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Let's Talk

Kenpachi Zaraki waited until Yachiru Kusajishi had gone to snack. She loved snacking. Her eyes glowed at the prospect and she would skip all the way. She had not snacked fully for a few days, and Zaraki knew that it would keep her occupied for a few hours, especially if there were people to tease.

He needed this time alone. He wanted this time alone. He had planned for this time alone. He went to the place that no one but Yachiru would disturb him, and attempted to carry out his plan.

He then realised his problem: How do you talk to a zanpaku-to?

What do you say? Is the zanpaku-to a living thing that will respond, or is it simply a fancy name for a sword? He didn't believe all that stuff other captains went on about. Zaraki believed in his strength. His strength did not let him down. It had allowed him to escape from the early hell of his life and become a Captain in the Gotei 13. All his division admired his strength. He did not want them to catch him talking to a zanpakuto. His division knew he had no time for strange notions and discouraged his people from indulging in frivolous ideas.

'Why do I want to talk to it anyway? Just because some orange haired guy defeated me and told me to talk to my zanpaku-to. Why would I listen to him? Just because some guy beat me. Just because some human beat me. Me, Kenpachi Zaraki, Captain of the 11th Division. If he can defeat me, maybe some one will challenge me for the Captaincy,' Zaraki thought. He was having trouble believing in his defeat. It didn't scare him. It just made him a little less confident.

'Hey, zanpakuto, are you listening to me? What's your name? Do you have a name? Tell me your name!' Zaraki felt foolish talking to his zanpaku-to, even more foolish than when he talked to it after being defeated by the human. Just as well no one was around to hear him. Like last time, there was no response.

'Listen to me, zanpaku-to. My name is Kenpachi Zaraki. I am a Captain and you are my sword. I have introduced myself. Now, tell me your name.'

No response. Zaraki really did not believe that there would be. Why would a zanpaku-to talk to him if he did not believe it would, or even could? Maybe he could talk to someone who knew the name of their zanpaku-to but he felt that this might be seen as a sign of weakness. He had boasted so many times that he did not need the strength of Zanpaku-to. He was the Captain of 11th Division, the division that loved to fight.

Everything had changed since the arrival of the ryoka. Maybe it was time he changed also.

Author's Note:

This was my first attempt at Fan Fiction.