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Chapter 4: Of fateful meetings

Candy was thinking of what would happen to her, when she suddenly felt her heart start to ache. 'She probably misses Finnegan' Candy thought to herself. Boa's own interrupted her thoughts.

'Why don't you push off Letheo?'

Candy, shocked at Boa's proposal, quickly answered, "It's not his fault he needs the medicine." Her mind went black as the glyph descended arriving at the dead man's house

'I hoped never to see this house again,' Candy thought. Upon reaching the door, Candy's knees gave way, making her remember it was in this same spot that Diamanda was killed.

"Are you afraid of my master?" Candy looked up to see Letheo but he however didn't look at her. To defy Letheo's thoughts, Candy stood up, bracing herself to return to the dead man's house.

'Candy! It's still not too late! Please, turn around!'

'Why? So we can go and be reunited with Finnegan? Boa, be quiet. You left Carrion for Finnegan? Why?' Receiving no answer, she knocked on the door.

"You are braver than I thought," Letheo said, still not meeting her eyes. The doors' creaking opening noise stopped any further conversations. Expecting someone at the door, but surprised that no one was there, Candy steeped into they dimly lit house. The doors closed behind her, making it darker.

"Letheo, could you..." But as soon as she turned around, the words died on her throat. Expecting Letheo standing behind her, she was surprised when it was Carrion instead. Without looking at her, Carrion began to walk, trying to calm his fast-beating heart while at the same time hating himself for getting worked up over a girl. 'She's back!' kept going through his mind. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that Candy was following him with her head held high. Suddenly he stopped, making Candy stop.

"Whatever intentions you have Boa, do not direct them at me."

"I should and I shall, you stole my life," Candy heard herself say. 'Great, now Boa's angered him,' Candy thought darkly.

"Why did you come back? You could have killed Letheo and gone back to your beloved Finnegan," Carrion literally spat the last word out.

"It was Candy's idea" Bearing no more, Carrion turned around, finally looking at his savior (or so he dared hope)

"Just because Boa made the mistake of not trusting you does not mean I'll do the same" Carrion thinking this to be bitterly ironic, laughed a cold laugh (making Candy slightly shudder)

"Last time you were here, you ran away from me!" Looking directly at Carrion in the eye, Candy whispered,

"I've had plenty of time to think." Turning around, both walked in silence until Carrion stopped in front of a door.

"This will be your room." Candy, without looking at Carrion in the eye, walked into the room. Carrion suddenly had the desire to hold her, for she was so close he could practically touch her. But he held back, and left, not wanting to scare her away. After closing the door (making sure Carrion wasn't around), a big room, complete with a window seat and a big bead greeted her. As Candy headed towards the inviting window seat, Boa awoke, pleading with her in her head to leave.

'She never stops,' Candy mumbled. Boa's unending pleading finally hit the wrong nerve.

"Boa, all your life, you have been loved and cared for! You've never had to endure beatings or felt as if no one needed you! You were always in the spotlight, receiving love! Well, I've never had that and neither has Carrion! Feeling unwanted is new for you isn't it? And you still haven't told me why you rejected Carrion!" Candy, ignoring the humiliating tears that appeared whenever she got mad, laid her forehead on the cool glass. Unknowingly, Carrion had come back and stood behind the door, listening to the argument between Candy and Boa. He was going to comfort her, when an ear-splitting noise shook the house. Carrion rushed into the room, only to be shocked. A bomb had whistled through the air, knocking Candy into the floor, and having exploded, sent glass everywhere, including the Candy. Carrion wasn't even sure Candy was alive; there was so much glass in her. Upon reaching Candy, he quickly took the shards out, and looking at her face, was relieved to find her knocked out. Picking her up, he quickly walked out of the room, shouting for Letheo.

"Yes my prince?" Letheo said as he appeared quickly before Carrion, bowing yet at the same time trying to please him.

"Get up. Here." Letheo almost dropped Candy, Carrion had passed her quickly

"I will give you a glyph. Take her far away"

"But why master?"

"We are under attack. It it's my grandmother, no doubt to greet her lost grandson" Carrion said in such a loathing voice, Letheo could almost see the venom dripping. Letheo began to look at Candy's face, but Carrion interrupted him. He was staring at Carrion so intently; he had failed to see the glyph his master had summoned.

"Take her to Soma Plume" And without another word, the Lord of Midnight set, determined to defeat his grandmother once and for all. 'This is a chance to prove her that I mean her no harm. And I kill that hag of a grandmother!' he thought as he walked away, a sword in one hand with a determined face.

"Oh good, you're awake" was the first thing Candy heard when she woke up. Boa was still unconscious (a/n: that's why Carrion could pick up Candy without a fuss). Looking around, Candy soon found the speaker: Letheo.

"Now that you're awake, can you get this thing moving? I'm afraid I don't know how…"

"Letheo, where's Carrion?"

"His grandmother (sneers) came to "visit" him. Come on, we have to go. If we don't we'll get caught in the fight, you'll probably get killed, and my master will kill me." Candy hadn't noticed the glyph, which began to send off light as it completed itself, until Letheo mentioned it.

"Candy, go and hide!"


"That's why!" Across the field, a mine was heading towards them. Taking a huge knife, (the same one Candy had seen before), he stood between Candy and the mine.

"Candy, listen to me. Stand up slowly, and slowly walk away" At Candy's hesitation he added, "Just go! My master will kill me if your dead and I'm alive!" But Candy couldn't move. Thanks to her fear, she was glued to the ground. All she could do was wince as she watched Letheo fight against the mine, only to get knocked unconscious due to the heavy blow his head received. Looking at Letheo, it kicked him before turning its eyeless face towards Candy..

Carrion however was having better luck. Having fought through and killed several mines, he was finally close enough to kill his grandmother.

"Die once and for all you horrible hag!" he screamed as he stabbed her in the heart.

"Ha, ha-ha, you stupid boy, did you actually think you killed me? This is only an illusion. Now it's too late. Watch as you loose your beloved brat again," it crackled before dying.

Kicking it with a foot, Carrion thought, 'Where is the real dam thing?' Candy's face suddenly flashed before his eyes.

'That witch is going to kill her..' his mind played with the thought before his heart overruled and he found himself running towards Candy, hopping to get there in time to save her.

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