Last chapter: "Danny, do you think you could set up Phantom to meet me after school?"

"Um, maybe, but why? And what about Matt?"

"He's gotta be with his parents, so I won't be missed. And I've got questions for him."

"I'll see." She squealed as she ran off.


"Sam, I gotta find a way out of this 'meeting'." Danny told Sam after he found the table she was sitting at for lunch. Sam glanced up from her salad.

"Well, she seems to have a crush on Phantom, so what if Phantom was 'taken'." Sam suggested. Tucker glanced up from his stack of meat lunch.

"Except she knows Sam and Danny are dating, so Sam can't pretend to be Phantom's girlfriend." Danny sighed as he thought over what Tucker said. Sam seemed deep in thought.

"Well, it may be a bit odd, but, what if Phantom was 'dating' Tucker?" Sam suggested. Tucker dropped his hamburger in shock.

"What! No way! I dig girls!" Tucker objected. "Why can't Danny date himself?"

"Woah, woah, woah, Tucker, why would I do that?" Danny questioned. Tucker thought for a second.

"Well, aren't many guys cheaters?"

"But I'm not." Danny quickly said.

"Yes, but does she really need to know that much. I mean, if she thought you were going out with your ghost half it would stop her obsession with you, since she really wouldn't have a chance with you. And Sam could always pretend to be upset by the realization." Danny thought about what Tucker said.

"Well I think Tucker has a point Danny. Who knows how long she really will be around right? We only see her at school after all." Sam added as she took another bite of her lunch.

"I guess I could separate myself for a while and pull this off. I hate to disappoint fan, but, her boyfriend scares me." The trio continued to talk and refine the plan until Danny felt he was ready to fool an unwanted fan.