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Setsuna on the Case: The Kitsune and the Raccoon

Setsuna focused on the computer screen, which displayed complex data about the Time Gate. 'I'd better see how changing this variable could affect our current time and the future…' Sure, love was now her business, but protecting the flow of time was her priority. 'Looks like the both of them had rough lives… Let's see what happens if we alter this factor.' She clicked in a few keys and watched the seemingly incomprehensible data for errors. 'Looks like no major chronological events will be affected; we're on the case!'

The fashionable woman hit the speaker phone and dialed a very familiar number. "Mina-dear, we have a case ready. Are you busy?" She smiled at her own honeyed tone.

"Nope, Dad's working late and Mom's out "hunting" again, so she'll be out late!" The green-haired woman recognized the giddiness in her fiancée's voice that happened when she about to intervene in someone else's romantic lives. "So where are we going to meet?"

"Here at your future home," Setsuna replied, smiling at the enthusiasm in her fiancée's voice. "We're taking a long-distance trip, back over a hundred years."

"Wow! That's cool! So where, I mean, when are we going? What are we going to do?" Minako was bubbling over.

The Time Senshi chuckled. "You'll see when we get there."


Minako knocked on the door to her fiancée's room thirty minutes later. "Hey, I'm here…" She trailed off as she noticed how the love of her life was dressed. She was decked out in a decorative silk kimono that took her breath away. "You look like a billion yen, Sets."

"That's the idea, Mina. I also prepared some clothes for you as well." She smiled slightly as the blonde gave her an odd look upon receiving a hakama and haori. "You're going to be playing the part of loyal bodyguard." Garnet eyes shimmered, mischievously.


(The Kamiya Kasshin dojo)

Kaoru went through her katas, carefully measuring her strikes and strides. Her confidence in herself had taken blow after blow lately and she wanted to prove to herself that she was still strong. Sweat began to run down past the bandages that held her modest bust in check. Then, the door opened. 'And there's another source of trouble.'

The gorgeous woman who opened the door was everything she was not: elegant, graceful, feminine, and, most importantly, a good cook. Megumi Tekani was the source of a lot of frustration for Kaoru. She constantly teased everyone she was in contact with, but, in particular, enjoyed focusing on the female martial artist.

In general, the kitsune was a thorn in her paw. Sometimes, the teasing almost felt like flirting, especially when she tended her wounds or illnesses. She always seemed to be genuinely concerned and very gentle. The swordswoman felt her face heat up from her train of thoughts as a funny feeling went through her stomach.

"Do I always have that effect on you, Kaoru?" The kitsune said in a sultry tone. The healer figured that she should be in place for whatever was going to happen today. She had been secretly pining over the cute martial artist for many months when she found a strange card on the doorstep of the clinic.

Megumi had returned from checking up on an elderly man when she found a white card with the name and address of a woman who promised "to make impossible love happen." Somehow managing to come up with a surprising amount of faith, she wrote a letter to the woman expressing her difficult situation with the younger woman.

She had received a reply the next day saying that help would be coming today and said that she should be with the one she loved before "they" arrived. Megumi fought her excitement, knowing that there was help for her cowardly heart.

Coming out of her revelry, she began to notice that Kaoru was squirming under her gaze. The poor girl was naïve in the ways of love, almost as much as she was. 'At least, I can recognize my feelings for her.' She was angry at herself for being too scared at taking the next step. She was used to being pursued by evil men, when what she really wanted this nice, but passionate girl to call her own.

Deciding to take pity on the poor girl, she decided to seat herself demurely on the sidelines. "Go ahead and continue your practice, Kaoru." Then, a thought struck her. 'She does look so yummy when she's all hot and sweaty, but she'd probably enjoy something nice to drink.'

Kaoru watched the kitsune exit the dojo, dejectedly. 'Why am I sad to see her go?' She tried to focus on her katas, but felt joy when the doors opened again.

She was surprised to see a tall beautiful woman with long dark green hair enter with a pretty blonde bodyguard. By the look of her kimono, she appeared to be very wealthy. Her bodyguard seemed to have the natural commanding presence and confidence of an experienced warrior, even though she appeared to be just a young woman.

"I've come to see Megumi Takani; I was informed that she could be found here," The taller woman spoke in a commanding voice.

Kaoru immediately became defensive, recognizing that tone. "What do you want with her?" She gripped the bokken in her hands tightly, ready to strike. The blonde bodyguard didn't move, but seemed ready to spring into action.

"What's wrong, Kaoru?" Megumi said, entering with a tray of tea. She noticed the newcomers with interest. "Hello, are you here for Mr. Himura?"

