The Ninja-ko and the Tai-Chi Master

(note: a ninja-ko is a female ninja, just for those of you who don't know)

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Violet Phoenix Rising


Dojo zigzagged around the swarms of cone-like Chinese mountains with a speed bordering 60 mph. The four Xiaolin warriors were hunched together tightly on his back and held on to one another to keep from flying off. As the mighty dragon circled around one last mountain, the monks screamed with fright.

"WHOA-AAH! Dojo, could you please slow down?" Raimundo said, covering his mouth, "I can feel my lunch backing up on me!"

"Ditto that!" shouted Kimiko above the roar of the wind. She was wearing a sea-green kimono top and a white miniskirt with knee-high leather boots. Her hair was partly up in a bun and the rest of it was down.

"Sorry kids, can't be helped," came the annoyed reply from Dojo as he picked up even more speed. "Considering we got a late start this morning and the Hikage's letter said to be there by high noon!"

Omi had to practically scream to make himself heard. "So we had to pick down the eagle scope last night -- only to find that it was not there-- and then rush back to do some late night training yesterday! That is still a pitiful excuse for such reckless flying!"

"Hey look!" Kimiko shouted, pointing to the right. It was definitely a good idea to change the subject before a fight broke out. "There's the Korean Peninsula!" (Yes, they're that far up. Pretty much touching the clouds.)

"And up ahead and to the Northeast, Hokkaido, the northern most island of Japan," Dojo finished as a sliver of white and forest green rose out of the deep blue of the ocean.

Clay spoke up as soon as he too had recovered from Dojo's speed. "Speaking of which, dojo, what are we doin' goin' to Japan anyway?"

"Did you forget already?" Raimundo asked sarcastically, turning around to see Clay.

Clay shrugged passively. "I got a lot on my mind without keeping up with this kind of thing any way."


"We have received the honor of being chosen to be educated by the elite ninjas of Hokkaido," Omi's eyes grew large and sparkly at the thought. "I can't wait to become a Chunin!"

"We'll work out the details when we get there-ERE-ERE-ERE!" Dojo's whole body shook violently and twisted into corkscrews and somersaults before finally recovering. "Sheng Gong Wu alert! And it's a hot one!"

Kimiko pulled out the sacred scroll from her backpack and said, "It's called... the Phoenix Heart?"

The figure on the scroll held up above it's head an object similar to the pendant belonging to Arwen from LOTR, only it had flaming outstretched wings. Flames surrounded the figure completely as it put on the necklace.

"The Phoenix Heart is what you call a "specialty Wu", a Sheng Gong Wu that goes with certain traits. Like the Sword of the Storm is for Wind powers, for example," Dojo explained. "The Phoenix Heart works with powers of fire and helps to develop control over them. Oh, and there's one other detail you should know--"

"What else is there to tell?" Raimundo cut in sarcastically. "Only Kimiko will be able to actually use it!"

"That's the detail. Only females are able to use it!"

"WHAT!" Omi shrieked. "That is most unfair!"

"Where's the Wu, Dodge?" Clay asked.

Dojo spiraled down into a dense coniferous forest. A trodden path lay ahead of them.

"Luckily, it's here on Hokkaido," Dojo said, changing into his smaller form. "Maybe we'll find it on the way."

Clay picked up Dojo and wrapped him around his neck and off they went. About 30 minutes later, the trees parted into a small clearing. The monks gasped at the sight of a massive red torii gate that stood before them. Though its paint faded and chipping off, the gate emanated a sense of dignity and purpose -- as if to remind all those who looked at it of the power and pride that comes from tradition.

Raimundo scoffed. "This is it? Come on, I at least expected to see a guard somewhere!"

"Well, you gotta think about it Rai," Clay said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "The ninjas probably wouldn't want to draw a lot of attention to this place. This is a private area after all."

Kimiko crossed her arms. "Yeah. Wouldn't want anyone to find them and steal their secrets or anything.

Omi cautiously approached the torii. "So do we pass through it? The gate, I mean?" he asked, pointing towards the gate.

"You know, I'm not sure," Dojo said.

"What do you mean?" Kimiko asked.

"I think that there's supposed to be a protective spell surrounding this whole area."

Every one of the monks sighed exasperatedly. "Great," Raimundo groaned, "What kind of spell?"

