CSI: Las Vegas – Suicide (Prologue)

"… This is all we need!" Grissom mumbled as he walked into his office followed by Catherine and Sara. The Brunette first who headed straight over to take a seat, Catherine after her who shut the door slowly before turning back to her boss. "God damn it...?"

"Gill this is ridiculous" Catherine explained with anger in her voice that was obviously directed at something. Grissom just let it pass – "…he is the suspect in the case who sees to have a fascination with Sara. You letting the Feds lead this?"

The brunette sighed, she understood what standing up against both Catherine and Grissom would do but she couldn't just sit here. "Listen, he killed her… I just have to find out where he's put the body, and I think I can do that if you just send me in there. Give me a shot at this – if not that family that are waiting in the reception will never know"

"Sara…I've seen the way he looks at you" Catherine shot, "What the hell is wrong with you. This is too dangerous." The blond moved from where she'd been lent on the door to stand closer to Sara hoping the brunette would see that this wasn't an option.

"Dangerous… I'll tell you what's dangerous letting this guy free. All I need is a chance at this."

"Let the feds take it…you're CSI … not a god damn cop." Catherine growled.

"Look… I'm not going in to this blind. I've done undercover work before. He thinks that I'm the vics friend. This is perfect." She knew that Catherine would never understand so she looked to Grissom. "Gil, you know my job before this…I can do it!"

"Sara God damns it – your CSI now…not a cop and there's a reason that you quit…"

"Yeah there is… and I don't want to let it happen again. I don't want there to be something that I can do but I'm so caught up I won't do anything. Please…understand."

Catherine looked up to see Gil looking like he was thinking. She didn't understand…what was there to think about? He sank back into his chair and sighed – Sara was just looking at him. Catherine let out a socked breath – "You have got to be kidding me? Your thinking about this…" She shot at Grissom. Turning her back she paced back over to the door – then something hit her. She turned back – "You know what…I'm lead on this case…what I say goes. You're not doing it!"

There was a silence, "Yes…she is!"

Catherine looked to Grissom, her jaw falling slightly – "I don't believe this…"

"I want a briefing set up by the feds" He instructed, seemingly ignoring the blond CSI.

"The Feds are too hot headed to understand what this guys capable of… how can you send her in there after you saw what he can do?"

"She's trained for this…" He explained softly.

"She's trained…" Catherine shook her head, "oh well, if she's trained by all means push her towards the rapist killer…I don't believe you"

Catherine couldn't deal with this she turned and took off out of the office slamming the door behind her. She headed towards her own office unable to keep calm. She barged passed others in the corridor not caring that she was hitting into them. Looking up she saw Greg down the hall. "Greg… everything you have on the case…in my office in five!" She didn't even give him chance to respond just pushed her way into the room that was no bigger that a desks width and slammed it shut.

Grissom looked over to Sara, who was still sat on the chair. "your asking a lot from us Sara… you know how hard this is going to be for us?"

"I know… I wouldn't do it if I… I didn't have to!"

"You don't…" He stood up from his chair and moved taking the spare chair next to her. He reached for her hand – a bold move for anyone to try on Sara Sidle. She wasn't one for emotion and Gil wasn't much good either. "This won't fix what happened to you Sara. You know that right?"

"But I can stop it happening to anyone else. I have to stop it from happening!" She took Grissom's hand, "I'll be fine! Feds will have my back"

He nodded, "So will we…we are in on this to Sara"

"I wouldn't have it any other way!"

With this she stood up, she took off out of the office – thinking momentarily about going to talk to Catherine she then decided against it. They wouldn't talk, they'd fight, and that wasn't good. With a final decision not to do that now she took off towards the break room for much needed coffee.

"Look, she's my CSI… I say what goes. I want in on this operation. My guys need to be in on this or you don't get the go ahead." Grissom demanded as he stood head to head with a table parting the Feds from him.

He thought about it the moment, taking his suit jacket off him placed it on the back of the chair then looked back up to Gil. "Fine…let's talk about this. She what we can come up with"

"We need to talk"

Catherine looked up from the files on her desk – the brunette was stood against the now closed door. "You still doing this?"

"Yeah" Sara mumbled.

"Well we have nothing to talk about…"

"I think we do. Look, don't be my superior, don't be my colleague. Be my girlfriend"

"Your girlfriend… god damn it…why don't you try been mine. Your putting your life on the line out there Sara and for what?"

"Can't you just try and understand?" Sara asked softly. "Please …"

"NO…NO you don't get to ask me to do this. I can't…"

Catherine turned her back looking out of the small window that was behind her desk. "I have to do this."

"NO…they have feds that can do this. There is another way…"

"Not for me there isn't!" Sara explained. She took a step forward – "You don't get it Cath… just trust me!"

"Oh yeah, trust the woman who's about to go off half set into the hands of a murderer. Trust me Sara, and if not trust the god damn file…" Catherine picked it up from her desk and threw the photos at the brunette one by one – "Look at the god damn evidence. You think I want this to happen to you? You think I'm okay with this god damn it. I'll be your girlfriend, I'll be your boss, god damn it I'll be anything you want other than the idiot that says it's okay for you to walk into this!"

Sara just looked to the floor, "Maybe I'm the idiot…maybe he will kill me, maybe I will get hurt doing this but maybe I'll get the evidence needed to convict him. And if there's a chance I can get this guy off the streets, get him locked away or hell get him the needle then I'll do it. If there is a chance I can do that I'll take it because I have to – that's what my job is. You more than anyone should understand…"

"Understand – understand what Sara? You're willing to go out there and die. Do I mean that little to you that you're willing to end what we have over one guy, one case? No…I won't understand, and I won't be able to sit back and watch you go ahead with it." Catherine lent against the wall.

"I'm sorry" Was all that Sara could say. Before anymore could be said her pager went off. She looked down at it and then slowly up to Catherine – their eyes locked and the blond tore hers apart unable to do this. "I got to…"

"Yeah…just go!"

Sara sighed, turning around she rested her hand on the door handle. "Take it your not coming to the briefing?" Catherine didn't respond – she just looked at the back of the woman she loved. Fear filling into her stomach and working its way into her mouth – bitter, un-diluted fear – Sara walked out, with no other words just silence.

"God damn it!" Catherine crawled. Throwing her foot into the chair and kicking it to the floor before she went about picking up all the pictures of the woman's body and what this guy had done. Catherine couldn't help but put Sara's face on them all – and that caused her to let tears roll down her face. Angry, hot tears

"What the hell were you thinking?" He hared the door slam shut before the end of the sentence, slowly he put the folder down and looked up at the blond. He didn't dare say anything. "Not only am I leading in this god damn case and you totally undermined me I am her god damn girlfriend. You think I want her out there with that bastard. She's not thinking straight she's blinded by the case and it was your job to show her that…not send her off on some god damn suicide mission."

"Listen to me Catherine… she would have done this with or without my permission. Do you remember the strip strangler. She has no sense of authority – this way, I'm in on it – I'm apart of the operation and I can watch her back…"

Catherine just shook her head, "no…you listen to me… if she's hurt in any way from this god damn death wish stunt your letting her pull – I'll never forgive you. I'll never let you forget…you hear me?"


"Never!" She warned, not wanting to listen to him she turned and walked away.