"No, I am looking for the famed doctor, Megumi Takani. From all the descriptions I've heard, you must be her." The elegant woman said, scanning her from head to toe. There was an odd twinkle of humor in the bodyguard's eye.

"How may I help you? I usually prefer to treat my patients at the clinic." Megumi said, testing the waters. She wanted to see if this was the help that she had requested or just the usual crazy stalker.

"Actually, I've come to you with a proposal in mind." The tall woman bowed slightly. "I'm Setsuna Meioh and I have come for your hand in marriage."

The blonde beside her nearly fell over in surprise. Megumi blushed darkly, recognizing the name from the card. "Now wait a minute… You want to marry me? But that isn't possible!" She threw a glance to a shell shocked Kaoru. 'What kind of plan is this?'

"Why not? You're a very beautiful and intelligent woman; I think we'd make a wonderful match," she said with a charming smile.

"And if I refuse?" Megumi started to see where this 'plot' was heading.

"I've brought along my bodyguard for just that reason. I'm very wealthy and wield a lot of political influence, so it wouldn't take much to make you mine." Setsuna laughed haughtily. Minako, who had finally gotten over her surprise, was really starting to enjoy seeing Setsuna act the villain. "Or are you currently engaged to someone else?" She emphasized with a raised eyebrow.

Megumi blushed, knowing the answer that she was being directed towards. She knelt gracefully besides Kaoru, whose legs had seemed to lose their strength, and offered her a cup of tea, attempting to gather her courage. Kaoru thanked her for the tea before taking a cautious sip, still not letting her guard down.

Megumi knew she couldn't delay any longer. "I've fallen in love with this woman, the proud heir of the Kamiya Kasshin style of swordsmanship." Kaoru let her mouthful of tea spray out of her mouth and nearly fell over in absolute shock.

"You could have an equally beautiful, but wealthy woman like me and you choose a dirty little tomboy to fall in love with?" Setsuna asked in astonishment and disgust.

Megumi's face became cold as ice. "She's just as beautiful as you are! And she's kind-hearted and brave and a thousand other wonderful things! How dare you degrade her!" Kaoru blushed as Megumi defended her. Her heart fluttered at the warmth of the feelings that the other woman was expressing.

Then, the green-haired woman's face became calm and calculating. "Fine then, I propose a challenge. My bodyguard shall challenge your swordswoman for the right to your hand in marriage! I win, you come with me and become my bride; I lose, and we'll leave."

Kaoru gave Megumi a worried look. "Shouldn't we let Kenshin challenge her? I'm not the best available to defend you."

"Nonsense, my love," Megumi blushed at her own words, trying to tell herself it was just for show, but enjoying it deeply as well. "I have every bit of confidence that you shall win… for me." She gave the swordswoman a heated glance, trying to ooze sincerity.

Kaoru felt pride swell within her, as she laid a reassuring hand on the doctor's, before facing the two intruders. "I accept; I will fight for her. When and where?"

Setsuna pondered for a couple of seconds and exchanged looks with her blonde companion. "Here, tomorrow at noon. Agreed?"

Kaoru nodded and the two women left. She felt the tension in the room relax, at least until she felt familiar arms wind around her from behind. "My hero," Megumi purred into the young woman's ear.

The swordswoman blushed and tried to shrug her off. "Stop teasing me."

Megumi turned her around and looked her straight in the eye. "I'm not. With amazingly talented warriors surrounding us daily, you always manage to feel outclassed. I want you to know that I believe in you. You're a strong, loyal woman, who makes me feel safe, just by being around you." She paused. "Now, would you like some more tea, dear?"

Kaoru blushed and nodded, absorbing this new side of Megumi.


Minako laughed as the two time travelers walked down the streets of historical Tokyo. "I never imagined that you would be playing the villain, Sets! You are an amazing actor!"

Setsuna wove her arm into Minako's as she advanced carefully in her wooden sandals. "Thank you, sweetie, I was really inspired to bring these two together. I figured it would be the best way to give them an opportunity to show each other how they felt. Kaoru did not have very many chances to be the heroine in her own life, so her confidence is practically non-existent. I think once she fights for Megumi, she will truly understand the depth of her own feelings."

"That sounds wonderful! So when am I going to take the belly flop?" Minako asked, conspiratorially.

"You're not going to 'take a dive,' Mina," Pluto said as she tapped the girl cutely on the nose. "You'd better be ready to throw all your skill into it. Few only knew how dangerous a Kamiya Kasshin user can be when protecting the one they love, even if she doesn't know it yet." She let out a graceful laugh. "She's an experienced warrior, so she'll know if you're not giving it your all."

