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"Tiny Perfection"

Light footsteps

Creak of a door

Hear the small echo

As she moves across the floor


A pink cradle

A pink room

A little cry

And rustling from within


She goes to the cradle

Looks down

And there's tiny perfection

Wearing a little frown


Cherub cheeks

Pumping feet

Puckered lips

Hands moving in a beat


Ten tiny fingers

And ten tiny toes

A fragile body

But a heart as big as Heaven knows


She reaches down

To the little pink fuzz

And strokes the baby's crown

Near where the moon sigil was


An insistent wail

Louder and more persistant

Biting like a nail

But who could be resistant?


She scoops her out

The baby gives a pout

A little more crying

Then it fades to sighing


The spun-gold haired woman

Rocks her child

Cooing and playing until

Tiny perfection smiled

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