalistic instincts overrode human sanity and Remus jumped up and pulled Tonks to her feet. With a feral growl, he picked her up, slung her over his shoulder, and stormed out of the room and down the hall. He took the stairs two at a time, not paying any mind to Tonks' laughing. He could no longer hear what she was saying, the pounding of lust deafening him. Kicking the door open to the nearest bedroom, Remus inhaled sharply.

Her scent was everywhere. This was her domain – her room. He walked into the room, kicked the door shut behind him, set her down, and strode to her bureau. He rifled through the drawers, tossing unmentionables and other clothing to the floor.

"Uh, what are you doing?"

"Tie me up," he demanded harshly, pulling out scarves and nylons.

"Oh, kinky," Tonks purred, walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around him.

"This isn't funny, Nymph!" Remus growled as he turned in her arms. "I'm so bloody hard. I don't want to hurt you. I'd never forgive myself if -- "

She stood naked in front of him, unabashed and unafraid. "I understand."

Remus grasped her small shoulders and shook her, trying to get her to back down. "Do you? Do you realize what marking entails? Do you want to be ostracized your entire life because you're a werewolf's mate? I'll mark you. I'll take you. I'll fuck you until neither of us can walk. What if I mark you where everyone can see? That's what the wolf wants! He wants all to see. He wants to mark you so no one else will come near you."

Tonks made no reply, her dark eyes flashing in welcome of the challenge before her.

Remus cursed under his breath, damning himself for his weakness. He shoved a mismatched pile of long nylons and scarves at her. "Now tie me up."

Taking his offering in her hands, she tossed them onto the ground. "There's no need. I have a spare wand under my pillow."

Remus looked at her, momentarily baffled.

"Well," Tonks huffed, "I am an Auror."

Remus chuckled and moved toward the bed. "Thank the Gods!"

Crawling onto the bed and laying on the duvet, Remus spread his legs and arms like a sacrificial offering.

Grinning, Tonks reached under the pillow behind his head, and pulled her wand out, gasping when Remus captured one of her nipples with his teeth. She pointed the wand at herself and whispered a contraceptive spell, then pointed it at Remus and murmured, "Incarcerous." Enchanted ropes appeared and did their mistress' bidding, binding Remus to the bed.

By the time she straddled his hips and rubbed her wetness over him, the man was no more. Murky eyes clouded with lust as a familiar dementia robbed him of his soul. The wolf was in control now, struggling against the confines of the ropes, needing to establish his dominance and wanting to subdue his mate. Taking his thickness in her hand, Tonks placed the crown of his weeping sex at the entrance of her channel and sheathed him in her welcome heat.

Remus J. Lupin, the man, ceased to exist as the animal that shared his soul succumbed to instinct. The beast strained against the magical bindings, managing to create enough slack by allowing the man to anchor his feet for movement and thrust recklessly toward gratification. If it weren't for the bindings, the wolf would have taken the dominant role, flipped their joined bodies over, and sank his teeth into his mate's scruff, insuring her cooperation.

As it was, he was content to sate himself within her fertile confines. Hooded eyes watched as the young witch rocked in tandem with his thrusts as she slid her hand between them and pleasured herself. Through hooded eyes, he watched the flush of fulfillment contort her face. He could feel the tremors of her walls around him. With a whimper, his seed erupted from his body. The wolf stilled beneath her, unable to move and unable to assert his dominance and maintain the connection.

Remus opened his eyes, the human side of him briefly appearing. Still excited beyond reason, he watched as his lover collapsed against his chest.

He whimpered as she flexed her muscles around his sensitive shaft. Gods, he could sleep within her welcome confines and never diminish.

Shifting on top of Remus, Tonks kissed his shoulder.

The sensation was too much and the beast struggled to break the magical bindings and mark his mate. Remus rocked his hips into her and pulled against the ropes with renewed vigor. "Mine," he growled with a mean thrust of his hips.

Tonks answered, "Yes...yours" as she pushed against his chest and anchored herself above him. She mewled excitedly as he hammered into her.

A primitive whimper escaped Remus' lips as the wolf continued to struggle.

"Hush," she whispered in an attempt to soothe him. "I'm not going anywhere."

Her words did little to ease the wolf's worry as the scent of sex clung to them. Roses, vanilla, and sex – the smells eased Remus. But the wolf detected something else.

His eyes snapped open, the man within finally recognizing the scent of his alluring lover.

Fertility. Tonks was fertile.

Remus panicked, but was powerless to react. He loved the woman whose quivering depths still pulsed around him. "What have I done?" he muttered quietly.

Tonks giggled and licked his ear lobe. "You've just shagged me rotten. And judging by the feel of things, you're not finished."

"Do you realize you're fertile?" Remus asked remorsefully.

"Yes," Tonks answered knowingly. "But you can relax. The charm I used has never failed me before."

Remus eyed her skeptically, the wolf finally releasing its hold of its host and backing away into the dark recesses of his mind.

"We have nothing to worry about," Tonks assured him and yawned sleepily.

Gods! He was still firmly imbedded in her and she was falling asleep?

"Um, Nymph." He pulled against the ropes, his arms and legs aching. "Could you release me?"

"All right," she murmured sleepily and searched for the wand she'd dropped on the bed. With a swish and a flick, the ropes dissolved, releasing Remus who took little comfort in the cocoon of her body. Taking long deep breaths, he willed himself to calm down, knowing full well there was no way his sex would soften if he remained inside her. Wrapping her in his arms, he rolled them over and her off him.

"Next time," Tonks mewled her disappointment as he pulled out of her, "I get to be the one who's tied up."

Tucking his arm around her waist, he pulled her against him and buried his nose in her hair, feeling her relax. Her breathing evened out and she fell asleep. Remus closed his eyes and breathed in her scent, allowing this moment of weakness and realizing it could never happen again.



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