Of fateful days and nights

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Chapter 1: A confused princess

Abarat. Candy could not believe she was here, back in the mythical land (or rather, archipelago) that she loved. Right now, she was in a small house in the island of Sonna Plume. She now knew why everything seemed to be so familiar. It was because she had a princess inside of her. Having found that out, she had received many strange glances from Finnegan after she told him. How she would latter regret that. He kept looking at her as if she was his savior. Thinking of that lead her to another thought. Carrion himself had called her his savior. 'I wonder what happened to him' she thought. A loud knock at the door made her jump. But when she saw who it was, relieve flooded through her mind.

"Candy, it's time to eat," Malingo said. Noticing Candy's sudden quietness, he sat down besides her on the window seat.

"What's wrong my lady?" Suddenly, Malingo finds Candy's arms around him, making him blush while sitting up strait.

"Thank you for treating me the way you use to! The way everybody is treating me lately is overwhelming!" Laughing, Malingo pulls away.

"If Mr. Finnegan finds us like this, we'll have a lot of unnecessary questions."

"That's just it. What am I going to do?"

"About Finnegan. He.." The doors are unexpectedly flung open, interrupting Candy. While Candy was recovering, Finnegan strolled in followed by Mischief.

"What's wrong Finnegan?"

"Its Carrion Candy. He's back."

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