Title: The Great Hogwarts Debate of 1996 (2 of 2)

Author: Lady B

Pairing: Harry/Draco, Draco/Various

Word count: 2821 this part, 4592 total

Rating: NC17

Warnings: Some het, language, OOC, m/m

Summary for this Part: Now that Draco has accepted the fact he's gay, he tries to pursue a certain green-eyed Gryffindor. Or is he the one being pursued?

Disclaimer: If I was JKR, I wouldn't be writing this.

Author Note: For my "debate" prompt from my HPFanfic10x10 table. And Draco is kind of nice.

- - -

Now that Draco had accepted his gayness, for lack of a better word, he was determined to catch the eye of a certain Gryffindor he'd realized he'd been crushing on for nearly 2 years.

He tried coy looks across the Great Hall during meal times. But Harry seemed to not notice or was going out of his way to ignore him.

If there was one thing that drove him absolutely insane, it was being ignored. Draco hated being ignored.

Next he tried note-passing. During Potions.

Which turned out to be a very bad idea.

The note Draco had intended to hit Harry in the back of the head with, ended up being caught by a small draft and veered off target to land in the middle of the aisle of tables with a quiet -plop!-

Snape, in the process of writing something on the blackboard, heard the sound with his excellent hearing and whirled around on the spot. He saw the slip of parchment in the floor and scowled. Everyone in the room noticed and it was so silent you could hear a sprite sneeze from three classrooms over.

He strode up the center of the aisle and paused before the note, staring at it as if trying to discover what it said without actually opening it.

"To whom does this belong to, I wonder," he began to speak. Draco had to resist the urge to swallow hard, keeping his mask firmly in place.

"No one will speak up and claim this note, then? Pity. I had hoped to save them the embarrassment of having to read it out loud so that we may all join in the mocking I'm sure will follow."

Snape bent down elegantly for a man of his height and slowly opened the parchment. He read it quickly, once before glancing up. He pinned Draco to his seat with his dark gaze and Draco felt a bead of sweat pool between his shoulder blades.

"Get back to work!" he snapped out, striding back to the front of the room. Draco breathed a sigh of relief, that was short lived when Snape spoke a moment later, "Mr Malfoy, I require your presence after class."

Draco resisted the urge to groan.

- - -

After being raked over the coals for his "irresponsible behavior in a dangerous environment", Draco headed up to dinner with a scowl on his face.

"What did Snape want?" Pansy dared to ask.

"None of your bloody business, Parkinson!" Draco snapped, stabbing his kidney pie viciously with a fork. Sensing his mood was volatile, she quickly backed off.

"You should try the direct approach," a voice whispered beside him. He turned his head to look at Blaise.

"What are you talking about?" he hissed.

"Potter doesn't get subtlety. You need to go for the direct approach."

"And you know this...how?"

"I asked around, kept my ear to the ground so to speak."

"You have no idea what you're on about."

"Draco, blind I'm not. You fancy Potter. Anyone with a brain can see it."

Draco stared at him in surprise, before slumping in his seat, "Am I that obvious?"

"It was obvious to us when you went screaming from Slytherin after seeing Pansy naked," Blaise chuckled.

Draco blushed a bright red. He leaned closer to Blaise.

"So what do I do? He won't even look at me."

"Kiss me," Blaise stated. Draco's eyes widened in shock.

"Are you insane?"

"No, but the best way to get Potter to notice is to make him jealous. He looked ready to kill Finnegan when you two came in for breakfast that same morning."

That gave Draco a small thrill. Maybe getting Harry wouldn't be so hard after all. But kissing his best friend to do it? He shook his head.

"I can't do that, Blaise. You're my best friend."

"I'm also bisexual. It won't bother me and it'll get Potter to notice you."

Blaise inched closer to his friend, staring into those stormy gray eyes, "You can do this, Draco. Suck it up and be the Slytherin you were born to be."

Screwing up his courage, Draco leaned close and tentatively touched his lips to Blaise's, who quickly deepened the kiss.

