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Pairing: L x Light

Part: Prologue

A.N: I am not sure why I decided to write a multiple part, but I guess sometimes 1-shot fiction can leave the author very unfulfilling. Also, none of my works have/will be proofread, mainly because writing is NOT my strong point and proofreading will take up too much of my time. Whether you believe it or not, I am a fairly busy person with school and work and writing fiction is just a side hobby so if you really find my writing that unbearable then I apologized.

4 days 8 hours 12 minutes

"If you stay, I will stay too."

At that time Light thought L was trying to set a trap, but then Light saw L's eyes, the eyes that told Light that L was being completely serious.

L had gone insane. Completely and utterly insane because what the statement had come out with no rationalization behind it. Truth is, L, himself was surprised by his own proposal.

In a rare event while still being handcuffed to Light, they were trapped in an abandoned garage.

For once, they are both free from responsible.

For once, they are both free to be themselves.

Free to love?

Free to feel?

"umm, Light-kun, what I meant to say was ….."

L was trying to rephrase his statement a few moments ago but he was bluntly cut off by Light at the sudden reply.

Looking at his watch, "4 days later, the media wanted a public statement from L requiring the Kira case, so starting now; we have 4 days 8 hours and 12 minutes to be whoever we want."

No sound was uttered.

For a brief moment, L wasn't sure if Light was being serious, but in the following second, he was certain, Light had never been more serious in his life before. Light was serious. The eyes said it all, there was a lively vibe coming off Light's eyes and it is luring L to a land of unknown.

Hidden desires are begging to be explored.

Slowly, L curved up his lip and a smile appeared.

"Light-kun, lets go to my house."

Sorry, society, hunting down Kira will have to wait because I don't want to waste any of my 4 days 8 hours and 12 minutes with Light.

L's house wasn't really big which came off as a surprised to Light because he imagined L's house would be fairly expensive looking since L is always living in some fancy hotel day after day and even have his own personal driver.

Yet, the house seemed perfect in Light's eyes, yes; the house that will shelter them from society from the time being is just simply perfect. They can finally be distracted from the crazy society and the chaotic media.

"Light-kun, you can put your lugged down here. There is only one bedroom because I never expected anyone to step a foot here but don't worry the bed is big enough for both of us to sleep comfortably."

"That is fine."

L watched as Light watch slowly into the bedroom, his bedroom, the one place that no other human being had stepped a foot in. In sheer amusement, L saw Light lie down on the bed and closes his eyes.

Hah. L can't believe Light just lie down on HIS bed, not moving and just simply resting and ignoring him. Still, it is better that he is relaxed than worry.

Suddenly, L seemed to recall something. He went to the living room and pulled off the phone plug and put away his laptop.

Light, it is going be just the two of us for the time being. I promised you no outside distraction.


I will continue on my next day off.