Minako nodded in full understanding. "I won't underestimate her. I won't let my training go to waste." For the past few years, Minako had been training in the use of swords with Haruka, wanting to regain some of her past skill. The sandy blonde had been frequently surprised by her aptitude with a blade. "But for now, how about we forget the duel for now and go see the sights?"

Setsuna smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "I would love to."


Kaoru blinked in surprise at the formidable meal set before her. Megumi had pulled out all the stops in quality, if not quantity. In fact, the woman had been almost acting as if Kaoru and her were married, being excessively affectionate and outright flirtatious. The three men that usually dined with them were hunting pirates for the government. 'Leaving us alone all night…and more after that...'

The most trying situation was the bath she took not long after the two women left. Megumi had insisted on sharing it with her and washing her back. Kaoru had shyly returned the favor, relishing the feel of the silk-like skin under her callused hands. The woman had made every attempt to show off her beauty without being demeaning towards the other woman, even complimenting her rough hands as "gentle." The most embarrassing part was sharing the tub with the taller woman. Megumi had quickly pulled Kaoru against her in a tight embrace, which quickly became comfortable.

Kaoru had then insisted that Megumi stay at the dojo in case the dubious pair of women tried something underhanded. 'For some reason, I don't feel that they would try anything like that.' She suddenly realized that she had used it as an excuse to get the doctor to spend more time with her.

As she ate, she cautiously looked up from her meal and noticed that Megumi's eyes were focused on her, smiling softly. 'As if she were in love…' Steam threatened to poor from her ears. 'Would it be that bad, if she were in love with me? She's the most beautiful woman in all of Japan and her teasing doesn't really bother me anymore, considering it might actually be flirting.' She shivered at some of the delicious food she was eating. 'I have to say that she is truly worth fighting for.' Her determination set, she dined until satisfied.


Later that night, Setsuna and Minako traveled back to their own time for a good rest.

For Kaoru, sleep was difficult, as Megumi had decided that it was too cold to sleep in her own bed. The doctor decided that sharing body heat was an excellent solution. Apparently, Kaoru was a good source of heat.


The next morning was an extremely pleasant wake up for Kaoru. The lovely doctor was snuggled up to her and sleeping peacefully with head resting on Kaoru's shoulder. 'Is it even possible for her to look more beautiful?'

Anxiety began to creep on her, realizing that she would be in a duel in a few hours, defending this woman's freedom on her own. No Kenshin or Sano to bail her out or Yahiko to call her manly or flat-chested; only her and Megumi.


Noon came too soon for Kaoru's nerves. The door to the dojo slid open and issued in the confident green-haired woman and her eager bodyguard.

"Is your warrior prepared?" Setsuna asked the doctor.

Megumi squeezed Kaoru's hand and gave her a questioning look. The swordswoman nodded and squeezed back. She looked back to the kimono clad lady and replied: "Yes, she is."

Kaoru went to the wall of the dojo and selected a pair of wooden swords. She gave them both a test swing and tossed one to the bodyguard who caught it with ease. The two non-combatants stepped back to opposing sides of the dojo floor.

Kaoru looked to the bodyguard and gave a grim smile. "I'm Kaoru Kamiya, heir to the Kamiya Kasshin style of swordsmanship."

The blonde smiled, recognizing the honored tradition of calling out names. "I am Minako Aino of the Venus Love-Me style!" Her serious demeanor dropped long enough to deliver her patented pose before reverting back a more battle-hardened appearance.

Kaoru was immediately confused, not recognizing the style (or the pose), yet knew better than to let her guard down. They both took of their stances as they were ready to start the battle.

Minako decided, since her party was the aggressor, to take the first swing. Actually, it was more of a thrust. Kaoru used her sword to re-direct the thrust out to the side, before countering. The blonde dodged back before launching a counter of her own.

The swings became faster and their clashes splintered the hardened swords. Kaoru felt sweat dripping down past her bandages. 'She has such an informal, irregular style, but that makes her unpredictable.'

Minako was starting to feel the strain in her own non-senshi form. 'She has defenses like a state prison!' Minako managed to clip the swordswoman's side with a thrust. The flinch gave her the opening to launch a finishing overhead strike. 'Gotcha!' The blonde had forgotten the stakes of the match, letting her competitive nature show up.

However, it was unlucky that Minako was not familiar with the Kasshin style's greatest defensive move, Hadome. Kaoru's hands shot up and caught the sword with the back of her hands. Then, she delivered the follow up counter, Hawatari, which sent the wooden sword flying out of Minako's hands. Kaoru shot forward and struck.