They were both getting into it when Draco moaned low in his throat. At that moment, every glass and plate at every table shattered, sending glass shards everywhere. Both boys broke apart in time for them to see Harry storming from the Great Hall, a murderous scowl firmly planted on his face.

"I think that worked," Blaise whispered. Draco could only nod, slightly nervous and a whole lot of scared.

- - -

Draco tried to locate Harry the rest of the evening but the Gryffindor was evading every tracking spell Draco knew of.

It was late evening and Draco was performing his prefect duties along the seventh floor when the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Someone was watching him. He whirled around, wand drawn, but no one was in the corridor behind him.

"Get a grip, Malfoy. You're becoming paranoid," he chuckled to himself, continuing on his rounds. But the feeling of being watched never left him and every so often he would turn to look behind him, wand drawn. But no one was there, leaving him growling with frustration.

He was passing the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy when the door opposite flew open and he heard a familiar voice call out, "Accio Draco's Wand, Accio Draco Malfoy!"

Draco's wand flew from his fingers and he felt himself being pulled into the room. The door closed after he crossed the threshold and disappeared. Draco tripped over a table and fell to the floor, banging his knee in the process.

"Ow!" he groaned, limping to his feet. Quiet laughter greeted him and he turned to see who it was, a scowl on his face. Harry was smirking at him, the smirk worthy of a Slytherin, a fact that seemed to make Draco more nervous than he already was.

"Hello, Malfoy," Harry smiled, twirling Draco's wand between his fingers.

"Potter," Draco greeted with a nod, "Is there some reason why you felt the need to accost me?"

"I wanted to have a chat with you about some things and I didn't want an audience."

"I see. And this conversation required you to take my wand?"

"It did," Harry nodded, moving slowly toward Draco with a feral glint in his eye. Draco didn't like that look, having never seen it in Harry's eyes before. He really wanted to stand his ground but Harry looked scary. Draco took a step back toward the non-existent door.

"Well, what, pray tell, did you wish to discuss with me?" Draco asked, gulping. Harry took another step toward him, forcing Draco to take another step back.

"What exactly were you doing with Seamus a few weeks ago?"

He got right to the point of things, Draco said to himself.

"Nothing. We were talking about something private."

"So private that Dean made sure he couldn't sit comfortably for two days?"

That shocked Draco into stillness.

"I didn't know they were in that kind of relationship," Draco stammered. Sweat was beading on his brow, a testament to how scared he actually was.

"Now you do, and I'll thank you to keep your hands off of him in the foreseeable future."

"Consider it done," Draco agreed, "May I have my wand back?"

"No. I'm not finished," Harry replied. He did some complicated hand gesture that Draco couldn't follow and watched as his wand, his only line of defense, disappeared into thin air. Harry resumed his stalking, forcing Draco further back.

"So, what else is there?" Draco whispered, not in the least bit surprised to find that sometime in the last few minutes, his cock had become almost painfully hard. He itched to make himself more comfortable but not while Harry was staring at him.

"You and Zabini were pretty close this morning."

"Oh. That. It was nothing. Blaise was trying to prove something that obviously isn't true."

"What might that be, I wonder?"

"I don't think it's your business, Potter," Draco scowled, straightening his spine.

"I think it is my business, Malfoy," Harry stated, scowling right back. He took a few more steps forward and Draco took a few more steps back, shocked when he found his back pinned up against the wall where the door should have been.

"What makes this your business?" he demanded.

In answer, Harry quickly closed the gap between them, pinning Draco to the door with his body. Draco inhaled sharply when he felt a hardness not his own pressed against his thigh.

"Because I don't share what's mine!" Harry growled before covering Draco's lips with his own. Draco gave a muffled yelp of surprise, his mouth opening under the onslaught. Harry never hesitated and slipped his tongue inside, deepening the kiss. Draco began to melt into his embrace and his hand came up to clutch Harry's shoulders. Harry growled into his mouth, the sound vibrating against his chest and cock and Draco moaned. Harry clutched his hands and pinned them above his head against the wall, his mouth trailing over his chin to latch onto a sensitive spot on his neck. Draco cried out, bucking against him, feeling his cock leaking copiously into his pants. Just as suddenly, Harry released him and stepped back. Draco's legs trembled but he held himself steady.

