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Ok, so the big brown eyes were where the obvious similarities ended, but he could feel it. The same damn buttons were getting pushed. He was being made to feel again. To feel human. To remember what that meant. To use his humanity for something other than pulling a con, gathering alien tech or a cheap seduction.

He brought his fingers to his lips as he wondered. Had he forgotten what it meant to be alive? When life stretches out to eternity before you, it was easy to forget. She'd thanked him then. For doing good. The right thing. The thing that helped that girl.

Later he'd warn her not to lose her humanity, like his other colleagues might have. Like he had. This girl, who reminded him so much of another he'd known. One with the same take on everything. The same innocence and wonder in her gaze. Another that followed her heart before her head.

He had forgotten. Been caught up in his anger and hate.

Not anymore.

Because Rose had made him what he was… and Gwen had reminded him what that meant.