Minako felt the blow, more than saw it. She felt a sharp pain in her right shoulder and the strength left her legs. She dropped down.

Kaoru stood over her in a threatening stance. "Do you yield?"

Minako was about to nod when there was the rapid ringing of a bell. Everyone's attention left the match and their senses focused.

The group rushed outside to see a pillar of smoke rising into the sky. Kaoru's heart sank as she noticed the location of the fire. "That's Mr. Toshi's house! He's got two children and he's not at home!" She gave a fleeting glance towards Megumi before running off.

Megumi gave the women a worried look. "Isn't there any way you can help her? I've waited so long for my chance to be with her that I can't lose her to a house fire!"

Minako nodded. "Sets, you stay here with her and contact Ami and Makoto." She pulled out her henshin pen. "Venus Power Makeup!" Gone was the samurai bodyguard; in her place was the incorrigible and courageous Sailor Venus. The blonde heroine rushed off after the swordswoman.

Setsuna spared a glance at Megumi as Sailor Venus bounded off with the agility of a ninja. It was pure amazement.

The green-haired woman would have laughed at the expression, but restrained herself due to the seriousness of the situation. Her communicator was searching for Ami and Mako, who had tagged along for just this reason.


Ami blushed again as she reflexively tipped her hat to some passing ladies. They giggled and replied with their most charming smiles.

When Setsuna had asked them to go back to the past with them, intellectually curious Ami had immediately accepted with Makoto doing likewise shortly. The fashion designer Senshi assured them that the period costumes she had acquired were mended to the sizes.

'Setsuna must be teasing me.' Ami was dressed in an Englishman's clothing, complete with bowler's hat and medical kit. 'Dr. Mizuno, I presume.' She quipped to herself.

However, it wasn't a Watson-and-Holmes theme that she and her girlfriend were paired as. Mako had been gifted with a lovely emerald Victorian dress and matching parasol. Strolling arm-in-arm, they appeared to be a pair of English tourists.

Makoto smiled at the attention they were garnering. 'It's very clear that Ami's not a guy.' She decided to add fuel to the fire. She leaned over and kissed her girlfriend's cheek lovingly. The blue-haired girl was still not used to public displays of affection (except for the Senshi).

Before she could get flustered for too long, her communicator began to chime. The disguised pair ducked into an alleyway as Ami removed the device from her coat pocket.

Setsuna's face appeared on the screen. "Things didn't exactly go as planned post-game. Our client's new girlfriend won, but then decided to play fireman. Venus is in pursuit."

"Should we transform and converge on the location?" Jupiter asked.

"No, I think Mina can handle the assist, but we might need your med kit, Ami. You should be able to locate the scene of the fire from just about anywhere in Tokyo."

"All right, Ami and Makoto out." Ami replied. Mako hiked up her skirts as the couple dashed towards the fire.


Megumi and Setsuna waited anxiously outside the burning building, holding on to Toshi's wife. Both doctor and time guardian were starting to get worried, when the singed martial artist kicked down a screen on the side of the house, a small girl cowered in her arms. She brought the coughing girl to Megumi, insisting that she inspect her first. Kaoru knelt down and coughed.

"Where's my bodyguard?" Setsuna asked, instinctively keeping up the act.

Kaoru took a deep breath. "I don't know, but some blonde in a strange costume went upstairs to rescue Mr. Toshi's son."

There was a crash as Sailor Venus burst through the second story building's wall in a hail of splinters. She landed gracefully, holding a little boy. The mother thanked both heroines vigorously as the gathered crowd murmured excitedly. Megumi had a small smile as she examined the boy.

It soon became apparent that the crowd's topic shifted from the daring rescue to the second heroine's exotic appearance. Setsuna tried to subtly hint with a head gesture that Minako should leave and change. Minako, who apparently mistook the gesture, dropped the singed lock of hair that she was toying with and gave her patented Sailor V salute to the crowd. Setsuna rolled her eyes, knowing that subtle did not always work for the love of her life, used a shoo-ing gesture. A look of comprehension shone into her blue eyes and she waved to the crowd before running off.

She returned a couple of minutes later with a relieved Ami and Makoto. The blue-haired genius went into doctor mode, removing burn ointment and bandages.

Megumi was quickly impressed with the newcomer's healing skills. She helped diagnosed both children with mild smoke inhalation and recommended fresh air.

Her keen eyes observed Kaoru for a few seconds before yanking up a sleeve to reveal a burn on her arm. Megumi gasped. Ami wisely handed the burn ointment over to the doctor/girlfriend, helping the couple in her own way.