"I want you on the bed and naked in the next two minutes!" Harry growled, leaving the threat unfinished. Draco needed no second prompting, stepping away from the wall and practically ripping the clothes from his body as he crossed the room to the bed he just noticed was in the center of the room.

Harry was beside him the moment he lay back on the bed and Draco could only stare at the bronze and completely naked form before him. All sinew and muscle, from training for the war and Quidditch, no doubt. His gaze traveled down, settling on the hard and leaking cock protruding from a dark nest of curls. Draco licked his lips, reaching out a hand to touch the delicious treat before him, but Harry caught his hand and pinned it above the bed.

"If you don't want to be bound, I suggest you keep your hands to yourself. Is that clear?"

And because Draco knew the situation called for it, responded the only way he knew how, "Yes, sir!"

Harry smiled at him then, a smile full of love and promise and it made Draco catch his breath. Harry joined him on the bed and began to kiss him.

He took his time, making Draco moan and squirm in his arms, but not once did Draco touch him. Harry flicked his tongue over pink nipples, smiling when Draco gasped and arched up against him. He nipped and licked lower, tracing his tongue over each rib he could feel, across his hips bones, the inside of his thighs and the ankles and arches of his feet.

Draco felt weightless, his body floating on a sea of sensation. And not once did Harry move to touch his hard and aching cock. He felt Harry pushing his thighs apart and nearly came unglued when he felt the first swipe of Harry's tongue across his puckered entrance.

"Oh sweet Circe fucking Merlin!" Draco babbled, looking down his body at Harry. Harry smirked again, pushing his tongue deeper into Draco's body. Draco's eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he pushed himself against that agile tongue.

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Harry gently removed Draco's hands from his ankles and lowered his legs to the bed. Then he slowly slipped from Draco's still spasming body and eased down beside him, kissing his shoulder tenderly.

Draco lay there with his eyes closed, trying to regain his breath. He opened his eyes and looked at Harry.

"When?" he asked. Harry seemed to know what he was asking and smiled.

"Sometime during fifth year. I was obsessed with you. At first it was because I wanted to know what you were doing, where you were sneaking off to. Then I realized I didn't care anymore and I just wanted you."

"Oh," Draco smiled, feeling warm all over. Wordlessly, he moved into Harry's arms, resting his ear over the steadily beating heart of his newfound lover. A wand was pressed into his hand and he realized it was his own, "Where did you hide it?"

"The room kept it in a safe place for me," Harry shrugged, yawning. Draco yawned as well, snuggling deeper into Harry's arms. The room covered them in a blanket as the two slowly settled into sleep.

"Harry?" Draco whispered as his eyes began to close.


"Love you." Draco murmured.

His whole body tingled with warmth when he heard Harry reply, "Love you, as well. Mine, Draco."

"Yours." Draco murmured in agreement. He felt a kiss against the back of his head and sighed with contentment as the Sandman pulled them into the realm of sleep.

- - -

Outside the Room of Requirement, a small contingent of Gryffindors and Slytherins were smiling widely. The room had allowed them to hear everything that had gone on inside its domain but not to see.

"It's about bloody time!" Ron exclaimed.

"For once, I agree with Mr Weasley," came the deep voice of their Potions Professor. Everyone whirled around in shock, "Back to your rooms, all of you."

Everyone shuffled away and Snape allowed a smile to grace his lips. The door to the room appeared and he took a quick look, smiling tenderly at the two forms snuggled together on the bed.

"Take good care of him, Potter, or I'll have you scrubbing cauldrons even beyond your death," Snape whispered. He was surprised when Harry opened his eyes and pinned him with their intensity.

"That's a promise I can keep, Professor," Harry replied. Snape nodded once and left the room, the door disappearing once more.

Draco stirred for a moment.

"W'zat?" he mumbled in his sleep. Harry kissed his head again, closing his eyes.

"Nothing, love. Go back to sleep."

"M'kay, Harry," Draco smiled, drifting back to sleep once more.

-Fin!! Finally!!