Before Dojo could answer, a young boy about seven years old and about half a head taller than Omi jumped out of a nearby tree and landed twenty feet from the monks. He was clad in an outfit similar to that of Sasuke's (Naruto), only his was a rich burgundy color where Sasuke's is blue. The boy's hairstyle was exactly like Raimundo's except for the color, which was so dark a black that it shone dark blue in the sunlight. He constantly kept his left hand on his kunai pouch and wore a cross expression.

"Hold it right there!" the boy shouted. "Who are you and what is your business here?"

The monks looked at each other, confused. Omi stepped forth and said, "We are the Xiaolin monks that were summoned here by this villiage's Hikage. We are here to be educated."

The boy's onyx eyes narrowed suspiciously. "That so? You were do here over an hour ago, if you lot truly are the monks."

"We got a late start this morning," Clay said, tipping his hat slightly. "Sorry."

The boy drew a kunai from his patch and pointed it at the monks. "A likely story!" he shouted. "I don't believe you at all! Now talk! How did you know about the spell? Better yet, how did you come to know about this village?"

"Easy there, pardner," Clay said calmly. "Somebody's gonna get hurt if you go and throw that."

"Master Fung made arrangements with the Hikage a week ago," Kimiko explained.

Dojo pulled out a small scroll with shaky hands. "We got a letter from the Hikage, see? He told us to come, and Master Fung warned me about the spell."

The monks recoiled nervously as a kunai landed a few inches from their feet.

"A letter can easily be forged!" The boy paused to take another kunai from his pouch. "Now tell me who--!" He suddenly fell silent and craned his neck up towards the sky on the monks' right, listening intently. About two seconds later, they heard it too: the sound of propellers. All four of them frowned. Jack Spicer had arrived.

"So we meet again, Xiaolin Has-beens!" he sneered, his hands on his hips and an army of jack bots behind him. "I, Jack Spicer, evil boy-genius, will now take the Sheng Gong Wu and be victorious...!" he paused to look around. "... As soon as I find it."

Wuya zoomed in behind him. "It's here somewhere, I know it!" she said, looking around.

"Who the heck are you supposed to be?" the boy asked, a little annoyed to have so many strangers around at the same time.

"He is Jack Spicer, our enemy. And yours," Omi explained.

Raimundo blew a raspberry. "I don't know about enemy. Mainly he's just annoying. And a wuss."

Kimiko and Clay nodded. "Yup. True," said Clay.

Jack looked flustered and indignant at the same time. "Hey shut up! I'm a worthy opponent!" he whined.

"What's the matter, Jack?" Wuya's voice fluttered in, mocking him even more with every syllable. "Does the truth hurt?"

Omi could swear he saw the little boy's mouth start to curl into an amused smirk. Suddenly, the boy jerked his head in the direction of a tree on the other side of the path (across from Jack). It only took him a second to aim carefully and send another kunai flying underneath a high but sturdy branch. The kunai rustled past the branch and into the bushes behind it.

"Your aim's a little off," a sly male voice said from the same branch.

The boy's arm shook as he reached for a third kunai. "W-Why don't you come out of the shadows where I can see you properly...? See what happens!"

Chase Young did just that. He jumped off the branch and landed not two feet from the boy. "Well? What now?"

Jack and Wuya's eyes sparkled with admiration (the pathetic little groupies)

The boy didn't respond. His courage was gone and all that remained was a shell: A frightened little boy.

"Chase Young!" Omi cried out. He and the others automatically took battle positions.

"What do you want?" Clay asked.

Chase Young coolly shifted his intimidating gaze to the monks and Dojo, who had taken the opportunity to hide under Clay's hat.

"I'm curious," he said passively. "What are all of you doing in Japan, and at a ninja village, no less?"

"Umm... to get a Sheng Gong Wu DUH!" Raimundo shouted sarcastically.

Chase Young glared at him. "I knew that already. Why else?"

"Oh yeah, like we're gonna tell you that!" Kimiko chimed in.

Chase Young smirked and turned back to the boy, who was still frozen to the spot and shaking. His amber, reptilian eyes squinted dangerously. "I suppose you're just a tag-along guard, then?"

The boy's mouth moved but produced no sound.

"Actually, I'm the guard of this gate," a melodious female voice fluttered in from nowhere.

In a puff of smoke, the boy disappeared and in his place, a young woman wearing clothes similar to Ino Yamanaka and Kakashi Hatake (Naruto) appeared.

"As for your question," the woman said, "you have the right to inquire, but not to know."



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