Kaoru winced at the cool sensation of the gel. The elegant doctor gave the blue-haired young woman a strange look. "I've never seen a medicine like this before."

Ami became anxious. "It's foreign medicine."

"I've studied foreign medicine."

"Um…" Ami began to sweat, wondering what kind of satisfactory answer she could give to get out of this situation.

Setsuna stepped in and whispered in Megumi's ear. "It's better not to ask, okay?"

Megumi decided that she was too grateful to be suspicious. "I owe you too much to be rude. I can't thank you enough."

Kaoru was confused. "You're thanking her for trying to swindle you into marriage? You're just lucky that I was around to…" Pieces started to fall into place. 'Megumi arrives, mysterious pair shows up when Kenshin, Sano and Yahiko are gone… I vow to protect her … she starts acting really affectionate…' She blushed arriving at the answer. "But why did you need their help?"

Megumi diverted her eyes from the cute martial artists' gaze. "I was too scared to confess on my own; I wanted to show you how I felt and see if you would fight for me. I know it wasn't the best way…"

Kaoru cut her off. "Anytime, anywhere, Megumi Takani." Then, she leaned forward and kissed her.

Megumi blushed as she pulled away. Kaoru celebrated her slight bit of revenge for all the teasing she had received as a thought crossed the doctor's mind. 'She can be so straight forward, definitely not the little girl I used to know.' She decided to take back the control of the reins. She changed her tone to "innocent maiden." "We can't do that now; I still need to apply your bandages." Her voice dropped to a purr. "Then, I can… examine the rest of you."

Both Kaoru and Ami blushed. Makoto laughed as she nudged Ami. "I recognize that line! I guess you're not the only healer who likes to play doctor."

Minako somehow managed to convince Megumi to give her a high-five, even if it confused her immensely.

The doctor turned to Setsuna. "What do I owe you for your help? I know that hit of Kaoru's had to hurt your…"

"She's my fiancée, and she'll be fine. Let's just say that she's taken worse hits in the past." Minako flex behind the woman, before wincing slightly. "You don't owe us anything; we just want the two of you to enjoy the rest of your lives together."

Kaoru wrapped her uninjured arm around the doctor. "Thank you for everything. If you ever need our help…"

Minako replied. "We'll call… um, come to see you!" She covered up anxiously. The group of disguised Senshi felt that it would be a good time to leave.

Megumi snuggled up to Kaoru and noticed the burn ointment still in her hand. 'Hmmm… I wonder what this is made of?' She noticed Kaoru pouting at her. "Don't worry about it, I was just curious." She surprised the swordswoman by sweeping her off her feet and carrying her back to the dojo.


3 men eagerly made their way down the street towards the Kamiya dojo. They were surprised to see that they weren't greeted at the gate upon their return. Yahiko rushed forward, planning to start an argument with his sensei, finding his companions too laid back. Kenshin and Sanosuke shared a look of confusion before shrugging. Sano's stomach growled. "I sure hope that it's Megumi's turn to cook. I'd like something edible."

"There's nothing wrong with Ms. Kaoru's food." Kenshin replied weakly.

"Sure." Sano replied with a crooked grin. They turned the corner and noticed Yahiko frozen in shock. "What's wrong kid?"

The pair of men looked into the opened screen. Inside, Megumi was feeding Kaoru (reclining on her lap) with chopsticks and murmuring lovey-dovey phrases, managing to ignore the newcomers.

Sano was the first to speak. "What the hell happened while we were gone?"

Kaoru managed to reply: "Nothing at all," before she pulled the doctor down into a kiss.


Setsuna smiled while she typed up the case report. 'The only side effect from this mission was that the Kamiya Kasshin style did not fade into the background of history. Kaoru and Megumi lived together for many years, passing the school on to her apprentice and adopted daughter. The school has many female students and has trained many police officers.'

She decided to end it there because it was difficult to think with an impromptu celebration going on behind her. Mako, Ami and Mina were dancing to some J-pop band. The music was loud enough that it drew Hotaru and Chibi-Usa from Saturn's room.

Minako, not far from being family, grabbed Hotaru and started dancing with her. Chibi-Usa smiled and asked: "Can I cut in?"

"Sure." Minako answered, with an exaggerated bow. She had a crazy grin as she let go of her future daughter-in-law. She sighed happily as a pair of arms wrapped around her from behind.

Setsuna leaned in and asked: "So what's with the grin?"

"Hotaru has her first hickey." She laughed as she watched the unaware girl dance happily. Ami and Makoto shared a smile.


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