Here is another new story, She's Out To Get Me.

Summary: When to new kids come to school, it is instantly obvious that they are a couple. The both seem shifty. Matt, the new boy, tries to become friends with Danny. But while he does, he is haunting Danny, in his dreams! Yet, while Danny is awake, Lilly haunts him. There's more to this couple than meets the eye as Danny soon finds out. But how do you stop a crazed fan girl?

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Danny, Sam and Tucker walked through the halls of Capser High, hoping today would be anything less than dull. As they walked, they spotted the new kids. It was obvious they were a couple. Walking hand in hand down the halls. Sam smiled. It remined her of how she and Danny were a couple. She reached over and grabed Danny's hand. The couple walked up to them, stopping right as they got to them. "Hey, do you know where math class is?" The girl asked them.

"Sure, I can show you there." Tucker offered.

"Thanks uh...

"Tucker, and you are..."

"Lilly, and this is Matt."

"Okay, nice to meet you, this way to math class." Tucker led them onto the math room. Danny sighed and headed to his next class, Science. Sam followed him. He sat down in the class, wishing it to be over, even though it just started. Sam sat down beside him. She placed a reasuring hand on him. He turned to her and smiled at her. At least there were some things nice about the day.

Before long, lunch came. Sam had to stop by the restroom, and Danny hadn't caught up with them yet, so Danny walked in alone. "Hey!" Or not. Danny turned around to see Lilly standing there. Matt was close behind him. "Hey...uh, what's your name?"


"Oh, right. You were that kid I saw earlier when...uh, Tucker, led us to class."

"That was me." He almost heared her squeal. He didn't understand what she was so excited about.

"So do you know about that ghost boy?"

"Yeah, I do."

This time she did squeal. "He's my favorite! Do you think you could have him meet me?"

"Uh, I guess so." She squealed again. "Thanks!" She and Matt ran off and got in line.

"What was that about?" Tucker asked as he walked up to him, Sam close behind.

"She wanted to meet Phantom." Danny smirked.

"Well, is she?" Sam asked.

"Why not? I figure if I've got a fan, I might as well meet them, right." They noded, then got in line.


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