This fic is the latest addition to the Kindred Arc.

Mikagami in Manila


"What do you mean you can't get married yet?" Mikagami Tokiya was well known as a man of few words—and even fewer facial expressions. But honest-to-goodness, the person in front of him could drive a statue to a rousing speech.

Stubborn plum eyes glared back at him unflinchingly. "I can't." She crossed her arms defiantly. "You have to meet my family first."

Mikagami almost growled in frustration. "Fuuko, I've me your family already. Years ago! In point of fact, your insane Cousin Miko and your brother both claim to having engineered our romance."

The mulish expression abated somewhat from his fiancée's face, but not by much. "Well,"

Biting back a sigh, "Out with it, Fuu."

"Technically speaking, you met only half of my family."

It finally dawned on Mikagami. "Right. I've only met the Kirisawas. I've yet to meet your mother's side of the family." He mentally shrugged. After having met the Kirisawas, he was sure he was prepared for anything. If Fuuko's mother was anything to go by, that side of the family would be a piece of cake after the Kirisawas.

"You see, Mi-chan, that's the thing," she sighed. "Meeting the Kirisawas are the easy part."

Mikagami raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean, they're the 'easy part?'"

"Let me put it this way," she paused dramatically. "They're the sane side of my family. The Kirisawas have nothing on them. And by nothing, I mean that meeting my mom's side of the family is worse than running away with the circus."

To be continued…

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AN: Guess what I found in my old hard drive? An attempt to write a Filipino fanfiction. I did this way back when announced that they're gonna add a Filipino section. But I really, really cant write in straight Filipino to save my life. So I translated it and decided to mix it up. This fic is dedicated to all Filipino readers out there and for those who aren't, this is meant to be an impromptu tutorial in Filipino culture.