Disclaimer: Naruto and characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

I Thought I had Lost Everything

She opened her eyes as the sunlight peeked through her window and flooded over the sill, filling her room with brightness.

'...Why even get up today,' she thought as she pulled the covers up over her nose, 'it's not like before...'

Thoughts played past in her head- there was a bridge... a boy with blond hair grinned at her and waved, whilst another stood silently nearby, arms crossed. He only gave her the barest of smiles before he turned and walked away. And then suddenly, the blond-haired boy was gone as well, running as hard as he could after the second.

'Naruto... Sasuke-kun... Why did you both have to leave like that?'

You're only holding me back. I can't gain power in this village... I'm leaving.

I'm going to get stronger, Sakura-chan. And then... we'll bring back Sasuke together. I promise.

Sakura blinked back tears as she stared up at the ceiling. She'd made a promise too- she'd change as well. She'd become a kunoichi Konoha could be proud of. And not just any kunoichi- she'd become one of the greatest medical ninja in the world.

But today... it was just missing something without those two. Having nothing but a promise to get up for was almost sickeningly sad to her. It was... just saddening that she had nobody to get up for.

Granted, there were people- just not anybody she felt wanted to listen to her anymore and hear her worries and fears before telling her they understood- Tsunade was usually more interested in falling asleep at her desk after a bottle of sake and a day of avoiding paperwork.

As for anyone else... Sakura always felt like there was no point: Ino would always turn everything into a contest with her; Hinata would be too polite and shy to get anything useful out of; and she'd hardly even talked to Tenten. She didn't even want to think about the boys. They weren't like her team mates...

In the past she'd have woken up and jumped right out of bed, frantic to get ready so she could greet her Sasuke-kun early on the bridge. Naruto would usually come first though, running up to her with a face too happy for such an early time of day. She didn't admit to anyone else, but it made her smile too.

Her smile would only grow bigger when she finally caught sight of Sasuke, strolling down towards them with his hands in his pockets. He'd give a solemn good morning to Sakura and an almost brotherly sneer at Naruto as the other boy proclaimed this would be the day he'd beat him.

That's what they were like- brothers. Not just team mates; they were like family. She could always count on the both of them. They didn't look it at first, but they knew pain. She knew she could talk to either one of them and the look in their eyes showed that they understood.

Sakura sat up and rubbed her eyes as they became blurred with tears. She wished Naruto was there so he could say he understood how lonely she felt. She wished Sasuke was there so she could just sit next to him and feel safe. She just... wished...

"Hey, Sakura."

She glanced up. A silver-haired jounin waved at her from her windowsill, crouching on the ledge. He blinked as he saw the tears start to fall down her face.

"What's wrong, Sakura?"

He was surprised when she suddenly leapt at him and clamped her arms around him in a hug.

"I... miss them so much..."

The jounin was startled as she started sobbing into his chest. Kakashi gazed down at his young student with a look of sadness before he embraced her closer.

"I know Sakura... I miss them too..."

Sakura let her tears fall on her sensei's vest. She had forgotten... she didn't just have brothers- she had a father too.